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Get Your Home Ready for Summer with These Summer Home Maintenance Tips!

Summer is finally here, and I am so excited. The weather here in Maine has not really been that great for the last couple of months. He have still had some really cold days, and it has rained quite often. Hopefully the weather will start warming up now! This post contains affiliate links and I may earn a commission if you make a purchase after clicking on a link in this post. 

Summer is a great time for enjoying the outdoors. We love to travel around the state of Maine and enjoy the beautiful ocean views, as well as host back yard barbecues. Before we pack the family up for a getaway, or invite people over to our home, we spend some time checking on our home.

The beginning of summer is the perfect time to make repairs, before the heat is beating down. Every homeowner should have a basic tool kit before attempting any of the summer home maintenance tips below. I love this 69 piece general tool kit for home maintenance. It really has quite a lot of things that a homeowner will use on a regular basis, and it comes with a nice little storage bag to keep everything neat and organized.

Here are some summer home maintenance tips to start with!

Summer Home Maintenance Tips

  1. Air Conditioner – At the minimum, change the filters; better yet, have a tune up. It’s much easier to take care of problems before the heat of summer is underway, and you might have to wait several days to get a repairman to your home.
  2. Check Your Roof – Make sure that the roof is still in good condition, with no leaks or missing shingles. While you’re at it, clean the gutters to avoid leaks and clogs. If any gutters are loose, reattach them to the house.
  3. House Siding/Paint – It’s a good idea to wash down your paint or siding every spring. This allows you to see if there are any issues before they get out of hand.  It also makes your home’s appearance fresh.  Use a power washer and a mild detergent to clean.  It’s not a bad job on a sunny day.
  4. Windows – Inspect your windows inside and out to make sure the seals are still intact, and that they are operating properly. Wash them on the outside, after the winter rains and snow, they will most likely need it.  Check for any cracks or breakage and get them replaced. Make sure your window screens are in good repair, and clean out the window wells.
  5. Kid’s Area – If you have a swing set, or kids’ area of your yard, make sure that everything is safe, clean and usable. Swing sets can sometimes become a little loose and wobbly over the winter.  Make sure any sand areas are clean.  Spread new mulch or sand if it has become compacted.  If the metal swing set has become rusty, consider re-painting it. Check for sharp edges and wood that may cause splinters.
  6. Check Your Deck or Patio – Summertime is the season these spaces were designed for; make sure it’s safe! Check underneath you deck for missing or loose supports. Floor boards should be securely fastened.  Power wash and refinish if necessary.  Overhead coverings should be in good repair; if not, replace them.  Deep clean your outside cooking space – grill, fire pit, etc.
  7. Garden Chores – Remove any plants that didn’t survive the winter, check trees for soundness (you don’t want one falling on your house), mulch to keep weeds in check. Trim plants that might interfere with the A/C unit.  Freshen up any flower beds by planting new flowers.
  8. Check For Unwanted Pests – Lots of animals like to build nests and cause damage to your home. Check around your home, garage and shed for carpenter ants, termites, hornets, mice and other rodents, and get rid of their nests in a safe manner before they cause damage to your property.

By performing these summer home maintenance tips at the beginning of summer, you can spend the rest of your weekends doing what you please.  These simple jobs will keep your home not only looking good, but in good repair, too.

Do you have any summer home maintenance tips to add to the list? 

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This post is written by me on behalf of Tyson Foods, Inc. All opinions are entirely my own. This shop has been compensated by Acorn Influence, Inc. and its advertiser. All opinions are mine alone.

Looking for a quick and easy low carb breakfast option for when you’re busy or on-the-go? Jimmy Dean has you covered with their new Simple Scrambles!

Jimmy Dean Simple Scrambles

As a busy Mom of two toddlers, I often have trouble finding time to make breakfast for myself and my husband in the mornings. We have both been following a low carb diet for over 6 months now, so we can’t just grab something like a donut to eat when we’re busy or on-the-go.

We usually eat bacon or sausage, eggs, and cheese for breakfast, but it’s often hard to find the time to cook it. Bacon especially takes a while to cook, and it’s something you really have to pay close attention to. My husband often rushes off to work without eating breakfast, simply because we just didn’t have the time to cook anything.

I recently heard about Jimmy Dean Simple Scrambles, and I thought it would be a perfect solution for the mornings when I am too busy to cook breakfast for us.

Jimmy Dean Simple Scrambles come in three varieties – bacon, meat lovers and sausage. You can find them at Walmart, in the refrigerated meats section next to the pre-cooked bacon.

I love how easy these are to cook up. You simply peel the lid off, pour the (REAL!!) eggs in the cup, microwave for 45 seconds, stir, add the meat and cheese, and microwave for an additional 20-30 seconds. That’s it!

Jimmy Dean Simple Scrambles

I have to say, these Simple Scrambles taste really good! I was afraid they might taste a bit bland or rubbery, but they actually taste like something I would cook myself at home. I love that they are high protein and low carb, and are a fantastic option when I need a quick and easy breakfast. My husband will be taking these to work with him now too!

Jimmy Dean Simple Scrambles

The portion size of this product is just perfect. It’s not too much, but it’s enough to leave you feeling full and satisfied. They certainly did not skimp on the meat and cheese either!

Jimmy Dean Simple Scrambles

We are planning on taking a family vacation soon, and really want to keep costs as low as we can. We are planning on bringing our own food and eating in our hotel room for most of the vacation. Eating out with toddlers is not really very fun, it’s expensive to eat out all the time, and it can also be challenging to follow a low carb diet when eating out at a restaurant. I will definitely be packing some Jimmy Dean Simple Scrambles to take with us on our trip. Our hotel room has a microwave and a refrigerator, so we will be all set!

Pick up some Jimmy Dean Simple Scrambles at Walmart, and use the Ibotta app starting August 2nd to snag a 75 cent rebate!

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Jul 112017

You’ll love these Maine Summer Attractions!

Enjoy these Maine Summer Attractions to explore some “off the beaten path” spots with your family. Maine is known for lobster and picturesque waterways, but we’re more than just that! This post contains affiliate links and I may earn a commission if you make a purchase after clicking a link in this post. 

Maine Summer Attractions

The Great Outdoors

Maine’s diverse landscape makes it the perfect destination for all things adventure and outdoors!

Monhegan Island – Located 10 miles from the nearest mainland, Monhegan Island is only about a square mile in area and is only accessible by boat. There are no cars, paved roads, etc. It was once known to Native Americans as a prime fishing area, though it’s mostly used for tourism now. Monhegan is the place to go if you’re looking for relaxation and beautiful wilderness. Take the Hardy Boat out of New Harbor to get there.

McLaughlin Garden – Featured in Coastal Home Magazine, McLaughlin Garden is located in South Paris, Maine. It’s a garden and homestead, perfect for nature lovers of all ages. Known as one of Maine’s most stunningly beautiful gardens, McLaughlin Garden is home to a collection of many trees, woody shrubs, and beauties such as hostas, iris, and over 200 lilacs. You definitely want to bring your camera with you when you visit McLaughlin Garden.

Wild Blueberry Festivals – Did you know that Maine produces nearly 85% of the world’s wild blueberries? That’s more than 90 million pounds of blueberries each year! Attending a Wild Blueberry Festival is a must if you’re in Maine.

Pemaquid Point – It’s not a trip to Maine without a lighthouse visit. Pemaquid Point was chosen to be in the 50 State Quarters program, and is one of the most photographed lighthouses on the coast of Maine. The views are breathtaking.

 Explorer’s Guide Maine (18th Edition) (Explorer’s Complete) Frommer’s Maine Coast (Complete Guide) Maine Off the Beaten Path®: A Guide To Unique Places (Off the Beaten Path Series) Maine’s Most Scenic Roads: 25 Routes off the Beaten Path Maine Lighthouses Illustrated Map & Guide Moon Maine (Travel Guide) Acadia: The Complete Guide: Acadia National Park & Mount Desert Island (Color Travel Guide) Explorer’s Guide Maine Coast & Islands: Key to a Great Destination (Third) (Explorer’s Great Destinations) 50 Things to Do in Maine Before You Die Maine 101: Everything You Wanted to Know About Maine and Were Going To Ask Anyway

Larger Than Life in Maine

World’s Largest Telephone – Located in Bryant Pond, this crank powered 14 foot tall telephone is the largest in the world. It weighs over 3,000 pounds!

3-story Outhouse – Also in Bryant Pond, you’ll find this lovely gem.

Paul Bunyan Statue – Standing tall at 31 foot high, this Paul Bunyan statue weighs nearly 4,000 pounds and attracts attention to Paul Bunyan’s birthplace of Bangor. For some reason, his blue ox, Babe, isn’t nearby.

Penobscot Narrows Bridge and Observatory – Enjoy a panoramic 360-degree view from a bridge tower forty-two stories high – one of only three such Bridge Observatories in the world and the only one in the western hemisphere!  The Penobscot Narrows Bridge and Observatory is near Bucksport, Maine on Route 1.

From the top of the observatory, you will be able to see beautiful Penobscot Bay as it meets the Penobscot River. You’ll also have a spectacular view of the Maine coast south to the Camden Hills, East to Mount Desert Island and Northwest to the eastern reaches of the Appalachian Trail and Mount Katahdin.

Fun Oddities in Maine

No Maine Summer Attractions list is complete without some fun and unique things thrown in. You will only find these in Maine!

Eartha – This 3-dimensional scale model of earth actually rotates, and is in the Guinness Book of World Records for being the World’s Largest Rotating Globe. It took two years to build, and represents earth as it is seen from space. The Globe measures 41.5 feet, and can be seen for free in the lobby at DeLorme Headquarters.

Stephen King’s House – You didn’t think I’d skip this one, did you? Maine is where the famous author was born, and he used it for the setting of many of his stories (including Pet Sematary). You can even take a private narrated tour of the Stephen King sites in and around Bangor, Maine!

International Cryptozoology Museum – Yetis, Bigfoot, Lake Monsters, and other larger zoological species that remain unverfied by science are studied at this museum. If you’re wondering whether Sasquatch is real or not, I think this is a great place to start.

Desert of Maine – The Desert of Maine is a 40-acre tract of exposed glacial silt (a sand-like substance, but finer-grained than sand) surrounded by a pine forest near the town of Freeport, Maine, in the United States.

Perry’s Nut House – Perry’s Nut House is a tourist stop and store on Route One in Belfast, Maine. Perry’s Nut House opened in 1927, and is a classic example of an American roadside attraction. Here you’ll find Maine’s favorite fudge, shelled nuts, toys, gifts and more!

Leave your favorite Maine Summer Attractions in the comments!

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