What to Pack in a Toddler Travel Bag for Summer

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Want to have a fun and adventurous summer? Keep a toddler travel bag in your car, and you’ll be ready to hit the road in a jiffy!

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Summer is here, and I’m so excited! We had a pretty cold and wet spring here in Maine, so I am anxious to finally have some nice weather and get out of the house with my kids.

During the summer months, I love to travel around our state. I’m not a fan of the snow, so I pretty much hibernate all winter long. When summer comes, I want to go, go, go! My husband, John, and I, have already taken our kids to the zoo, to some new playgrounds we have never been to, out for ice cream, and to a few different places along the Maine coast. I am really looking forward to taking more day trips this summer. I want to go to the beach, have a picnic at the park, go to the botanical garden, and so much more!

If you’ve ever gone on a day trip with a toddler, you know just how much time and energy goes into packing a toddler travel bag. It honestly takes so much out of me every time I try to pack a toddler travel bag for a day trip. I run around the house like a mad woman trying to find everything I need to pack, and there’s always something that I forget to pack. It’s so exhausting, and by the time I’m done, I don’t even want to leave the house anymore. One day, I finally decided to save my sanity, and pack a toddler travel bag that could be left in my car at all times. Now, we can all be ready to leave the house quickly!

Pack a toddler travel bag with the items below, and you’ll be ready to leave the house in no time at all this summer!

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What to Pack in a Toddler Travel Bag for Summer

  1. Sunscreen – Keep your toddler from getting burned by the sun! Always keep a bottle of sunscreen in your car. You won’t want to be caught without it. Make sure you seal it up in a resealable plastic bag so it doesn’t leak out all over your car or toddler’s belongings.
  2. Sun hat – My son has very blonde hair and his head burns quickly in the sun, so I always make sure to keep a sun hat in the car.
  3. Extra set of light clothing – We all know how messy toddlers are, so it’s important to keep an extra set of light clothing on hand in case an outfit change is needed.
  4. Extra set of warm clothing – Living in Maine, we often travel to the coast during the summer months. Some times it is a lot cooler along the coast when the ocean breezes are blowing, so I like to keep a set of warm clothes in the car to keep my kids nice and toasty.
  5. A light jacket with a hood – We often get thunderstorms in the afternoon, so I keep a hooded jacket in the car for my toddlers in case of rain.
  6. Swimsuit – The beach is my favorite place to be in the summer, so I always have a swimsuit in the car for my toddlers.
  7. Beach towels – Don’t forget the beach towels!
  8. Beach toys – Bring a few toys for your toddler to play with at the beach! Mine like to play with sand buckets and shovels.
  9. Water shoes – Beaches can sometimes be a bit rocky and hard on the feet, so I bring water shoes for my toddlers to keep their feet nice and comfortable. It also helps them to walk along the sand easier.
  10. Life jacket or arm floaties – Safety first! Bring a life jacket or arm floaties to keep your toddler safe when they are in the water.
  11. Non-perishable snacks – Toddlers love to eat, and can become hangry very quickly! Don’t forget to load up on their favorite non-perishable snacks!
  12. Picnic Blanket – We often like to have picnics at the beach or park, and it’s nice to have a picnic blanket to sit on while we eat. It keeps our pants from getting dirt or grass stains on them, and also helps to keep the bugs away from our food. Bring a blanket that can be wiped off easily if any food gets spilled on it.
  13. Paper plates, napkins, and cutlery – If you’re having a picnic, you’ll also want to have these on hand!
  14. First aid kit – You never know what might happen while you’re out and about with a toddler. Be prepared for cuts and scrapes with a first aid kit. Keep things like alcohol wipes, band-aids and a pair of tweezers on hand.
  15. Trash bags – Keep a few trash bags on hand for food trash, dirty diapers and wipes, or to store your toddler’s wet clothes until you can wash them.
  16. Diapers and Wipes – Make sure you keep your toddler travel bag stocked up with lots of diapers and wipes! Save some money for summer fun when you print this coupon for $2 off any one Luvs diaper pack. You can use this coupon at any mass, discount, or grocery stores where Luvs Diapers are sold. Luvs Ultra Leakguard Diapers with NightLock Plus™ are softer and more absorbent than before*, with large stretch tabs for easy fastening, ultra-leakage protection and a money-back guarantee. Luvs provides features babies and parents need for less cost than premium brands, so you can have more fun this summer!

Luvs DiapersWith a fully loaded toddler travel bag like this, you should be able to get out of the house quickly! Grab some bottles of water for the road, and you’ll be all set.

Don’t forget to restock your toddler travel bag after each day trip, so you’ll be ready for another one!


*Vs. product replaced, sz. 2-5

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