Premier Protein CLEAR for Busy Moms

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Disclosure: This is a sponsored post. All opinions are 100% my own.

Being a stay-at-home Mom to a 2 year old and an almost 4 year old keeps me incredibly busy. Some days I feel like all I do is pick up messes, break up fights, change diapers and get my kids food. I sit down in my chair, and three seconds later, one of them needs something else from me. I’m on the go all day long, and often times, it’s hard to find a quiet moment to myself, where I can just relax and regain some energy. Finding time to fix myself something to eat is another challenge I face a lot. It’s so hard to take care of yourself when your kids constantly demand your attention.

In November of last year, my husband and I started following a low carb diet. We have both lost quite a bit of weight and feel so much better! This has been an amazing lifestyle change for both of us. Being on a low carb diet does take some planning and forethought, though. In moments of chaos when I’m really hungry and need something quick to eat, I can no longer turn to something like a bag of chips or a box of crackers. I have to make sure I have plenty of low carb and protein rich foods on hand, so I don’t reach for those carby snacks out of desperation.

I try to make my days as easy as possible now, so I was really excited to hear that Premier Protein, a line of bars, shakes and powders, just launched new CLEAR Tropical Punch beverage in Sam’s Club Stores nationwide!

 Premier Protein CLEAR

This past weekend, my husband and I headed out to Sam’s Club with the kids to do some grocery shopping and to check out the new Premier Protein drink. We were happy to see that they were giving out free samples, so we could try it out before we purchased it. We were immediately sold on it, as it tastes so good! It is a very light and refreshing drink with a delicious tropical punch flavor. I really like that there are no artificial flavors in this drink, and that it has great nutritionals, with only 90 calories and 0g of sugar for 20g of protein.

Premier Protein CLEAR

We picked up a 12 pack of the Premier Protein CLEAR, and I’m excited that I’ll have something quick & tasty to reach for when I’m just too busy or tired to grab something to eat. These bottles are small enough to fit in my purse and cup holder in the car, so they are great for taking on-the-go! These are going to come in so handy this summer when we are hiking, playing at the park or relaxing at the beach.

Premier Protein Clear

Need protein on-the-go? Grab a pack of Premier Protein CLEAR tropical punch at Sam’s Club today!

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  1. This is great! A perfect drink to grab on the go. I also have two young children and know how hard it is to grab healthy choices.

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