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Love zombies? Grab a friend and play one (or all!) of these fun 2 player zombie games!

My husband and I are huge fans of a certain popular zombie show on television. We’ve been watching it since the very beginning, and we look forward to Sunday night every week. We love playing board games, too, so we thought it would be fun to get a few 2 player zombie games we could play together. This post contains affiliate links, and I will receive compensation if you make a purchase after clicking on my links. 

Here are some of the 2 player zombie games we’d like to try! A lot of these can be played with additional players, for a fun zombie game night!

2 Player Zombie Games

2 Player Zombie Games

Monopoly: The Walking Dead (Survival Edition) – In this game, players fight for, and then must fortify, the prime real estate and resources that will sustain their lives. All of the properties correspond with the landmarks from The Walking Dead, including the prison cells, Greene Family farm house, Woodbury, and more locations. Choose from game tokens that resemble key items from the series such as Rick’s sheriff hat, bucket of body parts, the telephone, Katana and the R.V. Instead of using money to purchase property, players must trade in essential supplies such as food, ammo and fuel to gain more territory on the board or to place a guard tower or wall instead of the standard houses and hotels, to secure their properties from invading zombies. The player that outlasts everyone else wins.icon

The Walking Dead: The Prison Board Game – This game is a follow-up to the original best-selling 2011 game. In this game, players must work together to escape while fighting for leadership.

The Walking Dead Board Game – Fight your way through zombie-infested Atlanta with your fellow survivors in The Walking Dead game. Grab some weapons to clear a path or visit destinations like the old folks’ home, the department store and the CDC. In order to be successful in this The Walking Dead game, you must find the tools you’ll need to live another day. You can take on the role of Rick, Andrea or one of the other hapless survivors, and scrounge for cool weapons like a shotgun or crossbow. Keep your eyes open for new allies, but watch your back. When supplies start running low, it’s every man for himself. If you can make it back to camp with enough gear to defend yourself and those you still care for, you win The Walking Dead Game!

Walking Dead Trivia Game – Impress your friends and family with your knowledge about The Walking Dead in this trivia game!

Walking Dead Dice Game: Don’t Look Back – This game is a competitive dice game in which you play as one of four survivors from the television show: Rick, Daryl, Michonne, and Carl. Each character has a unique special ability that helps them survive and score the most Walker kills.

Featuring four important locations from the series, players need to kill walkers to prevent their location from being overrun. Each location offers different strategies for wide-ranging game experiences, and by varying the number of locations in the game, you can adjust the game length from 15 to 45 minutes.

The Walking Dead CLUE Board Game – In this version of CLUE, players return to Alexandria to find the guards protecting the walls have been killed and walkers are overrunning the town. You must solve WHO killed the guards, WHERE in Alexandria they were slain, and WHAT weapon was used. 

Monopoly: The Walking Dead (Survival Edition)Monopoly: The Walking Dead (Survival Edition)The Walking Dead: The Prison Board GameThe Walking Dead: The Prison Board GameThe Walking Dead Board Game _ Based of AMC TV show by Cryptozoic EntertainmentThe Walking Dead Board Game _ Based of AMC TV show by Cryptozoic EntertainmentWalking Dead Trivia GameWalking Dead Trivia GameWalking Dead Dice Game: Don't Look BackWalking Dead Dice Game: Don’t Look BackThe Walking Dead CLUE Board GameThe Walking Dead CLUE Board GameThe Walking Dead Card GameThe Walking Dead Card GameWalking Dead The Best Defense Board GameWalking Dead The Best Defense Board GameJenga: The Walking Dead GameJenga: The Walking Dead GameWalking Dead Board Game (Z man)Walking Dead Board Game (Z man)USAopoly Amc the Walking Dead Yahtzee GameUSAopoly Amc the Walking Dead Yahtzee GameTrivial Pursuit: The Walking DeadTrivial Pursuit: The Walking Dead

The Walking Dead Card Game – This Walking dead card game is a quick, ten to thirty minute game.

Walking Dead The Best Defense Board Game – This is a cooperative board game in which players take on the roles of Rick, Glenn, Daryl, Michonne, and other characters. Survivors must defend the Farm, the Prison, the Town and the Highway from Walkers in order to stay alive. The game board is assembled at random for each game so there is variability in the locations. This game includes a 25-card resource deck containing either Equipment, Allies, Food or Ammunition, which is placed at random on one of the locations.

Walkers and other hardships are triggered in different locations by a 48-card Event deck (every card is unique!), which players draw from each round. Players must then figure out how to minimize the effects of these events, using dice to resolve combat and determine the outcome of some events. Survivors can work together to combine their combat abilities or split up to cover more ground. If the Survivors don’t clear the Walkers out of a location, they’ll lose resources. If any resource deck runs out, the players lose the game. Players need to keep the Walkers at bay while not using up too many resources themselves.

This game is unique because it includes a leadership role that a player can take for one or more rounds. Each player character has an exclusive leadership ability that provides a bonus while that character is in charge.icon

Jenga: The Walking Dead Game  This fun Walking Dead edition of jenga includes custom blocks featuring iconic images inspired by the popular graphic novel series.

Walking Dead Board Game (Z man) – Have fun playing Rick, Shane, Andrea, and other favorite characters from The Walking Dead as they deal with zombies, collect supplies and pick up the pieces of their lives. Encounter and location cards recreate scenes and events from the comic book series.

USAopoly Amc the Walking Dead Yahtzee Game – This is 2 games in one! Roll different combinations for the classic Yahtzee game and play as your favorite Walking Dead character to survive.

Trivial Pursuit: The Walking Dead – This trivia game includes 600 questions that cover the characters and events included in the popular comic book series, even the most ardent fans will be challenged to fight for their survival. First person to collect six cards becomes the last survivor!

Which of these 2 player zombie games are you most interested in playing? I think they all look like so much fun, but I’ve always been a fan of Monopoly, so I think I’d really love to give that one a try first. These 2 player zombie games would make excellent birthday or Christmas gifts for the zombie fans in your life.

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