20 Best Toys that Teach the Alphabet

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These are 2o of the Best Toys that Teach the Alphabet.

Toys that Teach the Alphabet

Teaching the alphabet to your kids doesn’t have to be difficult or boring. All you have to do is find the best toys that teach the alphabet, and it will make learning easy and fun! This post contains affiliate links, and I may receive compensation if you make a purchase after clicking on my links. 
Fun ways to teach your children the alphabet also include reading engaging alphabet themed books, introducing them to fun learning apps like ABC Mouseicon, playing with toddler activity center toys, or watching educational YouTube videos.

It’s never too early to start teaching the alphabet to your kids, either. My son, Logan, started singing the entire alphabet song at just 17 months old! Kids really do love to learn when they are having fun doing it.

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There are several great toys that teach the alphabet to your kids, too. They will love playing with these alphabet toys for hours, and they’ll be learning at the same time. It’s a win-win!

Do you have any toys that teach the alphabet in your home? If not, check out the list below for some great ideas! If you do already have a collection of toys that teach the alphabet in your home, you might find some new alphabet toys to introduce to your kids in the list below.

20 Great Toys that Teach the Alphabet

Kids will love playing and learning with these great toys that teach the alphabet!

ABC-124 Abacusicon – The Melissa and Doug wooden ABC-123 Abacus is a timeless alphabet toy that features 36 colorful double-sided tiles

The wooden frame includes all the letters of the alphabet and numbers 1 through 10 on one side, and whimsical illustrations including an apple, duck, fish, key, moon, grapes, octopus, tie, and house on the other.

Kids love to play with the spinning tiles, and they encourage kids to play, explore, and learn.

This must-have educational alphabet toy is a tremendous value that will last for years!

 Melissa & Doug ABC-123 Abacus – Classic Wooden Educational Toy With 36 Letter and Number Tiles

ABC Picture Boardsicon – Another fantastic way to work on letter and word recognition is with these adorably illustrated boards.

Your child simply picks a board–the first letter of his or her name is always a good place to start–then fills in the uppercase and lowercase letters and identifies the picture.

He or she can turn it over or take another board and do it all again. With so many letters (each letter in the alphabet in both uppercase and lowercase), kids can find infinite ways to play!

 Melissa & Doug ABC Picture Boards – Educational Toy With 13 Double-Sided Wooden Boards and 52 Letters

Alphabet Lacing Cards – With these alphabet lacing cards, kids can practice their letters and build fine motor skills at the same time!

This value-packed learning set has a shaped lacing board for every letter of the alphabet. Each board features a colorful illustration on one side and a label on the back. They include both oversize uppercase and lowercase letters.

Kids can use the cards as flashcards or match the lace colors to the borders. They can also string together the entire alphabet. There are so many ways to learn and play!

 Melissa & Doug Alphabet Wooden Lacing Cards With Double-Sided Panels and Matching Laces

Alphabet Lacing Train – This is one of my favorite toys for teaching the alphabet. Kids will love learning their letters with these cheerful Alphabet Train Lacing Beads.

With the alphabet lacing train, kids can explore the alphabet in any number of ways that encourage a love of language. They can match letters to animals (B is for Bear; E is for Elephant) and spell simple words. They can even spell out their own name!

The sturdy lace on this alphabet train makes stringing the letters together easy. Stringing words together will give kids a real sense of accomplishment

This is a high quality alphabet learning toy that will last for a long time!

 Melissa & Doug Alphabet Train Lacing Beads – 27 Wooden Train Beads, 6 Pattern Cards, and 1 Lace

Alphabet Learning Mat with Wipe-Off Crayons – Your kids will love this double-sided learning mat that introduces the alphabet in a fun and engaging way.

Using the five included wipe-off crayons, kids can learn how to write letters. This set is perfect for on-the-go learning in restaurants, waiting rooms and when traveling.

 Melissa & Doug Alphabet and Numbers Placemats (Set of 3 Double-Sided Mats) With 5 Wipe-Off Crayons

Alphabet Puzzle Book – Every page of this magnetic book with removable pieces is “bound” to amuse and educate! Under each piece is either the matching upper and lower case letters or the name of the “attractive” object on the picture.

 Melissa & Doug Wooden Magnetic Alphabet Puzzle Book

Alphabet Puzzle Cardsicon – These interlocking alphabet puzzle cards are perfect for teaching the alphabet to kids. The self-correcting piece design helps ensure that kids learn alphabet concepts correctly.

This 26 two-piece alphabet puzzle card set is made from heavyweight cardboard, and features colorful illustrations and helpful text. All of the cards can be stored neatly in the sturdy wooden box with sliding lid.

 Melissa & Doug Learn the Alphabet Puzzle Cards With Wooden Storage Box (52 pcs)

Alphabet Sound Puzzle – This 26-piece wooden puzzle pronounces the correct name of each letter when it is placed correctly in the puzzle board!

The pieces in this set are slightly raised above the puzzle board for easy grasping.

Colorful pictures underneath each piece help reinforce the relationship between letters and their sounds.

TIP: This alphabet puzzle has light-activated sensors. For best results, expose a sensor by removing pieces in a brightly lit room, then make the sound play by replacing the piece in the board.

 Melissa & Doug Alphabet Sound Puzzle – Wooden Puzzle With Sound Effects (26 pcs)

Alphabet Train Floor Puzzle – This beautifully detailed blue engine is ready to go with familiar objects from A to Z.

This alphabet train floor puzzle is a whopping ten feet long when assembled, and is a very sturdy, colorful puzzle. This alphabet train puzzle will stay looking like new, thanks to its “Easy-Clean” surface and extra-thick pieces.

 Melissa & Doug Alphabet Train Jumbo Jigsaw Floor Puzzle – Letters and Animals (28 pcs, 10 feet long)

Jumbo ABC Chunky Puzzle – Teaching the alphabet is fun with this extra thick wooden puzzle that includes 26 easy-grasp, chunky pieces.

Each alphabet piece in this Melissa and Doug wooden puzzle is shown with a colorful picture that begins with that letter. A full-color, matching letter is shown under each piece, also. Each letter piece stands up and encourages hand-eye, fine motor, letter recognition and pre-reading skills.

 Melissa & Doug Jumbo ABC Wooden Chunky Puzzle (26 pcs)

Magnetic Chalkboard and Dry-Erase Board – One side is a magnetic chalkboard, the other is a dry-erase board. This portable drawing board comes with three sticks of colored chalk, a dry-erase marker, plus 36 magnetic letters and numbers. Kids will have fun writing letters of the alphabet to make words.

 Melissa & Doug Magnetic Chalkboard and Dry-Erase Board With 36 Magnets, Chalk, Eraser, and Dry-Erase Pen

Peppa Pig 36-pc. ABC & 123 Foam Cube Puzzle Set – This Peppa Pig foam puzzle set is another one of my favorite toys that teach the alphabet!

With this Peppa Pig alphaet toy, Kids can create a giant, flat puzzle or puzzle cube and learn the alphabet with Peppa Pig!

 The Canadian Group Peppa Pig ABC-123 Foam Cube Puzzle (36 Piece)

See-Inside Alphabet Peg Puzzle – This wooden peg puzzle includes a piece for each of the 26 letters in the alphabet. A colorful picture under each piece shows an image beginning with the same letter, helping to develop letter recognition and pre-reading skills! This puzzle also encourages hand-eye, fine motor, and visual perception skills.

 Melissa & Doug See-Inside Alphabet Peg Puzzle

Self-Correcting Alphabet Letter Puzzles – Match these wooden puzzle pairs to make mastering letters and their sounds super easy

The puzzles are self-correcting–each piece has only one match that fits–so kids can play independently and learn at the same time.

 Melissa & Doug Self-correcting Letter Puzzles

Sesame Street Talking ABC Elmo Doll – Another fun alphabet toy is this Sesame Street talking ABC Elmo doll by Playskool.

This singing ABC Elmo doll is a must-have for your little Sesame Street fan.  Kids will have a blast singing the ABC’s along with Elmo!

 Sesame Street Talking ABC Elmo Figure

The World of Eric Carle ABC Game Tin – Kids will also have fun learning the alphabet with their favorite literary character, The Very Hungry Caterpillar, in this game by University Games.

In this ABC Game, players spin the spinner, move along the game board, and learn the alphabetThe letters and the corresponding animal cards are inspired by Eric Carle’s popular ABC Book.


 The World of Eric Carle ABC Game Tin

Upper & Lower Case Alphabet Puzzleicon – This wooden alphabet puzzle has upper and lower case versions of each letter.

Kids can complete the puzzle by matching the name of the picture to its sound and the shape of the letter to its space. This puzzle includes 52 letters for spelling, puzzling and stenciling fun.

 Melissa & Doug Upper & Lower Case Alphabet Letters Wooden Puzzle (52 pcs)

VTech Alphabet Apple – This VTech Alphabet Apple is another great alphabet toy that offers eight play modes and movable clock arms for fun interactive learning.

This VTech Alphabet Apple features 8 toddler learning activities with different progressive learning levels to introduce phonics, words, time concepts, music and more!

Don’t forget to grab some batteries too, as the ones included in this VTech Alphabet Apple toy are for demo use only.

 VTech Alphabet Apple

Water WOW! Alphabet Cards – ON the GO Travel Activity – Discover alphabet flashcards and a reusable coloring activity in one!

This set of 26 learn-and-play cards comes with a chunky, easy-to-grasp water pen. Each card features a different letter of the alphabet.

These alphabet flashcards include both upper- and lowercase letters to trace and also a magic-reveal animal picture to illustrate the letter sound.

Kids love to see the alligator, butterfly, and cow appear as they color in their ABCs! The pictures and letters turn white again as each card dries.

They can be reused endlessly as children improve letter recognition, letter formation, and hand-eye coordination.

The whole set can also be stored in the sturdy box or clipped together to make an on-the-go learning pack!

 Melissa & Doug On the Go Water Wow! Splash Cards – Alphabet and Animals

Write & Wipe ABC Board Book – This Write and Wipe ABC board book is another perfect alphabet toy for little ones learning to write their letters.

Kids will have fun tracing words and counting objects, as well as writing on their own in the space provided.

Each tracing and counting exercise can be repeated and practised over and over again with the ‘wipe-clean’ surface, helping to children to perfect their writing skills.

 Write and Wipe ABC 123 (Scholastic Early Learners)

What would you add to this list of toys that teach the alphabet?

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