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If you’re a fan of The Walking Dead, you’ll love The Walking Dead game list I put together!

My husband and I are huge fans of The Walking Dead. We’ve been watching it since the very beginning, and we look forward to Sunday night every week. We have a lot of friends and family who are also fans of the show, so we thought it would be fun to host a The Walking Dead game night. Doesn’t that sound like tons of fun? I think so! This post contains affiliate links, and I will receive compensation if you make a purchase after clicking on my links. 

 Walking Dead The Best Defense Board Game Monopoly: The Walking Dead (Survival Edition) The Walking Dead Battleground Exclusive Crossbow Edition Walking Dead Trivia Game The Walking Dead TV Board Game The Walking Dead Card Game Walking Dead Dice Game: Don’t Look Back Walking Dead Board Game (Z man) The Walking Dead Risk: Survival Edition Brybelly TTTI-006 The Walking Dead Trivia Game

There are actually quite a few different Walking Dead games out there to choose from. I love how they have revamped some of my favorite classic games into Walking Dead games. Take a look at the list below, grab your friends and family, and host a fun Walking Dead themed game night! This post contains affiliate links, and I will receive compensation if you make a purchase after clicking on my links. 

The Walking Dead Game List

The Walking Dead TV Board Game icon– Fight your way through zombie-infested Atlanta with your fellow survivors in The Walking Dead game. Grab some weapons to clear a path or visit destinations like the old folks’ home, the department store and the CDC. In order to be successful in this The Walking Dead game, you must find the tools you’ll need to live another day. You can take on the role of Rick, Andrea or one of the other hapless survivors, and scrounge for cool weapons like a shotgun or crossbow. Keep your eyes open for new allies, but watch your back. When supplies start running low, it’s every man for himself. If you can make it back to camp with enough gear to defend yourself and those you still care for, you win The Walking Dead Game!The Walking Dead Board Game: The Best Defense – This is a cooperative board game in which players take on the roles of Rick, Glenn, Daryl, Michonne, and other characters. Survivors must defend the Farm, the Prison, the Town and the Highway from Walkers in order to stay alive. The game board is assembled at random for each game so there is variability in the locations. This game includes a 25-card resource deck containing either Equipment, Allies, Food or Ammunition, which is placed at random on one of the locations.

Walkers and other hardships are triggered in different locations by a 48-card Event deck (every card is unique!), which players draw from each round. Players must then figure out how to minimize the effects of these events, using dice to resolve combat and determine the outcome of some events. Survivors can work together to combine their combat abilities or split up to cover more ground. If the Survivors don’t clear the Walkers out of a location, they’ll lose resources. If any resource deck runs out, the players lose the game. Players need to keep the Walkers at bay while not using up too many resources themselves.

This game is unique because it includes a leadership role that a player can take for one or more rounds. Each player character has an exclusive leadership ability that provides a bonus while that character is in charge.iconThe Walking Dead Trivia Box Board Game – iconImpress your friends and family with your knowledge about The Walking Dead in this trivia game!

The Walking Dead The Prison – This game is a follow-up to the original best-selling 2011 game. In this game, players must work together to escape while fighting for leadership. 

The Walking Dead Monopoly Board Game – In this game, players fight for, and then must fortify, the prime real estate and resources that will sustain their lives. All of the properties correspond with the landmarks from The Walking Dead, including the prison cells, Greene Family farm house, Woodbury, and more locations. Choose from game tokens that resemble key items from the series such as Rick’s sheriff hat, bucket of body parts, the telephone, Katana and the R.V. Instead of using money to purchase property, players must trade in essential supplies such as food, ammo and fuel to gain more territory on the board or to place a guard tower or wall instead of the standard houses and hotels, to secure their properties from invading zombies. The player that outlasts everyone else wins.iconThe Walking Dead Trivia Game – This game includes 300 trivia questions that were crafted by The Walking Dead fans! USAopoly Risk: Walking Dead “Survival Edition” Game – The classic Risk board game is revived with a new twist. This game is designed for three to five players, and set in the southeastern part of the United States. Players must fend off attacks from the living who compete for precious, limited resources upon which their survival depends, and also maintain their self-preservation from the unrelenting hordes of the undead that would feast upon them.

Adding to the playability of this classic board game are “supply cards” that can add strategy, fun and flavor to the game while maintaining the pace of game play. Just when you think the game is headed in one direction, a twist to the narrative can put another person in power. icon

iconiconThe Walking Dead Battleground Video Game – If you and your friends are more into video games than board games, then this one is for you! Get the experience of being in The Walking Dead as you hone your sharp-shooting and survival skills. This video game lets you travel dark forests, desolate outskirts and an abandoned metropolis as you fight for your life against walkers. This game features dozens of levels of action and game play. It has multiple modes, including Story Mode, Horde Mode and Free Play. It also has a series of challenging Bonus Objectives. This game does not need any special console, but does require batteries to play.The Walking Dead Don’t Look Back Dice Game – This game is a competitive dice game in which you play as one of four survivors from the television show: Rick, Daryl, Michonne, and Carl. Each character has a unique special ability that helps them survive and score the most Walker kills.

Featuring four important locations from the series, players need to kill walkers to prevent their location from being overrun. Each location offers different strategies for wide-ranging game experiences, and by varying the number of locations in the game, you can adjust the game length from 15 to 45 minutes.

The Walking Dead Don't Look Back Dice Game

Which game from The Walking Dead game list are you most interested in playing? I think they all look like so much fun, but I’ve always been a fan of Monopoly, so I think I’d really love to give that one a try. These games would make excellent birthday or Christmas gifts for The Walking Dead fans in your life.

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Oct 212016

Tiny Prints wants to help you get ready for the holidays! Read on to snag some great deals on holiday cards, and so much more.  

Can you believe October is almost over already? I am so not ready for winter yet, but it’s just around the corner. Eeeek! They are even predicting we will see snow in northern Maine at the beginning of next week!

With December fast approaching, I have had Christmas shopping on my mind a lot lately. I’m trying to get myself organized, plan out my shopping list, and look around to find the best deals. To be honest, I don’t really have a lot of money right now, and I am going to have to be very frugal with buying gifts and holiday cards this year so I don’t completely blow my budget. This post contains affiliate links, and I will receive compensation if you make a purchase after clicking on my links.

While searching for great deals online, I saw that Tiny Prints is offering up 10 Free Holiday Cards from 10/21-10/26, and I just had to snag some. Who doesn’t love free stuff?! To get this deal, simply enter promo code FREE10CARDS at checkout.

You do have to pay for shipping on these cards, but it still works out to be a really great deal! Dress your kids (or pets!) up, snap a cute photo and create your own holiday card while this promotion is still going on, and you’ll be ahead of the game. It always feels great to cross things off your to-do list, especially this far ahead of time. I know I could use one less thing to worry about!

Tiny Prints Holiday Card Collection

In addition to the 10 free holiday cards, Tiny Prints is also offering 25% off everything else! They have lots of great gift ideas to choose from, like (affiliate) Christmas ornaments, Christmas stockings, mugs, magnets, canvas prints and so much more!

I just love Tiny Prints. They have so many fun and beautiful designs to choose from, and I love how easy it is to just upload the photo I want to use, and turn it into the perfect holiday card or gift. My Mom and my Mother-in-Law go absolutely nuts over photo gifts!

Who will you buy personalized gifts from (affiliate) Tiny Prints for this year?

Don’t forget to shop through (affiliate) Ebates and get cash back on your Tiny Prints purchase!!

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Oct 182016

Yesterday, on a whim, I made White Chocolate and Peanut Butter Wheat Thin Cookies, and they were fantastic! My husband tried them when he came home from work, and he said “You have to take this bag away from me, or I’m going to eat them all.” They are seriously addictive!

White Chocolate and Peanut Butter Wheat Thin Cookies

I’ve noticed over the last few years, that people seem to go absolutely crazy over chocolate dipped goodies at Christmas parties. These kinds of treats are usually gobbled up quicker than cookies, pies and that sort of thing. It’s not really a big surprise to me, though, because who doesn’t love some chocolate?!

I’ve had Christmas baking on my mind lately, so yesterday I thought I would experiment a little bit with the whole chocolate dipping thing. I had a big box of Wheat Thins on hand, along with some peanut butter, white chocolate chips and mini chocolate chips. I spread a little bit of peanut butter between two Wheat Thins, sandwiched them together, then dunked the whole thing in melted white chocolate and sprinkled some mini chocolate chips on top.

These “cookies” set up super fast, and when they were ready to eat, I had to exercise some serious will power. This treat is salty & sweet, and so delicious! My husband said these taste kind of like a Butterfinger candy bar that’s been dipped in white chocolate. These White Chocolate & Peanut Butter Wheat Thin Cookies are so easy to make, and only require 4 ingredients! If you’re looking for a fun and tasty treat to bring to a holiday gathering, but don’t feel like spending hours baking, this is for you!

White Chocolate and Peanut Butter Wheat Thin Cookies


  • 48 Wheat Thins
  • 2 Tablespoons Peanut Butter
  • 1.5 Cups White Chocolate Chips
  • 1/4 Cup Mini Chocolate Chips


  1. Spread a small amount of peanut butter between two Wheat Thins crackers; repeat until all crackers have been used.
  2. Melt white chocolate chips in microwave at 50% power for one minute; stir. Return to microwave at 30 second intervals until chocolate is completely melted and smooth.
  3. Dip cracker sandwiches in white chocolate to coat. I use a fork to do this step, which makes it easy to shake excess white chocolate off into the bowl. Set cracker sandwiches on wax paper and immediately top each one with mini chocolate chips as you put it on the wax paper. The white chocolate sets up really fast, so the mini chocolate chips will not stick if you don’t place them on immediately, while the white chocolate is still warm.
  4. Place in refrigerator or freezer for 10-15 minutes to set completely. Store in an airtight container.

If you still feel like you want to bake up some cookies for Christmas, check out my list of 50 Gift-Worthy Christmas Cookies!

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Oct 132016

It seems most people either love everything pumpkin spice or hate it with a passion. There’s always a war about it in my Facebook feed around this time every year, and people get very opinionated. I don’t really partake in the ongoing war, but I honestly could enjoy it all year round. I have even been known to make pumpkin pancakes for breakfast smack in the middle of summer, that’s just how much I love it.

It’s a cool fall day here in Maine today, so this morning I made a Pumpkin Spice Banana Oatmeal for breakfast. Oatmeal is one of my favorite breakfast foods because t’s quick, easy, hearty and so versatile. You can pretty much add anything you want to it, and make it sweet, or even savory. Yes, savory oatmeal is definitely a thing, and it’s amazing. I’ll share some of my savory oatmeal recipes with you another time.

Today, I added some banana to my oatmeal. I love adding bananas to oatmeal because it makes it really thick and creamy, and it gives it a really delicious flavor. I also thought it would pair quite well with the pumpkin flavor.

Pumpkin Spice Banana Oatmeal

This oatmeal is really easy to whip up and cooks in the microwave in just a few minutes. It’s a perfect breakfast for a cool fall morning, and leaves you feeling satisfied until lunch time rolls around.

Pumpkin Spice Banana Oatmeal


  • 1/3 cup quick cook steel cut oats
  • 3/4 cup water
  • 1 tsp. brown sugar
  • 1/2 cup milk
  • 1/2 banana (sliced)
  • 1/4 – 1/2 tsp. pumpkin spice


  1. Mix oats, water and brown sugar in a deep microwave-safe bowl. Microwave at 50% power for 3 minutes.
  2. Add milk, banana slices and pumpkin spice and stir to combine. Return to microwave at 50% power for 1 minute.

Love this recipe? Try my pumpkin spice frosting and pumpkin spice sandwich cookies!

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Oct 122016

Looking for unique gifts for foodies? I am a self-proclaimed foodie, therefore, I have about a million things on my own wishlist. I absolutely love everything about food. I’ve been watching cooking shows since I was a kid, I try new foods on a regular basis, and I cook and experiment in the kitchen whenever I can. Food is a huge part of my life! This post contains affiliate links, and I will receive compensation if you make a purchase after clicking on my links.

It’s no surprise that foodies love getting gifts that are related to food. It’s literally all we ever think about. Our ears perk up whenever we hear someone mention food, we check out a restaurant’s menu before we even step foot inside of it, and we are always dreaming about what our next meal will be.

 Foodie Fight: A Trivia Game for Serious Food Lovers Essential Gourmet Finishing Sea Salt Collection Kitchen Hacks: The Ultimate Collection Of Secrets, Tips, & Tricks DII 100% Cotton, Machine Washable, Oversized, Gourmet Chef, Everyday Foodie Kitchen Dishtowel 18 x 28 Food for Thought Crosswords Foodie Craze the Food & Wine Trivia Game to Play Anywhere Anytime Blank Recipe Book: Recipe Journal ( Gifts for Foodies / Cooks / Chefs / Cooking ) [ Softback * Large Notebook * 100 Spacious Record Pages * Cupcakes & … ? Specialist Composition Books for Cookery) Eat Your Bourbon Gourmet Gift Box

If you have a foodie friend, you’ll definitely want to check out these unique gifts for foodies. They are guaranteed to be blown away by anything on this list, and you will be their hero!

10 Unique Gifts for Foodies

First of all, I recommend Dean & Deluca as a perfect place to start when looking for unique gifts for foodies. They have plenty of unique gifts to choose from, like this fancy salt collection, apricot mustard, lobster pot pies, chocolate and sea salt caramels, and a whole lot more!

Farm to People is a food lover’s paradise! They have an awesome selection of foods made by small-batch artisanal producers. Their inventory includes things like spicy stout mustard, bourbon barrel aged green serrano pepper hot sauce, ginger carrot kraut, coconut toffee granola bar and so much more!

Food & Wine Magazine is the magazine for foodies. Any foodie would love a subscription to this magazine packed full of easy-to-follow recipes, secrets from celebrity chefs, tips on finding delicious wines at every price range, and so much more!

iconHarry & David has been around for a long time (80 years!!), but I have always loved their gourmet food. They have everything you can imagine, including award-winning cheesesfresh and dried fruit, chocolates, meat and seafood, steaks, and cheesecakes, cakes and pies. Surprise your favorite foodie with a beautiful gift basket full of delicious goodies, or a tower of tasty treats!

A Love with Food monthly subscription box is a great gift for foodies who love to eat all natural or organic snacks. Each box includes 16-20 snacks that contain no artificial flavoring, coloring or MSG, no trans fats or hydrogenated oils or high fructose corn syrup. Gluten free boxes are also available. Click the banner below to order this fabulous foodie gift!

Save 40% Off Your First Love With Food Box
I have had my eye on Mouth’s excellent selection of Indie foods for months now. I’m absolutely dying to try out some of their goodies, including bacon peanut butter chocolate bar, drunken monkey banana rum jam, pure bourbon vanilla goat milk caramels, hazelnut whiskey sandwich cookies, artisan cheeses, and so much more! They also have an incredible selection of spirits and wine, like campfire whiskey, OYO stone fruit vodka and sugar wash moonshine. Yum!!

Recipe Journal – Most foodies I know love to cook and create their own recipes. This blank recipe journal is the perfect place to jot down recipe ideas and notes!


iconStonewall Kitchen has an amazing selection of specialty foods. Check out their boozy bacon barbecue sauce, fig & walnut butter, sriracha honey mustard dip, and dark chocolate sea salt caramel sauce. Any foodie would love these fabulous Stonewall Kitchen products!

Stonewall Kitchen, LLC

The Professional Chef is a book my husband bought me for my birthday last year, and I absolutely love it. It has everything anyone could possibly want to know about cooking in it. This amazing reference book is one of my favorite gift ideas for foodies and chefs.


Finally, Treatsie is a great way to deliver the most amazing artisan sweets directly to your favorite foodie’s door! You can pay just once and gift them a 3, 6 or 12 month subscription. Another option is to send one specialty box with a decadent assortment of artisan sweets. Imagine how excited they would be to receive such a fabulous gift! Get the perfect gift for that special someone: Treatsie’s selection of Specialty Boxes!

 Give the gift of Treatsie artisan sweets!

Which of these unique gifts for foodies will you buy for the foodie in your life?

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Oct 112016

Baking Cookies Like a Pro is Really Easy!

You may think that baking cookies like a pro is difficult, but all you really need are 6 simple kitchen tools to help you reach your cookie baking goals. These specific tools will give you the results you are looking for – delicious and beautiful, uniform looking cookies, just like the pros make!

The holiday season is upon us, and I am so excited to start baking cookies! I find baking cookies to be so relaxing and enjoyable. I bake cookies for my family to eat, to bring to Christmas gatherings, and I also love baking cookies to give away as Christmas gifts. They are always a huge hit! View my list of 50 Gift-Worthy Christmas Cookies for some inspiration!

I know Christmas is still a few months away, but you can start baking cookies now, and freeze them until you need them. I like to bake several batches several weeks before Christmas to save me time later on when things get super busy. Learn how to freeze cookies here.

After baking cookies for several years, I have found that there are a few kitchen tools that make baking cookies like a pro so much easier. These 6 specific tools save a lot of time, and just keep things running smoothly in the kitchen. This post contains affiliate links, and I will receive compensation if you make a purchase after clicking on my links. 

6 Kitchen Tools for Baking Cookies Like a Pro

Mixer – The very first thing I would highly recommend for baking cookies like a pro is a good mixer. Mixing cookie batter by hand is not only very time consuming, but it can also be hard on your wrists. I’d much rather leave all the work up to a mixer. A hand mixer will do, but I absolutely love my KitchenAid, and can’t imagine my life without it now!

iconSilicone Scraping Spatula – After your mixer has done all the work of mixing up the cookie batter, a silicone scraping spatula really comes in handy for scraping down the sides of the bowl, to make sure you get all of the cookie dough.iconCookie Scoop – A cookie scoop is a must-have for baking cookies! It takes the guess work out of measuring out cookie batter, and makes all of your cookies uniform in size. No more cookies that are too small or too big!


T-Fal AirBake Natural Cookie Sheet – This T-Fal AirBake Natural Cookie Sheet is one of the best cookie sheets for baking cookies. It is made of 100-percent rust-resistant aluminum and features Micro-Dome Technology, decreasing bake times by up to 15-percent over traditional insulated sheets! It also produces evenly baked and browned, thick and chewy, moist, delicious cookies and treats. The large insulated cookie sheet fits in any standard size oven. It’s easy to maintain and features a raised lip on the end, making it easy to insert and remove from the oven.iconCookie Spatula – When cookie sheets get crowded, this new and improved cookie spatula gets into tight spaces without damaging your cookies!

icon3 Tier Cooling Rack – After your cookies come out of the oven, they need to be cooled. This 3 tier cooling rack features a reinforced coating to provide quick release of the food you bake, and it makes clean up easy! I love that it has 3 tiers, so you can cool quite a few cookies on it at the same time.


Baking cookies for Santa? I am in love with this adorable cookie plate! I think my kids would love to set cookies for Santa out on a plate just for him!

These kitchen tools will have you baking cookies like a pro in no time!

50 Gift-Worthy Christmas Cookies

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Oct 082016

These are the Best Toys for Teaching the Alphabet!

Teaching the alphabet to your kids doesn’t have to be difficult or boring. When you have the right tools, teaching the alphabet can actually be easy and fun! This post contains affiliate links, and I will receive compensation if you make a purchase after clicking on my links. 

Fun ways to teach your children the alphabet include reading engaging alphabet themed books, introducing them to fun learning apps like ABC Mouseicon, or watching educational YouTube videos. It’s never too early to start teaching the alphabet to your kids, either. My son, Logan, started singing the entire alphabet song at just 17 months old! Kids really do love to learn when they are having fun doing it.

There are several great toys for teaching the alphabet to your kids, too. They will love playing with these for hours, and they’ll be learning at the same time. It’s a win-win! Do you have any toys for teaching the alphabet in your home? If not, check out the list below for some great ideas! If you do already have a collection of toys for teaching the alphabet in your home, you might find some new ones to introduce to your kids in the list below.

20 Great Toys for Teaching the Alphabet

ABC-123 Abacusicon – The ABC-123 Abacus is a timeless toy that features 36 colorful double-sided tiles. The wooden frame includes all the letters of the alphabet and numbers 1 through 10 on one side, and whimsical illustrations including an apple, duck, fish, key, moon, grapes, octopus, tie, and house on the other. The spinning tiles encourage kids to play, explore, and learn. This must-have educational toy is a tremendous value that will last for years!

ABC Picture Boardsicon – Another fantastic way to work on letter and word recognition is with these adorably illustrated boards. Your child simply picks a board–the first letter of his or her name is always a good place to start–then fills in the uppercase and lowercase letters and identifies the picture. He or she can turn it over or take another board and do it all again. With so many letters (each letter in the alphabet in both uppercase and lowercase), kids can find infinite ways to play!


Alphabet Lacing Cards – With these alphabet lacing cards, kids can practice their letters and build fine motor skills at the same time! This value-packed learning set has a shaped lacing board for every letter of the alphabet. Each board features a colorful illustration on one side and a label on the back. They include both oversize uppercase and lowercase letters. Kids can use the cards as flashcards or match the lace colors to the borders. They can also string together the entire alphabet. There are so many ways to learn and play!

Alphabet Lacing Train – This is one of my favorite toys for teaching the alphabet.Kids will love learning their letters with these cheerful Alphabet Train Lacing Beads. They can explore the alphabet in any number of ways that encourage a love of language. They can match letters to animals (B is for Bear; E is for Elephant) and spell simple words. They can even spell out their own name! The sturdy lace makes stringing the letters together easy. Stringing words together will give kids a real sense of accomplishment!

Melissa and Doug

Alphabet Learning Mat with Wipe-Off Crayons – Your kids will love this double-sided learning mat that introduces the alphabet in a fun and engaging way. Using the five included wipe-off crayons, kids can learn how to write letters. This set is perfect for restaurants, waiting rooms and travel.

Alphabet Puzzle Book – Every page of this magnetic book with removable pieces is “bound” to amuse and educate! Under each piece is either the matching upper and lower case letters or the name of the “attractive” object on the picture.

Alphabet Puzzle Cardsicon – These interlocking puzzle cards are perfect for teaching the alphabet to kids. Self-correcting piece design helps ensure that kids learn alphabet concepts correctly—right from the start! This 26 two-piece puzzle card set is made from heavyweight cardboard, featuring colorful illustrations and helpful text. All of the cards can be stored neatly in this sturdy wooden box with sliding lid.

Alphabet Sound Puzzle – This 26-piece wooden puzzle pronounces the correct name of each letter when it is placed correctly in the puzzle board! Pieces are slightly raised above the puzzle board for easy grasping. Colorful pictures underneath each piece help reinforce the relationship between letters and their sounds. (TIP: Puzzle has light-activated sensors; for best results, expose a sensor by removing pieces in a brightly lit room, then make the sound play by replacing the piece in the board.)icon

Alphabet Train Floor Puzzle – This beautifully detailed blue engine is ready to roll with familiar objects from A to Z. This alphabet train floor puzzle is an impressive ten feet long when assembled, and is a very sturdy, colorful puzzle that will stay looking like new, thanks to its “Easy-Clean” surface and extra-thick pieces.

Jumbo ABC Chunky Puzzle – Teaching the alphabet is fun with this extra thick wooden puzzle that includes 26 easy-grasp, chunky pieces. Each piece (A-Z) is shown with a colorful picture that begins with that letter. A full-color, matching letter is shown under each piece, also. Each letter piece stands up and encourages hand-eye, fine motor, letter recognition and pre-reading skills.

Magnetic Chalkboard and Dry-Erase Board – One side is a magnetic chalkboard, the other is a dry-erase board. This portable drawing board comes with three sticks of colored chalk, a dry-erase marker, plus 36 magnetic letters and numbers. Kids will have fun writing letters of the alphabet to make words.

Peppa Pig 36-pc. ABC & 123 Foam Cube Puzzle Set – This Peppa Pig foam puzzle set is another one of my favorite toys for teaching the alphabet! Kids can create a giant, flat puzzle or puzzle cube while learning all about letters and numbers.

See-Inside Alphabet Peg Puzzle – This wooden peg puzzle includes a piece for each of the 26 letters in the alphabet. A colorful picture under each piece shows an image beginning with the same letter, helping to develop letter recognition and pre-reading skills! This puzzle also encourages hand-eye, fine motor, and visual perception skills.

Self-Correcting Alphabet Letter Puzzles – Match these wooden puzzle pairs to make mastering letters and their sounds as easy as A, B, C. The puzzles are self-correcting–each piece has only one match that fits–so kids can play independently and learn at the same time.

Sesame Street Talking ABC Elmo Doll – Another fun way to explore the alphabet is with this Sesame Street talking ABC Elmo doll by Playskool.


The World of Eric Carle ABC Game Tin – Kids will also have fun learning their ABCs with their favorite literary character, The Very Hungry Caterpillar, in this game by University Games.

Upper & Lower Case Alphabet Puzzleicon – This wooden alphabet puzzle has upper and lower case versions of each letter. Kids can complete the puzzle by matching the name of the picture to its sound and the shape of the letter to its space. This puzzle includes 52 letters for spelling, puzzling and stenciling fun.

VTech Alphabet Apple – This VTech Alphabet Apple is another great teaching toy that offers eight play modes and movable clock arms for fun interactive learning.


Water WOW! Alphabet Cards – ON the GO Travel Activity – Discover alphabet flashcards and a reusable coloring activity in one! This set of 26 learn-and-play cards comes with a chunky, easy-to-grasp water pen. Each card features a letter of the alphabet. They include both upper- and lowercase letters to trace and also a magic-reveal animal picture to illustrate the letter sound. Kids love to see the alligator, butterfly, and cow appear as they color in their ABCs! The pictures and letters turn white again as each card dries. They can be reused endlessly as children improve letter recognition, letter formation, and hand-eye coordination. The whole set can also be stored in the sturdy box or clipped together to make an on-the-go learning pack!

Write & Wipe ABC Board Book – This Write and Wipe ABC board book is another perfect toy for little ones learning to write their letters.
icon icon

Which of these great toys for teaching the alphabet would your kids love most?

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