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My three year old daughter, Kayleigh, is absolutely obsessed with Daniel Tiger’s Neighborhood. It’s a show she will watch over and over again, and never grow tired of.

I love that Daniel Tiger’s Neighborhood teaches a lot of very valuable lessons, like learning how to share, trying new foods, taking care of pets, welcoming a new sibling, using the potty, and so much more. Every episode includes catchy songs that help kids easily remember the lessons they are taught. This post contains affiliate links, and I will receive compensation if you make a purchase after clicking on my links.

I was born in the early 80’s, so of course, I also love the nostalgic feel of the show. I was a huge fan of the original Mister Rogers’ Neighborhood television show, and I think Fred Rogers would be incredibly proud of Daniel Tiger’s Neighborhood.

With Christmas right around the corner, I’ve decided to start my shopping a little early, and on my list is some Daniel Tiger merchandise, of course! I am so excited to get some of these for my kids this year.

Daniel Tiger's Neighborhood Gift Ideas

Daniel Tiger’s Neighborhood Friends Figure Set  The first thing that caught my eye was this Daniel Tiger’s Neighborhood Friends Figure Set. This adorable set includes Daniel Tiger, O the Owl, Katerina Kittycat, Prince Wednesday and Miss Elaina. Each figure has poseable arms and a rotating head and stands approximately 2.5 inches tall. Thy are the perfect size for little hands to hold!

Each figure has poseable arms and a rotating head and stands approximately 2.5 inches tall. The figures are the perfect size for little hands to hold.Daniel Tiger Snuggle & Glow – I just love this Daniel Tiger Snuggle & Glow! It has seven different phrases, sings a “Goodnight Daniel” song when his hand is squeezed, and Tigey lights up! This cuddly toy can help to establish a bedtime routine, works great as a night light and promotes calming during the night hours.

Daniel Tiger Snuggle & Glow

Daniel Tiger Plush – This Daniel Tiger Plush is too cute. I just love his little red sweater. He’s perfect for hugging and cuddling with.

Daniel Tiger PlushDaniel Tiger’s Neighborhood Bungalow Adventure Play Set – This Bungalow Adventure Play Set is so cute! The open design of the house is perfect for little hands, and fun details like a working door and windows encourage hours of creative role-play. It’s also really easy to clean up or travel with because all of the pieces fit right inside!

Daniel Tiger's Neighborhood Bungalow Adventure Play Set

Personalized Daniel Tiger’s Neighborhood Kids’ Red Zip-Up Hoodie – This Red Zip-Up Hoodie is absolutely one of my favorite Daniel Tiger gift ideas! Daniel Tiger always wears his red sweater on the show, and so do the real-life children that are shown at the end of the episodes.  I am really excited to get one of these for my daughter, Kayleigh!

Daniel Tiger Red Zip-Up HoodieDaniel Tiger Deluxe Neighborhood – This Daniel Tiger Deluxe Neighborhood is great! Kids have a blast loading up Daniel Tiger and his friends for a ride around the neighborhood on this deluxe working trolley. The trolley comes with Daniel Tiger and Mommy Tiger figures. At the push of a button, Trolley lights up and moves forward all by itself! Another button plays the Neighborhood Song and the Stop & Listen song. Trolley also has 6 character buttons with 2+ fun phrases each and includes Trolley sounds!

Daniel Tiger Deluxe Neighborhood

Daniel Tiger Pajamas – These Daniel Tiger pajamas are too cute! Grab the girls’ pajamas here and the boys’ pajamas here.
Daniel Tiger Pajamas

Daniel Tiger Nightlight – If your kids sleep with a nightlight, they will love this friendly Daniel Tiger nightlight! It can be personalized to include their name, too!

Daniel Tiger Nightlight

Daniel Tiger Christmas Stocking – How awesome is this Daniel Tiger Christmas Stocking?? Kids will flip over it! This can also be personalized with your child’s name.

Daniel Tiger Christmas Stocking

Cute and Cuddly Baby Margaret – Kayleigh just loves the Daniel Tiger episodes when baby Margaret is born, and I just know she would love this adorable Cute and Cuddly Baby Margaret plush too. This soft plush resembles a smiling baby tiger cub. She has a tuft of hair on her head, a flower behind her ear and comes swaddled in a soft blanket. Ready to be held and cared for, the Daniel tiger plush toy helps encourage nurturing behaviors and is ideal for sibling preparation or imaginative play.

Daniel Tiger Baby Margaret Plush

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Which of these Daniel Tiger’s Neighborhood gifts do you think your kids will enjoy the most?
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