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Classical music is such an important component of history and culture, and it really saddens me to think that most kids these days just don’t have the exposure to it that they should. Classical music has so many wonderful benefits, including improved memory, mood, and higher test scores. Why wouldn’t we want our children to listen to this amazing music?

My kids love to listen to classical music, and I try to play it for them a few times a week. When they get really tired and cranky during a long car ride home after a busy day, I turn the classical music on, and they calm right down. They will usually fall fast asleep, and we do not hear another peep from them until we get home.

Classical music is so relaxing and helps me to unwind and calm my anxious mind, too. I have used classical music to pull myself out of a panic attack on several occasions. It really does work!

Speaking of classical music, when I heard that the classic story of Peter and the Wolf was going to be updated for today’s generation of children, I was super excited to check it out. In case you’re not familiar with the story, Peter and the Wolf was written in 1936 by Sergei Prokofiev. It is a children’s story, spoken by a narrator and accompanied by an orchestra. The intent behind it was to cultivate “musical tastes in children from the first years of school”. Prokofiev was so inspired by this project, that he wrote Peter and the Wolf in just 4 days! Can you imagine being so passionate about something?

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Giants are Small recently released Peter and the Wolf in Hollywood, and you can download it from the iTunes app store for only $4.99. I truly think it is a worthwhile investment. It has several features that the whole family will enjoy, including the full story with the beautiful accompanying music, 8 games, an educational section and a really interesting section that shows how all of the animation was done, including how the characters are drawn, modeled, recorded and narrated. There is also a study guide available for downloading.

Making of Peter and the Wolf in Hollywood

While the core story of the traditional Russian tale has remained the same, it has been given a new modern twist. This updated version follows Peter as he travels to Hollywood to meet his hippie grandfather. The entire story is fun and captivating.

Peter and the Wolf in Hollywood

This award-winning app is such a great way to introduce children to classical music. While the recommended start age for this app is 6 years old, my 3 year old daughter, Kayleigh, really enjoyed watching the story. She often times has difficulty sitting still and concentrating on things for more than a few minutes at a time, but she was absolutely enthralled with following along with this story.

Kayleigh and Peter and the Wolf in Hollywood

The graphics are interesting and vibrant, and the classical music plays softly in the background. The story is narrated by rock n’ roll legend, Alice Cooper, which I thought was really cool.

Peter and the Wolf in Hollywood

This app is very easy for Kayleigh to navigate through. There is an arrow at the top that turns green when it is time to turn the page, and she was able to do that all by herself, just by pressing her finger on the arrow. I love that we have the option to start the story from the very beginning, or pick up where we last left off, every time we open the app. The story is approximately 48 minutes long, so it could definitely be broken up and watched over a few days, or watched all in one sitting.

Peter and the Wolf in Hollywood

I’m so happy that there is such a wonderful app out there to expose today’s children to classical music and the story of Peter and the Wolf. I think Peter and the Wolf in Hollywood is an app that will be played in our home over and over again for many years to come. My one year old son even showed interest in it!

Logan with Peter and the Wolf in Hollywood

Will you download Peter and the Wolf in Hollywood for your children?

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