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Baby proofing your home must be at the top of your to-do list when you are expecting a baby. As a Mom of two toddlers, I know just how overwhelming it can be after the baby is born. Middle of the night feedings, diaper changes and a totally different schedule can be absolutely exhausting. You are so busy trying to find a few minutes to sleep in between the excitement of your new family, that you have probably not even thought about your baby starting to roll over, crawl or walk yet.

However, this is the time that you should be working on baby proofing your home. You should start baby proofing before your baby starts moving around on their own, or even before your baby is born. Baby proofing takes time to complete. Parents often believe that they have baby proofed everything possible and then notice at least one area that they missed. (It happens to everyone!) This is the main reason why it is better to baby proof sooner, rather than later.

Start baby proofing, you should take a good look at your home. Write down any areas where a child can climb up on, open up and bump into. Write down any areas where dangerous items are out in the open and easily accessible as well. Move any small items located in a place that a baby can get to. This post contains affiliate links, and I will receive compensation if you make a purchase after clicking on my links.

Tips for Baby Proofing Your Home



Door holders and door stops are good things to use to keep doors from slamming shut on little fingers. The best door holder is one that is placed by the hinges. This helps to keep the child’s fingers from getting stuck in the area where the hinges are located.


Place an electrical outlet cover on empty electrical outlets to keep little fingers and toys out. Cover sharp edges on furniture with padded corner guards to keep a falling toddler from gashing their head if they fall into it.


You can never be too safe when it comes to windows. Cut any cords hanging from blinds, or place them up high so children do not get caught in them. You should also use safety tassels and cord stops. Install window guards and stops to ensure that a child does not get the window open far enough for them to fall out.


Stairs are another dangerous area in any house. Place gates at the top and bottom of the stairs, so that little ones cannot climb up and fall, or fall down the stairs.


Kitchens are one of the areas where the most baby proofing will be done. Place safety locks on all cabinets and drawers, so that children cannot get to the sharp knives, cleaning supplies, heavy pans, breakables or any other items that are dangerous. I love these cabinet and drawer latches. I have used them in my home for the last three years, and they keep the kids from being able to get into my cabinets and drawers. Place a lock on the oven and the refrigerator. A lock on the oven door will prevent a child from opening it and getting burned while a lock on the refrigerator will prevent a child from getting inside and possibly getting closed in.


Many people keep cleaning supplies, medications, curling irons and hair dryers in the bathroom. Lock up all of these items so that children will not swallow anything harmful or burn themselves on hot items. Install toilet locks on all toilets. Toddlers are very inquisitive and there is a chance that they can fall in head first and drown.


The laundry is another area where cleaning supplies are found. Keep any of these items up high on a shelf or in a locked cabinet so children do not ingest them.


Attach all bookshelves, cabinets and dressers to a wall, even if they are extremely heavy. These items can fall on top of children if they try to climb on them. Hang all televisions on a wall or keep them behind cabinet doors with a lock. Televisions can easily be pulled down off of a shelf or cabinet and they are very heavy. You can buy a Furniture & TV Strap Kit to secure heavy furniture and televisions to your wall. Preventing heavy objects from falling on children is of the utmost importance.


Move any plants that toddlers and babies can reach. They can be harmful and poisonous to children if they try to eat any part of it. Place any decorative dishes with marbles or rocks or a container filled with small objects like coins on a higher shelf. Children may put small items in their mouths, causing them to choke.

Baby proofing a home may seem like a lot of work to overwhelmed parents. Baby proofing is worth the time and effort, though, because at some point an accident will happen, and you will want to be as prepared as possible

Do you have any tips to add for baby proofing your home? 

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