Essential Tools Everyone Should Have

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As a homeowner, it seems there is always something that needs to be fixed! I have put together a list of essential tools everyone should have. These are especially important for homeowners. Having these essential tools on hand will make it so much easier for you to make small household repairs and improvements. This helpful post sharing essential tools everyone should have contains affiliate links. I may earn a commission if you make a purchase after clicking a link in this post. 

Household tools are something that every homeowner should invest in. My husband, John, and I bought our house three years ago, and we have slowly been working on some minor home improvements since then. No matter how much work we get done on our home, it seems there are always a million things left to do!

There are a lot of great household tools available for homeowners, and we have been adding to our toolbox whenever we can. I always try to buy John a new tool for every special occasion, like Father’s Day, his birthday or Christmas. He is always really excited to receive new tools and it’s an easy way for us to build up our collection. While there are many household tools out there that you probably don’t need to always have on hand, there are a few essential tools everyone should have.

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Essential Tools Everyone Should Have

If you’ve ever needed to make even a small repair around the house, and can’t find something to fix it with, this is for you. At one time, a friend had a tool kit that consisted of a butter knife and a hammer. Can you believe that?! If he couldn’t bang on it with the hammer, or turn /pry it with the butter knife, it couldn’t be fixed. Don’t be that person. Have what you need, when you need it. This list of essential tools everyone should have will give you a great start.

When you start gathering your essential tools, you’ll need somewhere to store them. Whether it is a fancy tool box, a plastic bin, or even a designated cardboard box, it’s no use to have tools if you can’t find them. Find a container, then find a designated space for them. When you are finished with the job at hand, clean them and put them back so you can easily find them when you need them again.

Essential Tools Everyone Should Have

Hammer – A hammer is at the top of my list of essential tools everyone should have. I use my hammer all the time for hanging pictures or decorations in my home, and for putting furniture together. I have also used my hammer quite a few times to pound a nail that has started to pop up out of my front stairs or deck. A hammer also comes in very handy for a lot of crafting and DIY projects.

A 16-ounce claw hammer is a good choice for you first hammer. It has a pounding side and a nail-pulling side. Look for a sturdy hardwood or fiberglass handle.
Drill and Drill bits – I bought my husband a drill for Christmas several years ago, and he has gotten so much use out of it!

A cordless electric drill is definitely an essential tool everyone should have! It can be used as a screwdriver as well as to drill holes. Buy an assortment of drill bits in various sizes, as well as Philips (cross-head) and Slotted (wide flat blade) bits that will fit in your drill. This could be your favorite tool and new best friend. It’s great for putting together furniture and bookshelves.
Tape measure – Get a tape measure that is at least twenty-five feet long. You will use this more than you think, from measuring how long a wall might be to the dimensions of a window for new shades. Buy a tape measure in a bright color and it will be less likely to get lost.
Wrenches – An adjustable crescent wrench comes in handy for lots of sizes; if you purchase a set of different sizes you should be able to handle most any wrench related job. There are also single sized wrenches, a pipe wrench, and others. I also recommend purchasing a nice Allen wrench set. I cannot tell you how many times I have used an Allen wrench. It’s been a lot!
Knives – a Putty Knife is great where you need a thin blade, or for spackling a hole in the wall, buy one with a thin flexible blade.
A utility knife is great for opening boxes, cutting twine and rope, and a myriad of other uses. Buy a standard heavy-weight utility knife that allows you to store extra blades in the handle. Avoid the knife with snap-off blades, they never seem to be as sharp as the standard knives.
PliersNeedle nose pliers, as well as standard pliers are of great use. Also try to find a pair that have a cutter built in; you’ll be able to tell by the very angled part of the opening, almost looking like a pair of scissors.
Screwdrivers – Although you might have the screwdriver bits for your power drill. You still need a selection of long and short handled screwdrivers. They should also include both flat and Philips heads on them. A variety set of screwdrivers is inexpensive, but beware of buying cheap sets. The screwdriver blades will strip out while you are trying to unscrew something, and then you’ll be in trouble. If you do happen to strip a screw, these Specialty Screw Extraction Pliers will come in really handy!
Good quality, long lasting flashlight – Invest in a really good flashlight, preferably with rechargeable batteries. Not just for when the power goes out, but also when you need to see inside a wall or under a sink. Get one that will stay in the tool chest and used only when repairing something; or at least make sure it gets put back after every use. This is one of those items that is never there when you need it.
Having the proper tool for the job not only makes the task easier, but also builds confidence in trying more difficult jobs. That is why you should at least purchase these essential tools everyone should have. This is just a small list of household tools available, but they should let even the most inexperienced person have the ability to perform basic home repairs. The most important point to remember is to put them back when you are finished, so that when you do need a tool, you are able to find it.

Do you have anything to add to this list of essential tools everyone should have? 

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