May 052016

Summer’s almost here, and I thought it would be fun to have a little giveaway! We could all use some extra spending money during the summer months, right? $50 Paypal cash could be used for so many things – vacation money, to help spruce up your yard a bit with some plants or flowers, to buy summer toys or swimwear for the kids. The possibilities are endless!

Enter to Win $50 Paypal Cash

This giveaway is open to US residents, 18+ and will end on May 31, 2016 at 11:59pm. Enter below for your chance to win this great prize! Good luck :)

  86 Responses to “Enter to Win $50.00 Paypal Cash!”

  1. I wold use the cash for a bill or groceries.

  2. I would buy my Dad some birthday presents!

  3. If I won, I would surprise my hubby by taking him to the movies on one of our date nights! :)

  4. I would probably use it to take everyone out to dinner. Thanks!

  5. With an extra $50 cash, I would take my family to the beach for a day of fun and sun!

  6. With an extra $50 I would buy some new bath towels.

  7. I’d use it on vacation this summer!

  8. I would use it to do something special this summer with my kids!

  9. I would use it towards college textbooks for my daughter.
    Thank you!

  10. I would put it towards a pair of glasses.

  11. I would put it toward hubby’s hospital bills

  12. I would use it towards college books for my son.

  13. I’d use it for groceries.

  14. I’d add it to the money I’m saving to get some work done on my house.

  15. Spend it on the Grandkids.

  16. I would use the $50 to buy home decor items for my new condo.

  17. I would use it to buy me a new hula hoop on etsy! love my hooping!

  18. I would buy vegetable seeds, a fruit tree, art supplies and a new baking pan.

  19. I would use it for vacation expenses.

  20. I will be buying some hard to find baking supplies.

  21. If I won, I would buy a Keurig coffee maker

  22. I would buy myself a jacket, I could really use one.

  23. I would buy gardening and canning supplies if I won.
    thank you

  24. I would use it for my daughter’s birthday coming up.

  25. I would use it towards a new pair of sneakers for myself.

  26. I’m trying to save for a 3 day weekend away this summer. I would put it in that fund!

  27. I would buy outdoor toys for my kids.

  28. I would use it for our summer road trip expenses.

  29. with $50, I could get our jewelry out of the pawn shop!

  30. I’d probably take my best friend out for a nice, long lunch.

  31. If I were to win the $50 PayPal then it would definitely go toward my boyfriend’s college graduation gift! He deserves something special for all the hard work he has put into earning his degree and I am very proud of him. <3

  32. Oh I would love to use it to get some new pool toys for summer for the kids!

  33. I would probably put it towards a cutting board and broom

  34. I want a new range hood fan mine sounds like a jet.

  35. I would lessen the load of my Amazon Wishlist!

  36. I’m saving for a new couch so I’d put it in that.

  37. If I won, I would buy my Mom a gift.

  38. I would save it toward our vacation in August to Disney!

  39. I would buy some groceries with this if I won! :)

  40. I would buy my daughter a Radio Flyer Trike. They look really neat.

  41. I would use it towards a gift for my daughter….. her birthday is coming up and I could add it towards a super special gift! Thanks for the awesome giveaway and good luck to all…although I seriously would love to win :) Thanks for the chance!

  42. I would most likely put it towards groceries and dog food.

  43. I would use the money on groceries.

  44. I would use it on gas towards our summer vacation

  45. Buy an anniversary present for my hubby.

  46. My daughter’s birthday is in June and she’s having a luau so it would go towards some beach goodies!

  47. I’ll go out to celebrate my birthday and use this thanks for the chance

  48. I would think of something!

  49. i would buy necessities for baby #2 due in august!

  50. I would use the $50 to buy my Son some new summer clothes as he has grown like a weed since last summer and is in need of new clothes.

  51. I would buy groceries

  52. I’d probably buy some groceries :)

    Thanks for the chance to win!

  53. We are doing some re-modeling, so every extra penny is useful for that!

  54. I would use the $50 cash for extra spending money on our summer vacation. Thanks

  55. I would put it toward my car payment. Thank you.

  56. I would put it toward a credit card payment Thank you.

  57. I would buy my grandson some Summer clothes.

  58. If I win, I would use the cash to pay a bill.

  59. I would put it towards the Disney Trip we are trying to save up for.

  60. Something fun for my family :)

  61. I would use it on gas. Gas prices went back up the day before my husband went back to work after having back surgery, grr!


  63. I would put it towards a Kindle. Mine is messing up something bad and I will soon need a new one.

  64. I would buy some extra goodies for my patio garden with the money. I have my eye on a few things that sort of qualify as luxuries but would still be fun if I could have them.

  65. I would put it towards our family vacation.

  66. i’d get some groceries

  67. I would use it on my next vacation.

  68. I would use it towards vacation

  69. i would ad dit to my savings for a new TTY Phone i need

  70. I would us the gift card going to the lake for a few days.

  71. I would use it to buy Summer clothes.

  72. I would use towards paying off one of my bills.

  73. I would use it towards my boyfriend’s birthday present.

  74. Might use it for some new sneakers

  75. So many things, I’d love to get some new flowers for my garden for start.

  76. I would use a extra $50 to buy some groceries

  77. I’d use it to get a much needed pedicure and manicure.

  78. I will buy some clothes

  79. I would put it toward the grocery bill for my house.

  80. If i had an extra $50, i would get my children some tank tops and shorts with it

  81. I would use the money to buy supplies for my daughter’s sweet 16 party. Thank you!!

  82. I would buy swimsuits for my kids

  83. I would buy textbooks.

  84. I would buy some summer clothes.

  85. I would pay a doctor bill with the extra cash.


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