Jan 272016

At the beginning of every year, I buy a paper calendar, with intentions of finally becoming organized for once in my life, and every year the same thing happens – I use it for a couple of weeks, and then it ends up getting buried somewhere, like the back of my closet, or in a drawer, and I completely forget about it. Either that, or one of my kids gets a hold of it and tears it to shreds. All of my plans for organization go right out the window, and I’m back to living life completely scatterbrained, trying to remember important dates in my head.

As a Mom of two kids under 3, I already have enough to worry about, without stressing about remembering important dates too. I need a calendar system that actually works for me and that will help me to keep my sanity.

I have finally realized that paper calendars are just not for me, and I need something digital to help keep me organized.  As a blogger, I am online most of the day (and night too!) so a digital calendar will work very well for me. It will always be right at my fingertips, and it won’t get lost after two weeks of use!

I recently tried out Beautiful Calendar, and I am loving it! When I want to access my calendar, I simply open a new tab in my browser, and it’s right there.

Beautiful Calendar

There are several different themes to choose from, and I can easily change themes any time I want. The themes are all bright and beautiful and designed by the best artists.

Beautiful Calendar

The calendar itself is very simple and easy to use. I just click on the date I want to add an event to and a box comes up that allows me to type in my info. I can also sync Beautiful Calendar with my Google Calendar, which I think is really cool.

Are you ready to try this great digital calendar out for yourself? Then head on over to the Beautiful Calendar website and download the extension today! It’s super easy to install, and you’ll quickly be on your way to being more organized!


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