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Disclosure:  I received items at no cost to facilitate this post.  All opinions are 100% my own.

Christmas is just around the corner, and I’m sure we all have shopping on our minds, right?!  I don’t usually do a whole lot of shopping for myself, but I absolutely love shopping for other people.  Giving gifts to those I love, and even to people I don’t know, is something I truly love to do.  It just warms my heart to watch someone open a gift, and see their eyes light up with excitement.  I always try to pick out just the right gift for everyone on my list.

Most years, I do my Christmas shopping online.  It’s so nice to be able to shop from the comfort of my own home, especially with two young kids.  There’s nothing I hate more than getting both kids ready to leave the house, and taking them around shopping at store after store.  That is absolutely exhausting, and not my idea of a fun day.

Etsy is a fabulous place to shop for gifts online.  There are so many wonderful shops to browse, with beautiful handmade items for sale.  You’re always sure to find something for everyone on your Christmas list!

Below I have listed 5 great reasons why you should buy on Etsy.  I hope you’ll take a look around Etsy yourself, and see what you can find for your friends and family this holiday season!

ThreeJaysCrafts              Image courtesy of ThreeJaysCrafts

1.     You’re buying something unique. If you buy a gift for someone, or even something for yourself at a big box store, chances are there are thousands of other people who have the same exact item. Why not get something different and special that will make people take notice?  Everyone loves receiving things that are one-of-a-kind, and something they might not ever have thought to buy for themselves.  Unique gifts also make great conversation starters!

2.     You know where the products you are buying come from.  When you buy things in a big box store, you most likely have no idea where that product came from, or the story behind it.  It was probably mass produced in a factory some where, and shipped out to thousands of stores around the world.  If you want to buy gifts made in the USA, Etsy is the place to shop!  You can see exactly where your products are made, and you may even get to know the story behind them.

3.     You are supporting a person, not a large corporation.  When you buy from Etsy, you are helping to support regular people like you and me, people with families to take care of, and bills to pay.  You are helping families put food on their table and send their kids to college, not lining the pockets of already rich people even more.

Adelina, from ThreeJaysCrafts on Etsy, is a perfect example of this.  She is a very hard working single mother of 3, who lives just outside of Chicago.  When you buy from her, you are helping her to pay her rent, feed and clothe her children, and keep the utilities on.  Every purchase made in Adelina’s Etsy shop helps to relieve a little bit of the worry that weighs heavily on her mind each day.

4.     You’re paying a fair price.  Do you know how much items are marked up by at big box stores?  The answer just might surprise you.  When you buy from Etsy, you can rest easy knowing that you have paid a fair and reasonable price for the things you purchase.  You are buying directly from the maker of a product, and there is no middle man to inflate the cost.

5.     You can get exactly what you want.  When you shop on Etsy, most shop owners are willing to accommodate you and make whatever it is that you are looking for, if it is not already in their shop.  You can have something personalized just for you.  Now, that’s a service you just will not find in a big box store.

I have purchased several items from Adelina at ThreeJaysCrafts, and she has accommodated my special requests on more than one occasion.  She carries a line of beautiful handmade necklaces, rings, hair accessories, magnets and more, all of which she makes herself.  Adelina takes great pride in her work.  Her prices are extremely reasonable, and she will work hard to make you a happy customer.

Here are a few pieces I recently received from her:





Each of these pieces are beautiful and unique in their own way.  I love having a one of a kind item, handcrafted by someone with incredible talent, who truly cares about their customers.

Adelina’s work has always been excellent, and I would recommend her shop to anyone.  These items make great gifts for friends and family, and it’s nice to treat yourself every once in a while, too!

Love what you see?  Head on over to ThreeJaysCrafts today to take a look at what she has in stock right now!  If you don’t find exactly what it is you’re looking for, send her a message with more details about what you’d like, and she’ll do her best to accommodate you!

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