Oct 292015

This blog post was sponsored by Wounded Warrior Project® for Believe in Heroes but the opinions are all my own.


Support Our Heroes


I come from a large military family. My grandmother, grandfather, several uncles, great aunts and uncles, and cousins have all served in different branches of the military.  Luckily, they have all returned home safe and sound, and uninjured after their active duty tours, but unfortunately, not everyone that serves in the military is so lucky.  Many return with injuries that can cause a great strain on them and their families. 
Those that serve in the military sacrifice so much – spending time with their families, home cooked meals, a warm and comfortable bed, and more – all to protect and serve our country.  When these men and women return home with an injury, either physical or mental, we absolutely need to make sure the are taken care of, as they so deserve to be. 
You may be wondering what you can do to help our wounded warriors, and it’s actually very simple!  Now through November 20, 2015, you can show your support by taking part in the Believe in Heroes campaign in support of Wounded Warrior Project
The Believe in Heroes campaign has raised over $22 million since it was established in 2010.  The funds raised have helped enable the expansion of critical Wounded Warrior Project programs that now directly serve more than 77,000 injured service members and over 13,000 caregivers and families.
This campaign is supported by over 45 of the nation’s leading consumer brands and more than 170 retailers.  Each of these participating brands and retailers help to raise funds through a variety of promotional initiatives.  Brands have made a fixed donation of $1,150,000 to Wounded Warrior Project through the Believe in Heroes campaign this year, and it’s anticipated that this program will raise at least $5,000,000+ in total.  Isn’t that amazing?!


Participating Products Hi-res Image


You can view a complete list of participating brands and retailers here.  Feel free to print and use the shopping list below, and shop to support the brands that support our heroes!
Believe in Heroes


There are so many awesome brands on this list!  I’ll be heading out to do some grocery shopping tomorrow, and I am so excited to be able to show my support for these brands and our heroes.

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