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I love to cook.  I am completely obsessed with it.  I binge-watch cooking shows all the time on Netflix and Hulu, I browse Pinterest on a daily basis looking for new recipes to try, and I spend more time in my kitchen than any other room in my home.  

I would absolutely love to be a chef some day, but for now, I just really enjoy cooking for friends and family in the comfort of my own home.  John and I have started to slowly update our kitchen appliances, beginning with the recent purchase of a new dishwasher from Best Buy.  With all of the cooking I do, I need a dishwasher that’s going to keep up with all of those dirty dishes I make!

I honestly cannot wait until we get a new range for our kitchen.  Ours is really old, and one of our stovetop burners doesn’t even work anymore.  A 3-burner stovetop for a chef-wannabe simply will not do!

I have been eyeing the KitchenAid line of appliances at Best Buy, which includes this really amazing Slide-In Downdraft Range.  This range is really cool because it fits in the traditional freestanding cut-out, but looks more like a built-in.  I love it!  It also offers both electric and dual fuel options, which is pretty fantastic because  I have always wanted to have a gas range.  I love being able to see the flame underneath, and having more control over the temperature my food is cooked at.

KitchenAid range

This range also has Even-Heat™ Technology which gives you flawless results in wall ovens and ranges.  There is even a baking drawer where you can keep your dishes warm, slow cook, or bake at a temperature that’s different than the main oven cavity.  I can’t tell you how many times I have wanted to bake more than one thing at a time, but couldn’t because they needed to be baked at different temperatures.  This would definitely allow me to become more efficient in the kitchen!

In addition, this range also offers exclusive steam rack and steam bake cooking options, which are designed for amazing performance.

This range is definitely at the top of my wish-list!!

While we’re talking about new kitchen appliances, I certainly can’t leave out the refrigerator.  I’m not really a big fan of the refrigerator we have right now.  We bought our house last year, and we still have the refrigerator that came with it.  It is extremely loud, making knocking noises throughout the day and night, and we have never been able to get the light inside to work properly, so it’s almost always dark when we open the refrigerator doors.  It’s not really fun trying to find something in there with no light!  It also doesn’t have any cool features, like an ice machine.

I love the new KitchenAid French Door Refrigerator from Best Buy.  The new 36″ french door bottom mount built-in refrigerator offers a luxury fit, feel and finish, with soft close pantry drawers, new crispers, a platinum interior, and get this – undershelf lighting!!  I bet it’s not hard to find anything in that refrigerator!

KitchenAid Refrigerator

This refrigerator is just stunning, and I love that it has five doors to offer the ultimate in flexibility, organized storage and easier access to food. 

If you’re looking to upgrade your kitchen appliances too, now is a great time because Best Buy is offering some really hot deals on these KitchenAid appliances.  Now through 10/31/15, you can get a free 10-pc Painted Stainless-Steel KitchenAid Cookware Set with the Purchase of Any KitchenAid Range/OTR Pair.

You can also save an additional 5% with the purchase of 3 or more Kitchen Aid major kitchen appliances through 10/31/15.

Best Buy also offers 18 month financing on major appliance purchases of $599 and up or 10% back in rewards, and free delivery, haul-away & recycling on major appliance purchases $399 and up.

When we bought our new dishwasher from Best Buy recently, they delivered the new one to our home, set it up, and took our old one for us.  The service men were so friendly, efficient, and did an excellent job of installing our new dishwasher.  We were so pleased with how easy the whole process was!

Which one of these awesome appliances do you want most??


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  1. Oh my. That fridge. I’m imagining all that I could fit in there!

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