Oct 072015

Has there ever been a time when you ran out of something at the worst possible moment?  I remember one time when I was baking cookies and I ran out of sugar.  I had already mixed up the dry ingredients, and had creamed some butter in my mixer.  I went to the cabinet to get the sugar out, and realized that I did not have enough to finish the recipe.  I quickly ran over to the dish I keep the sugar for my coffee in, hoping that there would be enough in there to finish the recipe, but that was almost empty too.  I couldn’t believe that I had run so low on sugar and not even noticed.

So, there I was, with butter in my mixer, and a bowl full of flour and other dry ingredients sitting on my counter.  I had to load both kids in the car and drive up the street to buy a package of sugar at the corner store.  I was so frustrated and annoyed.  It was a huge inconvenience for me at that moment, and I remember thinking to myself that I would always check to make sure I had enough ingredients on hand BEFORE starting to bake something from then on.

While my little fiasco with the sugar put a damper on my day, it would really be a lot worse if I ever ran out of something more important than that.  Running out of bath tissue, for example, would be just awful, don’t you think?  Especially if it were at a time when I had company over.  Yikes!  I always make sure I keep a huge stash of Scott bath tissue on hand, so I never run into an embarrassing situation.

Scott has at least 600 more sheets per roll than any other National Brand, and now they have added 100 more sheets per roll with their new Scott® 1000 bonus pack, available at Sam’s Club®!   I just love shopping at Sam’s Club®.  They have so many awesome deals, and the cost of a membership certainly pays for itself over and over again. I love being able to buy products I use a lot in bulk, which saves me time and money.

Scott® 1000 bonus pack

This humongous package of bath tissue is already being sold at a bargain of a price, but right now you can save even more on the Scott® 1000 bonus pack when you download the Ibotta app

Ibotta AppAfter you download the Ibotta app, you simply search for Scott®, and it will bring up a deal where you can get $5.00 back on your purchase of the Scott® 1000 bonus pack at Sam’s Club®.  Take a poll and watch a short video to get started.  Then, after you purchase your package of bath tissue, simply scan the barcode and take a photo of your receipt within the Ibotta app.  After your purchase has been verified, you will receive $5.00 in your Ibotta account!

Ibotta App

I stocked my bathroom closet with the Scott® 1000 bonus pack, and I think we will be set for quite a while!  I had previously bought a smaller package of Scott® bath tissue a few weeks ago, and as you can see, I still have quite a lot left from that too.  This bath tissue lasts a long time, and I love not having to worry about running out!

Scott® 1000 bonus pack

What things do you stock up on for your home?

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