9 Ways to Cook Eggs

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Eggs are one of my favorite foods.  I love that there are so many different ways to cook eggs. You can prepare them in whatever way you wish, depending on what kind of mood you’re in.  I like eggs in any way, shape and form, and lately I’ve been really trying to perfect my egg-making skills.

There are a lot of great tips out there on how to perfectly cook eggs, whether you want them scrambled, fried, boiled, poached, in an omelet, etc.  They say that the true test of a great chef is whether or not you can perfectly cook an egg.  Since it’s one of my lifelong dreams to be a chef, or at least an at-home chef, I’ll definitely be practicing with the great tips I found below.

  1. The Genius Tip for Perfect Scrambled Eggs from self.com
  2. How to Make the Perfect Omelet from Favorite Family Recipes
  3. 7 Simple Tips for Perfectly Poached Eggs Every Time from PopSugar
  4. How to Make the Perfect Boiled Egg, Every Time, Every Way from Greatist
  5. How to Fry Eggs – Sunny Side Up or Over Easy from Food Network
  6. How to Bake Eggs in the Oven from The Kitchn
  7. How to Make Steam Basted Eggs from safeeggs.com
  8. Eggs Benedict from Sally’s Baking Addiction
  9. How to Make a Perfect Frittata: Rules to Follow and Mistakes to Avoid from bon appetit

With so many different ways to cook eggs, which is your favorite?


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