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With Mother’s Day fast approaching, I can’t help but think back to the moment I found out that I was going to be a Mom.  Here I sit, 2.5 years later, and not only am I a Mom, but I’m a Mom to two children!  


I always knew in my heart that I wanted to be a Mom.  I grew up surrounded by dozens of little baby dolls that I cared for as if they were real.  When I became a teenager, I always jumped at the chance to babysit, especially for the littlest babies.  I just had that motherly instinct inside of me, and an overwhelming desire to have children of my own.

When my husband, John, and I, first decided that we were going to try to have a baby, I was really excited, but also very anxious.  I had prepared for this moment my entire life, but would I really be a good Mom? 

It took us a whole year for me to get pregnant with our daughter, Kayleigh.  I was honestly beginning to think it just wasn’t in the cards for us to have children, until I had all of these pregnancy symptoms show up one day.  At that point, I just knew, I was pregnant. 

I remember taking the test to confirm my pregnancy like it was just yesterday.  I told John that we should pick up a test, because I just couldn’t shake this feeling that I was pregnant.  He didn’t think I was.  At all.  But, I insisted.  We went to the drugstore together to pick up a Clearblue Digital Pregnancy Test, both really nervous as we stood in line to purchase it. 

We had bought the test 2 days before my birthday, and my 2 sisters were coming to visit me the next day.  I knew that if I found out I was for sure pregnant, I would not be able to keep it from them.  I cannot keep a straight face at all.  I am so horrible at that.  My parents were in Chicago for a whole month, and I wanted to be able to tell them the news in person, and my sisters are not known for keeping secrets very well. 

So, I stashed the test away until the morning of my 31st birthday.  I woke up bright and early at around 6am, and rushed downstairs to the bathroom to take the test.  I quietly closed the door, so I wouldn’t wake John up.  I read the instructions very carefully, did my business, and then sat there, waiting for what seemed like forever.  When the results finally appeared in the window, and I saw the word Pregnant, I couldn’t believe it.  I knew my life was about to change forever.


I ran back upstairs to our bedroom to tell John the news, and he was still half asleep when I told him.  He didn’t really understood what I had said at first, but once he finally came around and it sunk it, he was very excited.

We were both over the moon after finding out that I was pregnant, but we had to hide it from everyone we knew for a whole month while my parents were away.  It was complete torture, especially when I spoke with my Mom on the phone.  I wanted to tell her so badly, but I knew that if I told her while she was so far away, that she would become very homesick, besides, I really wanted to see the expression on her face when I told her the news.  She had been longing to be a grandmother for years!

When my parents finally came home from Chicago, John and I went to visit them, and to share the news.  After dinner, we were all sitting in the living room.  I handed a gift bag to my parents, and asked them to open it.  They didn’t realize that I was secretly filming them with my camera. 

As they opened the package, they pulled out a small silver picture frame, with baby footprints all over it.  My Mom wasn’t wearing her glasses and didn’t even notice.  She also couldn’t read the paper that I had typed up and put inside, announcing to them that they were going to be grandparents.

So, she put the picture frame down, and went into the kitchen to grab her glasses.  I was absolutely dying inside!  She came back in, put her glasses on, and then held the picture frame up so that she and my Dad could read it.  The look on their faces was priceless.  They lit up with more joy than I had ever seen on them, and then they kept asking us if we were joking!  I assured them that we were definitely not joking, and they were so excited.

pregnancy pic

Things went a little differently the second time around.  After Kayleigh’s 1st birthday party, John and I decided that we were ready to try for another baby.  Knowing how long it took us to get pregnant the first time, we really weren’t expecting it to happen any time soon.  Only, the very next month, my period was 4 days late!  That never happens.  So, I had John pick up a test for me on his way home from work.  There was no waiting in line at the drugstore together, as nervous as we could be.

He came home with the test, handed it to me, and I ran into the bathroom, not even closing the door behind me to take the test. 

John and Kayleigh were both sitting at the dinner table together, as I ripped the test out of the box, no instructions needed this time, and took the test.  As I waited for the results to appear on the window, I was not nervous at all.  I honestly didn’t think I was pregnant this time.  Not so soon.  It had only been a month!  So, imagine my complete surprise, when the word “Pregnant” once again appeared on the window of the Clearblue Digital Pregnancy Test. 

I instantly yelled from the bathroom “Oh my God.  You didn’t!”  I came running out with the test in my hand, in shock, and John was just sitting there at the table with a grin so big on his face.  After it finally sunk in, I was really happy, and I immediately texted a photo of the positive pregnancy test to my Mom, eagerly waiting for her response.  This was her fourth grandchild, and she was a pro at receiving the news by now, so I didn’t feel like I had to wait to tell her in person again.

I waited, and waited and waited for her to respond, but she didn’t.  So, I ended up calling her to see if she had gotten the photo.  One of my sisters answered her phone when I called.  They were apparently on the road together, taking a rather long drive, and my Mom had not seen the text yet.  I told my sister to look at the text I just sent and she yelled out “You’re pregnant?!”  Then, I heard my Mom scream very loudly in the background.  She was absolutely thrilled to become a grandmother once again.

I am so glad that I captured the moment my parents found out they were going to be grandparents on video.  It is a memory that we will all cherish forever, and watching it makes me so warm and happy inside.

I love watching videos of other people telling their friends and family they are pregnant, too.  Some of them are just so funny, and others are so heartwarming. This video montage from Clearblue made me laugh and smile, and I think you will enjoy it too!

How did you tell your friends and family you were expecting?  What was their reaction?

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