Apr 262015

I received free product/compensation as part of a promotional program with Gerber/Mom Select.  All thoughts and opinions are my own.

My daughter, Kayleigh, is turning 2 next month, and let me tell you, the “terrible two’s” have been in full force for months now.  She is such a smart little cookie, with a huge personality, and she knows exactly what she wants.  When she doesn’t get her way, it’s not so pleasant around here.

Mealtimes are especially difficult in this house.  Kayleigh is just like her Dad, in that she is a very picky eater.  One day she will love something we ate, and then she will hate it the next time we have it.  She is just a petite little thing, having been in the 5th percentile for weight every single time we have seen the pediatrician, so I am always concerned about her eating habits, and hoping that she is getting enough nutrients.

During those times when she refuses to eat anything I make for her, I know I can still have a “Win-Win Moment” with Gerber Graduates.  Kayleigh has been eating Gerber Graduates since she was about 7 or 8 months old, and still loves them.  Yogurt Melts are her absolute favorite, and she will eat an entire bag in one sitting if I let her!

Gerber Graduates

The Gerber Graduates line of snacks was designed for the developmental and nutritional needs at each stage, from Crawler to Toddler 2+.  There are lots of different varieties of Gerber Graduates to choose from.  In addition to the Yogurt Melts, Kayleigh enjoys the Puffs, Grabbers, lil’ Crunchies,  Bitty Bites, lil’ Whoos and more.  We always keep a stash on hand, as they are great for eating at home, or on the go.

Gerber Graduates


Now through April 30, 2015, when you purchase 10 Gerber Graduates products, you can get a FREE Gerber Graduates Gift Set, valued at $11.98!

Gerber Graduates Gift Set

After you make your purchase, simply visit https://www.gerberwinwin.com/, upload a photo of your receipt (all 10 products must be on the same receipt), and request your free gift set!  I have already requested mine, and the process was super easy!

Gerber Graduates

Do you have a picky eater?


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