Dec 012014

I participated in an Influencer Activation on behalf of Influence Central for Charmin. I received product samples and a promotional item to thank me for my participation.

John and I love our new home.  It’s small, but cozy, and we have an ENORMOUS yard, which is awesome for entertaining.  We’ve already had a couple of very large parties here this year – one in the Spring for Kayleigh’s 1st birthday party, and one in September when we got married, right in our back yard. 

We had between 20 and 30 people at our home during each of those parties, and everyone had to share our ONE bathroom.  Yes, that’s right.  We only have ONE bathroom.  If our one toilet goes down, that would put us in quite a predicament!  On top of that, we are on a private septic system, so if anything happens to it, we are responsible for figuring out what’s wrong and paying to have it fixed.  That’s one expense I don’t ever want to have to face.

With the holidays coming up, we are planning to have guests at our home once again.  As part of my preparation for having guests over, I have stocked up on Charmin toilet paper, which is the only toilet paper that comes with a clog-free and septic safe guarantee.   If your toilet clogs from Charmin toilet tissue you can get your money back.  Charmin is so gentle on your septic system, that Roto-Rooter plumbers recommend it more than any other brand! 


Roto-Rooter is America’s largest provider of plumbing & drain services, so you can be sure they know their stuff.  I feel a lot better knowing that my toilet isn’t going to clog in the middle of my holiday party.  How embarrassing would that be?!  I would be so mortified!

Another thing I love about Charmin, is that they offer a variety of toilet paper to suit your family’s needs.  I prefer the Ultra Soft, as I use toilet paper to remove makeup, to blow my nose, and Kayleigh’s nose, and we’ll be getting ready to start potty training Kayleigh soon, too, so a toilet paper that’s soft enough for her is a must!  My husband John, well, he likes the Ultra Strong variety.

Did you know that with Charmin Ultra Soft and Ultra Strong you can use up to 4X less toilet tissue?!  With so many guests using the toilet paper, it can disappear pretty quickly, and no one wants to have to run out to the store in the middle of their party to get more toilet paper!  So, stock up on Charmin, and you won’t have to worry about running out as quickly as those other brands, because a little goes a long way!

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