Nov 252014

I participated in a campaign on behalf of Influence Central for TruGreen. I received a promotional item as a thank you for participating.TruGreen LogoAs many of you already know, John and I bought our first house earlier this year.  Our house sits on a little over 2 acres, and has a huge front and back yard.  We absolutely love having a big yard.  It provides us with privacy, a great space for entertaining family and friends, a place for our kids to safely run around and play in, lots of room for gardening, and so much more.  The photos below show a large portion of our front and back yard, but there is even more that I didn’t take photos of!

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Front Yard

Since this is our first house, and we have always rented before, we really don’t know anything about lawn care, and we have a HUGE lawn to take care of!  I have a cousin who is a professional landscaper, and I often bug him with my questions.

Back Yard

I was so happy to receive this awesome infographic from TruGreen, packed full of tips to prepare your lawn for winter.  We live in Maine, so I just know that we are going to get a ton of snow, and I’d really like for our lawn not to look all dead and ugly when it finally melts in the spring.  We already had one storm this month that dropped a foot of snow in our yard.  Luckily, it melted within a few days, but we are due for another big storm tomorrow evening!

Tips to Prepare Your Lawn for WinterOur lawn was already mowed short to prevent mold, but we have now cleared the leaves from our lawn, so they don’t suffocate our grass, removed the thatch (I didn’t know it was called this. Did you??) from around our plants and trees, so our roots are not deprived of water and nutrients, and used wind breaks on our most fragile plants to prevent winter injury and mold.

I  learned so much from these tips from TruGreen, and I hope they will help you prepare your lawn for winter too!

Did you know that you can sign up for TruGreen lawn care service now so that TruGreen specialists will already have you in the system and be out on your lawn at the first sign of spring?  Follow TruGreen on Facebook and Twitter for more tips and information.

What steps do you take to prepare your lawn for winter?

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