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Christmas is only a month away!  Can you believe that?!  I’m finally just getting around to starting my holiday shopping, and this year, my strategy is to shop ONLINE! 

I’m not big on crowds, especially now that I’m 26 weeks pregnant, and have a toddler that goes everywhere with me too.  Going out to shop in a crowded store just doesn’t sound like a fun day to me at all.  I’d rather shop from home, sitting on the couch in my pj’s, while relaxing and watching some TV.  I don’t have to get Kayleigh all bundled up to go outside, mess around with getting her in and out of her car seat multiple times, and be on my feet for hours at a time.  Not only is online shopping much more comfortable for me, but I actually end up saving a lot of time, and money too!

5 Ways I Save Money by Shopping Online

1)  Comparison Shopping – When you shop online, you can browse tons of different stores all at the same time, easily allowing you to find the best price on whatever it is you are looking for.

2)  Item out of stock? Find it at another store! – Have you ever gone to a store to buy a specific item, only to find it was sold out when you got there?  That is so frustrating!  Then you have to drive around to different stores trying to find that same item in stock.  Well, when you shop online, if one store doesn’t have the item you want in stock, you simply browse to another store to find that item.

3)  Coupon Codes – There are so many great coupon codes out there to help you save money on your online purchases.

4)  Cash Back – Oh, I absolutely love getting cash back on my purchases!  Those rebate checks always seem to arrive in my mailbox when I need them the most.

5)  Free Shipping – When shopping online, there’s one thing you really have to watch out for, and that is shipping costs!  Those can really hit your wallet hard if you are not careful.  Free shipping is where it’s at!

I recently signed up for an account at, and they offer all 5 of the above ways to save money on my purchases, right in one convenient place.  They have over 1400 retail partners to choose from, offer free shipping and returns, coupon codes, and 10% cash back!  They also offer price protection that pays members the difference in price if they purchase an item and find it advertised for less within 90 days!FreeShipping.comThe search tool on instantly compares the prices of any of over 100 million items sold by their 10% cash-back retailers, so members can get the best possible deal.  How awesome is that?!  What a time saver!

I am hoping to get Kayleigh a doll stroller for Christmas this year.  She has been playing with her baby doll so much lately, and with me having another baby in March, I think this would be the perfect gift for her.  She loves to copy whatever it is that I am doing, so I just know she will have a blast pushing her baby doll around in a stroller.

I typed “doll stroller” into the search box, and 32 results came back, all with a photo and price for me to compare.  I am in love with this search box already!!

Doll Stroller

Getting money back is really easy with  It only takes two steps!

Shipping Rebates will be offering 20% cash back at five different retailers per day from Black Friday (November 28) through Cyber Monday (December 1).  Just some of the participating retailers include Walmart, QVC, Sears, Children’s Place, Gap, and Nordstrom!

Cash Back

At the end of every calendar quarter, tallies up each individual member’s cash-back earning over the previous three months and send them a check for all their earnings in that time span.

Are you ready to try yet?  Sign up today, and you’ll get 30 days free when you use coupon code HOLIDAY2014!  After your free trial runs out, you’ll also receive a discounted monthly membership rate of $9.95/month.

I can’t wait to do my Black Friday shopping online this year!

I was selected for this opportunity as a member of Clever Girls and the content and opinions expressed here are all my own.

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