Nov 112014

I participated in an Influencer Activation on behalf of Mom Central Consulting for CaringBridge. I received product a promotional item to thank me for my participation.

CaringBridge LogoMy Dad struggled with a debilitating autoimmune disease for several years.  Two years ago, he had a stem cell transplant, and even though he is still recovering from the damage that the autoimmune disease did to his nerves, he is feeling a lot better, and making great progress every day. 

During my Dad’s illness, it became so hard to watch him struggle to do even the simplest of tasks.  He was always such a strong, hard working man, and he could no longer do every day things we take for granted, simply because his body wouldn’t allow him to.  He began to lose all hope.

Maintaining hope and resolve and resolve during a health journey can be a daily struggle, but CaringBridge provides an opportunity for a much deeper, more intimate level of communication, where people can connect through the healing power of words.

As my Dad grew sicker, I turned to the internet to seek out information about his illness.  I met a woman who had struggled with the same disease.  She had just had a stem cell transplant, and was on her way to recovery.  She provided me with information to get my Dad into the clinical trial research program for the stem cell transplant, and most importantly support, encouragement and hope through her kind words.  Sometimes just talking to someone can do amazing things.  If I hadn’t met that woman online, I don’t know where my Dad would be in his health journey right now.

CaringBridge launched in 1997, so that people could start a free website and remain connected to their family and friends and receive support when they needed it most.  CaringBridge has been instrumental for millions in navigating an emotional journey.

Could someone in your life (family member, friend or neighbor) benefit from starting a CaringBridge website? Share this post with them and include a note of love, hope and compassion. Learn more at

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