Take the Paws4Life Pledge with Me!

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Oct 092014

This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of Purina®. All opinions are 100% mine.


I’ve had pets in my life for as long as I remember, whether it was my childhood dog, Bo, or one of the many cats I have taken in and cared for throughout my lifetime.

John and I currently have two cats, Maggie and Pablo. Even though they can be troublemakers once in a while, they bring us love and joy every single day. Pablo loves to lay on top of our feet. I think that is his way of “protecting” us, and Maggie, well, she loves to climb on our laps and knead our legs to death. They are both very loving and affectionate.

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Did you know that pets have proven to increase health and happiness while promoting socialization, patience and motivation? It makes complete sense if you think about it. I’ve read many stories about hospitals and nursing homes that have resident dogs or cats to help cheer up patients. Pets are wonderful companions. They give their love without ever asking for anything in return, they don’t judge, and they make for great cuddle buddies!

Pets bring so much to our daily lives, the least we can do as pet owners is return a small piece of the favor. Sam’s Club wants to help increase the health of every member and their pets!

Purina® and Sam’s Club have teamed up to host the Paws 4 Life Pledge. Purina® prides itself on producing healthy, nutritious pet food products, providing all the nutrients your pets need. John and I have always fed Purina® to our two cats. They love the food, and are happy and healthy! Sam’s Club is a great place to purchase your Purina® cat food! As a Sam’s Club member, we save a lot of money on gas and groceries throughout the year, and I love being able to buy the things I love in bulk!

You can go online and take the pledge to live a healthier lifestyle, and give your pet one too! After all, a happy pet is a healthy pet!

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Will you take the Paws4Life Pledge with me?

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