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I love my cats, but they can be finicky eaters.  That’s why I was thrilled at the opportunity to try out Fancy Feast® Broths as a part of this sponsored post program.

I’ve realized that I’ve been writing this blog for quite a while now, and I haven’t ever introduced you to my cats.  Well, that’s about to change!  They are a huge part of my family, after all. 

My cats mean a great deal to me.  John and I have had both of them since they were just little kittens.  We have watched them grow over the last several years, and they are like kids to us.  They have enriched our lives in so many ways and continue to bring us happiness each and every day.  

Maggie and Pablo

Meet my cats:


Name:  Maggie, a/k/a Maggie Mae, Maggie Moo,  Mags

Age:  8 years old next month

Indoor or Outdoor Cat:  Indoor

Likes:  Loves to climb (on EVERYTHING!), cuddling, playing with toys

Dislikes:  Does not like to have her belly rubbed!

What to Watch Out For:  Maggie loves to steal people’s drinks when they aren’t looking!


 Name:  Pablo, a/k/a Buddy

Age:  Turned 4 this month.

Indoor or Outdoor:  Indoor

Likes:  TREATS.  This guy is a little treat beggar.  He’ll do just about anything to get some treats, and he tries to steal Maggie’s! 

Dislikes:  Cuddling and petting is only acceptable on HIS terms.  He will come to you when he wants some loving, otherwise, stay away.

What to Watch Out For:  Pablo has a foot and shoe fetish.  If you’re sitting down in our home, he  may come over and plop his whole body down right on top of your feet, making it difficult, if not impossible for you to move.

While my cats have very different personalities, there is one thing they have in common.  They are both very picky eaters.  It’s hard to find something that they both like to eat.  

I was really excited to try giving them Fancy Feast® Broths.  Fancy Feast® Broths are a delicious combination of delectable broth with real seafood and veggies.  I was pleasantly surprised at just how appetizing they looked, and thought for sure that my cats would enjoy them.  A lot of cat foods out there look like unrecognizable mush, but not this.  I could actually see the chunks of seafood and vegetables, so I know exactly what they are eating.

Fancy Feast Broths

I love that the broths are carefully crafted without by-products or fillers, as I want only the best for my kitties.  The pouches are also very easy to open, unlike some of those cans out there, and they are perfectly portioned and ready-to-pour, which makes my hungry kitties very happy!

There are 8 varieties of Fancy Feast® Broths, and they feature either a Classic Silky or Creamy Broth.  My cats went crazy over the Fancy Feast® Broths, just as I had thought they would.  As I was pouring the pouch into bowls for them, they were both right under my feet looking up at me in anticipation.  They both licked their bowls clean, and appeared to be completely satisfied after.  

Take a minute to watch the cute video below.  I think all of us cat owners can relate to just how picky, and hard to please our cats can be. 

What’s most important to you when choosing special tasty treats for your cat?

This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf Fancy Feast®.

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