Jul 192014

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After moving into our new home in May, I noticed a funky smell coming from the kitchen faucet.  We have well water now, and even though the water tested fine during our home inspection, I just don’t trust it.  We are still learning about all this new homeowner stuff, but I have a feeling in my gut that some part of the water system needs servicing.  I have heard that well water has an odor to it, but I have lived in other homes with a private well before, and didn’t notice the smell this much.

We replaced our kitchen faucet a few weeks ago, hoping that might help with the problem, but the smell still lingered.  I really don’t want my family to be drinking smelly tap water, so we buy bottled water for drinking instead.

Nestle Bottled Water

Staying hydrated is especially important during these hot summer months, so we keep a pretty big stash of bottled water around.  Kayleigh and I often spend the day outside, swinging and playing in her little pool.  I always keep plenty of bottled water in the refrigerator, so we can step inside for a few minutes and cool off with a refreshing drink.

Nestle Pure Life Water

We have been on the go a lot as well this summer, so it’s really easy and convenient to just grab a few bottles of water to take with us before we hit the road. 

Nestle Pure Life Water

Nestlé® Pure Life® is giving me yet another reason to stock up on my bottled water supply this summer.  The Nestlé® Pure Life® Drink Better. Live Better.™ Rewards program allows me to turn my bottled water purchases into cool rewards like coupons for more bottled water, Amazon.com gift cards, a soccer ball, lunchbox, sport chair, scooter, tickets to Universal Studios, Hollywood, a $100.00 Apple gift card, or even a one year supply of bottled water!

 photo M2_NPL_Rewards_DBLB_Promo_Logo_UampL_RGBJPG_zps2b7d24f5.jpg

Just look for these specially marked packages of Nestlé® Pure Life® at Walmart, and then you can sign up for the rewards program at NestlePureLifeRewards.com.

Nestle Pure Life Rewards

Signing up for the rewards program was super quick and easy, and I was on my way to earning some great rewards!

Nestle Pure Life Rewards

In addition to earning points for purchasing Nestlé® Pure Life® Water, points can be earned in many additional ways, such as taking surveys, watching videos, and inviting friends to join the program through social networks, like Facebook.

Nestle Pure Life Rewards

I have a lot of friends and family that drink bottled water, so I was happy to share this great rewards program with them. 
Nestle Pure Life Rewards

Between my bottled water purchase and the extras I did, I’m already up to 82 reward points!

Check out this adorable short video from Nestlé® Pure Life®.  Isn’t it super cute?  I can’t wait to see the things Kayleigh comes up with when she’s a bit older.    You’ve gotta love kids and their wild imaginations!

The Nestlé® Pure Life® Drink Better. Live Better.™ Rewards program ends on 9/30/14, so make sure you stock up on bottled water soon!

What will you redeem your Nestlé® Pure Life® points for?

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