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When I first brought Kayleigh home from the hospital, I was absolutely terrified to let her sleep in her crib in her own room.  I was so afraid that she would somehow fall out of her crib, or worse, stop breathing in the middle of the night.  She slept in the same room with John and me until she was about 8 months old, and then we finally, and hesitantly, transitioned her into her crib in her own room.

Those first couple of weeks that Kayleigh slept in her own room were absolute torture for me.  I was so used to listening to her breathe, and hearing every toss and turn she made throughout the night as I laid in bed.   We keep our bedroom doors closed at night to keep the cats out, and I kept imagining the worst happening to her, as she slept in that room all by herself.

Kayleigh is now 13 months old, and even though I have loosened up a bit, I still want to keep an eye on her while she sleeps.  She is at the age now where she is standing up on her own, and exploring the world around her.  I am very fearful that she might try to escape her crib sometime, and could fall and hurt herself in the process.  John’s cousin’s son climbed out of his crib last year, and broke his arm.  I want to try and prevent that same thing, or something worse, from happening to Kayleigh.

The VTech Safe & Sound Baby Monitor has been an absolute blessing for me.  Now, I can hear every sound Kayleigh makes, and see her too, even though she’s in her own room. 

VTech Safe & Sound Baby Monitor

The VTech Safe & Sound Baby Monitor is top of the line, and has many great features that I love, including:

Pan & Tilt – The camera pans up to 270 degrees side-to-side and tilts as many as 124 degrees up and down, so you can watch as your little one moves about.  Need more detail (like, is her chest still rising and falling???)?  The camera zooms up to 2x!  This is such a great feature, and one that will become more useful as your child grows older and is on the go more.

Infrared LED – You can watch your baby at night without disturbing them.

Multiple Viewing Options – You can choose between single view (one camera only), split view (cycles through cameras on single view before stopping on split view) or patrol mode (single view that transitions to a different camera every 7 seconds).  You can keep an eye on as many as 4 rooms at once!  This would be great if you have multiple children, or to keep an eye on your child as they play in other rooms of the house.

Full-Motion Video & Large Color Screen – The picture on this video camera is very clear, with up to 25 frames per second. 

Temperature Indicator – This is one of my favorite features.  There is a temperature indicator on the parent unit that lets you know if baby is too hot or too cold.  Living in Maine, the temperatures rise and fall very drastically in just a short period of time.  Today, for instance, it was in the high 80’s, and it fell to the low 50’s by 8:00PM.

Talk-Back Intercom – You can talk to your baby from any room in the house with the built-in intercom on the portable parent unit.  How cool is that?!  Quite often when Kayleigh stands up in her crib, she just wants to be comforted back to sleep.  She loves hearing my voice talk to her through the intercom.

This is a baby monitor that will grow with your child.  I am planning to purchase an additional camera to put in Kayleigh’s playroom, so I can keep an eye on her while she plays in there by herself.  Not only will this allow me to make sure she is safe & sound, but it will also allow me to watch her most precious moments.  I can’t wait to catch a glimpse of her dancing around, singing silly songs, playing with her dolls, etc.  I can’t imagine missing out on all of those cute little moments, and now I won’t have to!

VTech Safe & Sound Baby Monitor

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What is your favorite feature of the VTech Safe & Sound Baby Monitor?




  36 Responses to “VTech Safe & Sound Baby Monitor Review”

  1. What a neat monitor! I think my favorite feature would be the zoom feature.

  2. That sounds like an amazing monitor. I would have loved that when my boys were babies.

    • I wish video monitors like this had been around when I had my kids. They always seemed to be getting into some sort of trouble when they should have been asleep.

  3. WE need something like this so bad! Thank you for the info and review!

  4. This is an awesome product. No more having to get up to check on the baby.

  5. This monitor looks great, when my daughter was a baby we just used the one with sound. I would have loved to have this!

  6. The talk back feature makes this the coolest monitor around. Plus you could use it for so many things…the older kids in the other room fighting…you could correct them without having to go into that room. I have always enjoyed Vtech products.

  7. That is a sweet baby monitor! Man things have really changed since I had a baby monitor. the last one I had; I thought I was special cause it had TWO hand units. I would seriously love a video monitor next time!

  8. That is so cool – I love that it has a color screen

  9. I am sure it gives you great comfort to be able to see Kayleigh when she is not in your room. Little ones can be so very clever.

  10. Great screen- looks so clear! My favorite feature is that you can talk to your child through the monitor! I wish ours had that now, despite all those horror stories of people’s monitors getting hacked. Sometimes I know my toddler doesn’t need me, just needs to hear my voice, but without that feature, I have to get out of bed :(

  11. I love that it pan and tilts by remote control! Oh, and the talk back feature. My kids are older so I use it for disciplinary tact! :)

  12. Oh the talk-back feature is GREAT! I wish they had had these when my kids were little.

  13. I don’t know what I did before life with a video monitor! Super cool that you can control it with a remote!

  14. Love the video feed. I think that I’d like to get one for when the younger grand kids come and stay.
    I hate having them on the other side of the house, or upstairs, but we all sleep better when they aren’t in the bedroom with us!

  15. Ugh, I am so upset that this was not around when my little ones were babies. I would have loved this. It seems to have some amazing features, so I might have to get it for my little sister, who is due to be induced tomorrow – YAY!

  16. My BFF had one kind of like this with her babies. It was such peace of mind to watch the kids from the living room, knowing they were okay, while we chatted during their naps.

  17. This looks like a great monitor. The temperature sensor is so nice so you know how warm/cool baby is getting.

  18. My favourite feature would definitely be the tilt option becuase the two video monitors I own do not move at all. I can totally see that being a great feature that I wish mine had.

  19. This baby monitor is amazing. Who would have thought that a monitor would have infrared and a temperature indicator?

  20. I would have loved this when my boys were younger. Wonder if I should get one to just keep tabs on what they are doing downstairs….

  21. I love the pan & tilt – as a Twin mom who had 2 cribs in the room, this feature is a must-have!! No-ne should have to buy and worry about 2 monitors for one room!

  22. I wish we had something like this when my kids were babies. I found it such a struggle to only listen and not be able to see. How did parents do it before these monitors? LOL!

  23. Absolutely LOVE this camera and monitor!! It was SO nice when my little one was a baby baby and I worried about SIDS. I could literally watch her breathe. A little crazy of me, but it gave me the sanity I needed! :)

  24. This seems to have all the bells and whistles. Real peace of mind for parents.

  25. I want one of these! It looks so cool and would ease my mind and help me to sleep better if I could glance at it while I’m in bed.

  26. I totally need one of these! I love how little it is!

  27. What a great monitor, wish they had this cool technology when my munchkins were little… Amazing the things we have now… totally will keep the peace of mind for parents. Thanks for sharing, will have to look it up will make a great baby shower gift for new parents

  28. Love my V-Tech baby monitor, this one looks wonderful! Every parent should have one!

  29. I’m like that too brining a baby home. Wish I could say it get’s better after the first…. lol.

  30. You could use this for so much more than keeping an eye on a sleeping baby! Great camera for older kids, pets…

  31. I love VTech monitors. I had the older version and it was great. It still works!

  32. My daughter is due in September, I am looking at monitors, would actually love to review some before buying a monitor for her, when I had kids we did not have monitors, so aging myself.

  33. I will get one of these next time I have a child!

  34. This is such a great monitor! I think my older kids would love to play with it.

  35. This is so cool. Beats my cheapo monitor.

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