Jun 222014


John and I were in the grocery store the other day picking up s’mores ingredients, and I saw these absolutely adorable Patriotic Peeps.  With the 4th of July coming right up, I just had to have them!  What’s more fun than Peep s’mores, right?

These Peeps are Vanilla Creme flavored, and they are soooo delicious, especially when melted and sandwiched between a crisp graham cracker and a warm & melty Hershey’s bar. 

To dress the s’mores up even more, I added red, white and blue icing (I used store bought) on the top graham cracker, and topped them with another Peep!  How cute are these??

If you want, you could even use more chocolate on top instead of icing!

Patriotic Peep S'mores

Inspired by www.marshmallowpeeps.com.


Graham Crackers
Hershey’s Chocolate Bars
Patriotic Peeps (Click here to find a store near you that sells them.)
Red, white and blue icing, or red, white and blue melted chocolate


1. Break the graham crackers in half, so that you now have two squares.

2. Melt the Peep over a fire or low heat. 

3. Layer the marshmallow over a square of chocolate, with the graham cracker square on the bottom.

4. Top the s’more with the second graham cracker square and decorate with icing, or drizzle melted chocolate on top.

5. Top off with a Peep and add sprinkles if you want.

Will you celebrate the 4th with these Patriotic Peep S’mores?

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