Jun 192014

You’ll absolutely love this Spicy Cream Cheese Apricot Spread!

I was in the grocery store the other day, and found myself in the jam aisle.  I was tired of getting my usual strawberry jam, so I decided to pick up a jar of apricot preserves instead.

I think it’s been years since I have had apricot jam.  I had a little bit on my toast the next day, and it was everything I had hoped it would be – sweet, refreshing and delicious. There’s just something so enjoyable about savoring the flavor of apricots on a hot summer day.

I kept craving that apricot jam all week, but I didn’t really want more toast, so I decided to make a Spicy Cream Cheese Apricot Spread instead. Sweet apricot preserves, paired with cool cream cheese and spicy jalapenos, is a delicious spread for crackers or a crusty loaf of bread! It’s a perfect balance between spicy and sweet.

This recipe for Spicy Cream Cheese Apricot Spread is super easy.  There are only three ingredients.  Those are my favorite kinds of recipes, the ones you can just whip up in a couple of minutes, without having to fill a shopping cart at the grocery store.

This spread would be great to serve at a summer party! If you have jalapenos growing in your garden, take advantage and make this amazing spread!

Spicy Cream Cheese Apricot Spread


8 oz. cream cheese
10 oz. apricot preserves
1 jalapeno (remove seeds and dice)


Allow cream cheese and preserves to soften for a bit on the counter. Once softened, mix together until smooth and creamy.  Stir in diced jalapeno. Chill for at least a few hours before serving. This Spicy Cream Cheese Apricot Spread tastes amazing on buttery Ritz crackers!

Let me know if you try this delicious Spicy Cream Cheese Apricot Spread! 


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