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Living in Maine all my life, I’ve had my fair share of lobster rolls.  A whole slew of Maine restaurants, and especially those located right on the coast, have lobster rolls on their menu to attract swarms of tourists looking for that Maine delicacy.  Any true Mainer knows that not all lobster rolls are created equal, however.

I’ve had lobster rolls with lettuce.  I’ve had lobster rolls with diced celery or scallions.  I’ve had lobster rolls that were just dripping with butter or mayonnaise.  I’ve even had lobster rolls loaded with lemon juice, salt and pepper (ewww).  While some people may find these lobster rolls enjoyable, they just don’t do it for me.  I much prefer the simplicity of the Traditional Maine Lobster Roll. Lobster meat is so delicious on its own, that there is simply no need to add all that extra junk to it!

A Traditional Maine Lobster Roll is very simple, just like the people that call this state home.  We aren’t fancy or sophisticated, and neither is our lobster roll. A lightly toasted hot dog bun, juicy chunks of lobster and  just a tiny bit of mayo are all you need to create the Traditional Maine Lobster Roll.

While you can find the Traditional Maine Lobster Roll in restaurants around the state, it is much cheaper just to make them yourself. Boiling lobster at home can get a bit messy and smelly, but it’s so worth the reward.  If you want to make lobster rolls at home, but are a bit too skiddish to boil them yourself, most grocery stores will boil the lobsters for you, so all you have to do is go home and take the meat out of them.

You can purchase either soft shell or hard shell lobsters.  Soft shell lobsters are usually cheaper because they have less meat than hard shell lobsters.  They are also much easier to get the meat out of, and the meat is more tender also.  I prefer soft shell over hard shell.

How to Make a Traditional Maine Lobster Roll


Four 1 1/2 lb. soft shell lobsters
Four Hot Dog Buns

Four ingredients.  That’s it!


1.  You must first boil your lobsters (or buy them from the store already boiled).  Here is a good tutorial on how to boil a lobster.

2.  After your lobsters are cooked, you will have to get the meat out of them.  This can be a bit tricky for a first timer, so here’s a great tutorial on how to crack a lobster.

3.  After you get the meat out of the lobster, tear it into smaller chunks, but not too small.  I do not recommend cutting it up with a knife, as I really prefer that shredded texture you get when you tear it instead.

4.  Put your lobster meat into a bowl, add just a bit of mayo – enough to lightly coat the lobster, and that’s it.  You don’t want to overpower the lobster with mayo.  Start with a very small amount, and see where that gets you.  You can always add more if you need to, but you can’t take it out if you’ve put too much in.

5.  Butter both sides of your hot dog rolls and brown them on a griddle.

6.  Stuff your hot dog rolls with your lobster meat, and enjoy!  Serve with fries or plain potato chips.

What’s your favorite way to eat a Maine lobster roll?  Are you traditional, or do you like to add extras?

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