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I left the work force one year ago, after being employed as a full-time Paralegal for more than 13 years.  It’s hard to believe that a whole year has already flown by!

Even though it’s only been a year since I had a job outside of the house, I feel very out of touch with the outside world, and the thought of re-entering the work force scares me.

I was at my last job for more than 10 years, so it’s been a very long time since I have had to prepare a resume, apply for jobs, and go through the interview process.  I feel like I’m fresh out of college again, inexperienced and nervous.

Will You Be Re-Entering the Work Force Soon?

Mom Corps YOU knows how intimidating it can be to re-enter the work force, so they have made a whole slew of resources available for Moms like me who are thinking about re-entering the work force.  Mom Corps YOU is an online community launched by Mom Corps, a national award-winning professional talent acquisition and career development firm ,so they really know their stuff!

Mom Corps YOU offers tools to help you:

  • Revamp your resume
  • Build your personal brand
  • Answer questions about your time out of the work force
  • Find a position that will work with your flexibility needs
  • Reignite your career

Mom Corps YOU Resume Guide

Did you know that the average resume is read in only 10 seconds??  That means you better have a super impressive resume!  Mom Corps YOU has a great ‘Resumes That Get Results’ guide to help you prepare an effective resume.  The key is to keep it simple, to the point and easily understood.

Re-entering the work force

One of the tips I found most useful, was to share what you have accomplished in your various roles, instead of simply listing your job duties.  I would have never thought to do this, but it does sound like a great way to impress potential employers and show them what you are capable of doing.

Mom Corps YOU Webinars

I’ve had the pleasure of watching several of the webinars available on Mom Corps YOU over the last few months, and the most recent one I watched was called ‘How to Build Your Personal Brand’.  As a blogger, I found this webinar extremely helpful.  There are many bloggers out there who have established their brand, and are very well-known and popular because of it.


Building a brand is something that I have been wanting to do for a long time, and I got some really great tips on how to do just that from this webinar.  One of the first things I need to do is make sure my blog and all of my social networks flow together and represent my brand throughout.

Another webinar I would like to attend is ‘Your Network is Your Net Worth’, which provides information on how to build and leverage your network for job opportunities, career growth, counsel and more.  I missed this webinar when it was live, but Mom Corps YOU keeps recorded webinars on their website for 30 days after they are live.  I am an introvert so I have a hard time meeting new people and building a network.  This webinar is definitely something I am interested in, as I need all the help I can get in that department!

Mom Corps YOU offers several great webinars every month.  Webinars are such a great way to learn tips and tricks from accomplished and successful women, and I’ve been soaking up all the information I can get!  At only $99/year, the price just can’t be beat!


April’s events included:

  • Ready, Set, Go: A Game Plan for Relaunching Your Career
  • Live Your Legacy Now: Find your Passion – Change the World with Barbara Shaiman
  • How to Build Your Personal Brand
  • Your Network Equals Your Net Worth with Genevieve Bos
  • The Inside Track – Top Tips from Recruiters
  • So You Think You Want to Be An Entrepreneur with Rachel Braun Scherl
  • Returning to Work Later? What to Do Now
  • The True Secret to Time Management for Working Moms with Jamee Tenzer

Upcoming events for May include:

  • Babygate: What You Really Need to Know About Pregnancy & Parenting In the American Workplace with Dina Bakst
  • Five Truths About Flexible Work
  • Ready, Set, Go: A Game Plan for Relaunching Your Career
  • How to Look and Sound Like a Leader with Joey Asher
  • The Flexibility of Freelancing

Mom Corps YOU Live Chat

Career counselors are a great way to get advice and feedback during a job search, but they can charge hundreds of dollars an hour.  Mom Corps YOU offers a live chat feature where members can talk in real time to get career coaching on starting their job searches, preparing resumes, following up on interviews, etc.

Live Chat

Mom Corps YOU Annual Subscription

Mom Corps YOU is available via an online subscription for an introductory annual price of $99.99 or $19.99 a month, which is a really great deal considering all of the great resources available to you.

Which one of Mom Corps YOU’s helpful tools are you most interested in taking advantage of?



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  21 Responses to “Re-entering the Work Force? Get Prepared with Mom Corps YOU!”

  1. I have never left the work force, but my niece is getting back in soon I am sure these tips would be a great help.

  2. After so many years the adjustment would be so hard. I wouldn’t even know where to begin, everything would be so terribly outdated. This is a wonderful site and resource!!

  3. i had no idea resumes are only looked at for 10 seconds. It is so fantastic that there are programs available to help everyone get back into the workforce

  4. Think the “How to build your personal brand” session sounds interesting

  5. So valuable! The time management for working moms sounds like something I could use!

  6. I am very happily working for myself. This is great for those that are trying to get back into the workforce. There’s a lot of valuable information.

  7. I can’t imagine having to write myself a resume at this point. I am going to have to book mark this for when that time comes.

  8. Sounds like a neat place!!! I know when I wrote my resume a long time ago I was lost, always nice to have help!

  9. I have often worried about what would happen should I ever have to reenter the work force because I have been out of the workforce for 11 years raising my family. So I’m very excited to see a company there to help moms who need to go back to work and give them a leg up!

  10. Re-entering the workforce scares me a little! It’s nice to see that there are resources.

  11. This is great! I have to share with my several mom friends who are looking to go back to work!

  12. I worked as a teacher for 6 years before I had all my kiddos. I would be so lost these days going back to work. I am glad that Mom Corps is an option to refresh me.

  13. What a great service! So many moms put their careers for one reason or another, only to find it difficult when trying to return. This is a wonderful tool to combat that.

  14. This is awesome. I remember my aunt really struggled reentering the work force after being a Mama for 20 years. I had no clue something like this existed. Thanks so much

  15. This sounds like a great service. I have been out of the “real world” work force for about 10 years and it is going to be intimidating when I try to go back in.

  16. I would be in trouble if I tried to enter the workforce after quitting my job almost 9 years ago to stay home with my kids. Hoping I will never have to go back!

  17. This sounds really awesome! I was just considering freshening up my resume and really came up blank as to where to even begin. Thanks for sharing this!

  18. It’s nice to have a resource like this to take a look and make sure a resume is solid. Great help for job hunting!

  19. Oh I love this idea and service. Sharing with a friend who is just coming back to the work force.

  20. Great tools here for moms looking for work. It’s great to see resources like this!

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