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Eating out with friends and family is always fun, but not always easy on the waistline.  I love a restaurant that goes out of their way to offer healthy options for their guests, and Pei Wei has done just that with their new menu items.  

Pei Wei has resolved to reFRESH nationwide with the addition of a small size entree option, starting at just $6.39, and a new flavor – Thai Lime & Chile

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I love the idea of a smaller sized entree option.  Often times when I go out to eat, I’m not really overly hungry, yet I end up eating the entire meal just because it’s there.  Then I get up to leave, and I feel full and bloated, and completely regret my decision to eat the whole thing.  It would be great to have a smaller sized entree, so I don’t have the temptation in front of me to eat more than I should.  Don’t worry – they still have their original size entree too, if you’re feelng hungry! 

Pei Wei’s new Thai Lime & Chile dish features refreshing citrus flavors combined with spicy Fresno chilies. Guests can choose from chicken, steak, shrimp or tofu, and it can be served with white or brown rice, or as an entree salad!  This dish also features garlic, red onion, snap peas, cashews, bean sprouts, carrots, cucumbers and cilantro. How fresh and delicious does that sound?!

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Pei Wei has also added a new salad and two Perfect Additions to their menu.  I’d love to try their Wok Roasted Vegetable Salad, which features wok-roasted cauliflower, zucchini, carrots, green beans, scallions, assorted lettuce, Napa cabbage, cucumbers and tomatoes, and is topped with toasted sesame seeds, curry salt and tossed in a miso vinaigrette.  This salad sounds amazing!

Their Ginger Orange Edamame (steamed soybeans, orange peel, ginger, garlic & sea salt) and Szechaun Green Beans (wok seared green beans with Hunan sauce, chile paste and garlic) sound awesome, too!  

Love the sound of these fresh menu options as much as I do?  Explore the Pei Wei Asian Diner menu  to learn more!  They offer a variety of gluten-free and vegetarian options, high quality Asian cuisine featuring 35 fresh, hand-cut ingredients, freshly wok’d to order dishes and a lively, casual dine-in experience with the flexibility, speed & convenience of a take-away service.  All items are made-to-order, so guests can customize each dish to their liking.  I’d love to visit Pei Wei Asian Diner RIGHT NOW!

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  17 Responses to “ReFRESH With New Dining Options at Pei Wei Asian Diner”

  1. The Thai Lime and Chile anything! That looks absolutely amazing. :) My husband would love this. 😀

  2. I have only been there 1X and I really enjoyed it, I need to go back because their food was great!

  3. Yum, I love going to Pei Wei. I think the Thai Lime and Chile sounds really good and will try it next time.

  4. We are going to Pei Wei tonight. I can’t wait!

  5. I would love this place, can’t wait to see if one opens near us soon.

  6. I really like Asian food. This looks delicious.

  7. The Ginger Orange Edamame and Szechaun Green Beans both sound really good. OK, I think I need to pay them a visit. It would be perfect for a date night.

  8. Love that Pei Wei has gluten free options along with the small size entrée! They have something for everyone.

  9. I would love to try that salad!! Looks really tasty!

  10. I have actually never eaten at Pei Wei but I would got for the Ginger Orange Edamame – yum!

  11. The wok roasted vegetable salad sounds interesting to me. I love most Asian dishes and I’m sure these are all fantastic.

  12. I would like to try their edamame!

  13. Now I’m hungry. The Wok Roasted Vegetable Salad does sound good!

  14. Mmmm….I know what’s for dinner now!

  15. This looks great! We are huge fans of edamame!

  16. I LOVE lime, so I am super-excited to give the new Thai Lime & Chili entree a try. I appreciate that they’re now offering smaller sizes; often times, the other sizes are too much food, anyway!

  17. Looks delicious! How I wish we had this here!

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