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As a blogger, my computer is my livelihood.  Without it for even just one day, I’d potentially miss out on money-making opportunities, blow deadlines and get a bad rep with sponsors.  

As a Mom, my computer holds many important photos and videos of my daughter, Kayleigh’s first year of life. These are memories I want to hold onto forever.  If they were ever lost, I would be completely heartbroken.


Protecting your computer and mobile devices from nasty viruses is so very important.  In this day and age, spam and viruses are everywhere – in your e-mails, on social networks, in apps you download.

Sometimes spam is really obvious.  We’ve all seen the e-mails from Nigerian Princes offering us millions of dollars.  It’s pretty hard to fall for that one by now.  But, sometimes spam is not so obvious.  Spammers can pretend to be your bank and send you e-mails asking for personal information, or asking you to click a link.  They can produce copycat apps that look official.  They can spread links on social media sites that look legit.  They can impersonate law enforcement, and even hold your computer for ransom, and disable functionality until you pay them.  If you share a network with other computers, the virus can quickly spread to them too.  

Once you get a virus on your computer or mobile device, it can be hard to get rid of.  It can quickly spread through your computer or mobile device, causing it to run extremely slow, corrupt your files, send thousands of spam e-mails per day from your e-mail account.  


One of the scariest things that can come from a computer virus is identity theft.  There are programs out there that can see every keystroke you type into your computer.  If you access your bank accounts online, they can easily get your bank account login information.  If you make purchases online using your credit cards, they can easily steal your credit card information.  

If you have children at home that use the internet, they may easily fall victim to spam attacks as they are more trusting than experienced adults are.  

So, how do you protect your family from spam attacks?  Norton by Symantec can protect your devices from viruses and spyware, and update your protection on a regular basis to protect against new types of viruses and spyware.  They have many different products and services to choose from, based on your needs.  

Save on Norton by Symantec

Coupons.com has some great deals to help you save money on Norton by Symantec.  You could save $40.00 on the purchase of Norton 360 2014, and more!  Check out the great deals today, and make sure your family is protected from nasty viruses and spyware.

How do you protect your family from viruses and spyware?


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  35 Responses to “Protect Your Family with Norton by Symantec”

  1. we use Norton too, when we didn’t I got a trojan and it deleted all my pictures on my hard drive including ones that where from the birth of my baby!

  2. I use Norton’s and it has saved me from so much. I renew every year because it is so necessary. :)

  3. We use Norton on my husband’s computer. Such a great product!

  4. Every device that has the capability of connecting to the Internet has internet security features on it. It’s just too much of a risk to not have it! But I really love the extra features of Norton by Symantec; including access to Norton Family program.

  5. I know what you mean about relying on your computer for your income. I’m not sure what I would do if something ever happened to mine. It’s so important to protect it.

  6. I think we have anti-virus software, probably Norton. I need to make sure that’s still active. Thanks for the reminder!

  7. Norton is what I use on my computer, and have for years. It’s caught things in the past, so I trust it to do what it can. While nothing is 100% secure, I feel much better when I see the little yellow square in my toolbar with the green check!

  8. We are protected, I would never go without protecting, there is way to much out there now a days! SO much spam and hackers.

  9. Virus software is certainly important! Just a few days without it can get you in trouble.

  10. I refuse to live on the edge without a virus protection program. I love how Norton adds so many other features to help us stay safe, especially with kids in the house.

  11. Norton has such a great name. I hate viruses and just don’t get why people feel the need to create them. Makes no sense to me and I do everything in my power to protect my computer.

  12. I use Nortons. I had a computer that was pretty much ruined due to a virus, before we had Nortons

  13. I never go without an antivirus. It is so important to have all my stuff safe and protected from harmful viruses.

  14. I am so scared of viruses, yet Norton has kept me free and clear for years. Before that though, I got them often. Great post!

  15. We don’t have good enough protection. I need to get better protection!

  16. This post makes me so happy I have a mac. I’ve never required spyware, antivirus software or anything of the like and I’ve never had a problem. When I had a PC I used norton though, it’s a good product.

  17. This is SO important and not anything to mess with. I got a horrible virus that destroyed my computer last year. As a blogger, that’s not okay at all!!! Definitely Norton is the way to go!

  18. I have lost many photos thanks to viruses. It’s so sad because they are pictures of pets who have passed. I use Norton antivirus and anti spyware to keep my computer safe!

  19. I think it is so important to have good internet security! We have Norton and love it!

  20. Thanks for the helpful reminders about computer security. It’s so timely as I just updated my Norton!

  21. well, i’m a blogger too. and we haven’t lost to a virus or malware, but we use norton. we have lost power for a week thanks to stupid weather events…and that was awful.

  22. I use the internet quite often and by now I have a pretty trained eye when it comes to spammers but you’re right; spammers are getting tricker and tricker with the traps that they set to try to trip you up! A healthy paranoia will definitely keep you safe but having some back up anti-virus and malware software definitely doesn’t hurt the cause :)

  23. My computer died a few months ago and I was devastated. I can’t imagine it happening again, better safe than sorry!

  24. We have all Mac but one laptop at home. That one computer needs this. It is constantly getting viruses.

  25. I protect my family by using Avast. Just cause it’s free and I have never had an issue with it.

  26. I use a free program that doesn’t use a lot of system memory. I have used Norton in the past though.

  27. I use norton too and have used it for many years.

  28. It’s so important to have an anti-virus program. After getting viruses that ruined my computer and lost data I wouldn’t go without an anti-virus.

  29. I’ve used Norton before. The older my kids get I see them as putting us at risk for these electronic attacks. My kids also never bother to do the updates when the bubbles pop up. It drives me batty because those updates, many times, protect the computers from what you are writing about in this post! Thank you for the reminder.

  30. If you’re using a PC, you can’t live without anti-virus software. It’s critical for your survival… My company use McAfee anti-virus but I also use Norton in my laptop.

  31. My poor mother almost lost all of her vacation photos after her laptop crashed due to a virus. I spent several hours recovering the data on an external hard drive. She somehow had turned off her firewall protection AND disabled her virus protection which allowed a nasty virus to infect her entire system!

  32. my daughter has her own computer, ipad and fone too haha but everything is logout from anything personal so i guess im safe from those viruses. great tips too!

  33. My mom is dangerous! She ALWAYS seems to download viruses. She’s killing me, man. I may need to get Norton for her.

  34. We love Norton and the anti-virus is the main reason why. Thanks for sharing. This is important for all households.

  35. I love Norton. I actually need to renew my subscription

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