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John and I are closing on our new house one week from today, and we could not be more excited!!  We can’t wait to finally be homeowners, and we have a lot of things planned for our new home.

Our new home sits on 2.2 acres of very well landscaped land.  We want to grow gardens, build a fire pit, and install seating areas.  We want to make it a great place to relax and have fun with friends and family during the warm months, and we are planning to get married in the back yard at some point, too!

The annual Bangor Garden Show took place this past weekend, and we were really excited to go and get some ideas for our new back yard.  My sister and her boyfriend joined us, and Kayleigh slept on me in the Boba Carrier the whole time we were there!

The Bangor Garden Show was filled with gorgeous landscaping ideas, and there were several booths set up selling handmade jewelry, ceramics, paintings, food and more.  We walked around for about an hour and a half, speaking with different vendors about their products, and taking everything in.

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Here are some photos I took while we were there:

I absolutely LOVE this fire pit.  I would love to have this set up in my back yard.  It’s gorgeous, and would be so much fun to sit around with friends and family.

Bangor Garden Show Firepit

There was an incredibly beautiful oak table for sale.  I’d love to have one of these some day in the future, after the kids are older and have grown out of their messy stage.  I certainly wouldn’t want them to mark up this beautiful table with pens and crayons. Until then, it’s a cheap table for us!

Bangor Garden Show Oak Table

I love this patio set from Kmart!

Bangor Garden Show Patio Set

John and I fell in love with this outdoor bar with built-in grill.  We briefly spoke with the builder’s wife about this set up, and she told us that the materials alone cost $15,000.00.  Maybe someday!  We can dream for now!

Bangor Garden Show Outdoor Bar

This lovely gazebo was tucked in next to the outdoor bar.

Bangor Garden Show Gazebo

This patio had a built-in sandbox!

Bangor Garden Show Patio Sandbox

John especially loved this greenhouse.  He’s been wanting one of these for a long time.

Bangor Garden Show Greenhouse

I thought this little house was really cute, but can’t really see putting something like this in my yard.

Bangor Garden Show House

Lots of pretty things for sale.

Bangor Garden Show

We won some herb seeds at one of the vendor stands.  I can’t wait to plant these!

Bangor Garden Show Seeds

John had fun trying out some landscaping tools.

Bangor Garden Show Landscaping Tools

We bought some homemade salsa, that is actually made by our local weatherman!  I can’t wait to try this.  You can place an order for Todd’s Salsa online here.

Bangor Garden Show Homemade Salsa

My sister bought these adorable owls.  Can you believe they were only $4.00 each??

Bangor Garden Show Owls

She also got this really cool rasp plate to grate things like garlic and fresh nutmeg, ginger, etc.  You can view more information or place an order for one here.

Bangor Garden Show Grater

Her boyfriend surprised her with these beautiful tree of life earrings.

Bangor Garden Show Earrings

She also bought some dry soup mixes.  These feed a lot of people, and she said she’d invite John and I over to taste them when she makes them!  You can order Darby Creek Soups and/or Dips online here.

Bangor Garden Show Dry Soup Mixes

We all had a really great time at the Bangor Garden Show, and can’t wait to go to next year’s!  Now we have some excellent ideas for landscaping our back yard this summer, too!

Have you ever been to a garden show? 



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