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Looking for a natural baby food? Try Beech-Nut’s ALL NEW 100% Natural Baby Food!

Disclosure:  I received a free sample and a stipend as part of a promotional program with Beech-Nut and MomSelect.  All opinions are 100% my own. This post contains affiliate links and I may receive a commission if you make a purchase after clicking a link in this post.
Beech-Nut LogoWhile I was pregnant with Kayleigh, I had visions of making baby food at home for her.  I wanted to make sure that I knew exactly what was going into her little body.  I wanted her to eat fresh foods, and I wanted them to be 100% natural and healthy.

When Kayleigh first started eating solid foods, at around 5 months old, I did make her baby food at home.  I steamed and blended up fresh fruits and vegetables for her, which included carrots, peas, green beans, parsnips, apples, and peaches.  It went pretty well for a couple of months, and then the brand new Magic Bullet that I had bought died.   I was also having a hard time finding the time and energy to make and freeze the food when that point came.  I took it as a sign that I should just start buying her organic jarred baby food from the grocery store, and that is what I have been doing ever since.

Beech-Nut recently came out with a new 100% natural baby food, and I was very excited to try it out.  When the package arrived from Beech-Nut, I was incredibly impressed.  I have never seen a more beautiful presentation in any of the review products I have received.  They packaged four of their new 100% natural baby foods in a gorgeous wooden box, with their logo engraved into it.

Beech-Nut 100% Natural Baby Food

The top of the box slid out, revealing a card addressed to me inside.  I really loved that personal touch.

Beech-Nut 100% Natural Baby Food

Inside the box were the four flavors of 100% natural baby food – just spinach, zucchini and peasjust honeycrisp applesjust carrots, and beets, pear & pomegranate.

Beech-Nut 100% Natural Baby Food

Immediately upon looking at these jars of food, I could tell they were extremely high quality.  The colors of the food were so vibrant, and the food just looked so fresh.  It didn’t look like any other jarred baby food I had ever seen before.  It looked like something I would have made at home myself.

Beech-Nut 100% Natural Baby Food

Of course I had to try out this new all natural baby food before feeding it to Kayleigh. I like to know how things are going to taste before giving them to her, and I’m happy to report that Beech-Nut’s 100% Natural Baby Food tastes AMAZING.  They are so crisp, and fresh and full of flavor.  Kayleigh (and I) loved them!  The difference in the taste and texture of this food from other brands incredible.  You can see the difference as soon as you open the jar.

Beech-Nut 100% Natural Baby FoodBeech-Nut’s new all natural baby food contains no additives, no preservatives and nothing artificial. They use an innovative technology to create baby food that is unlike anything else on store shelves.  Their just gentle cooking™ method ensures the freshness of their fruits and vegetables, without adding water, so their food is never over-processed. Beech-Nut uses only the freshest fruits and vegetables that look, smell and taste exactly like what they are, so moms know exactly what their babies are eating.

Beech-Nut Beets, Pear & Pomegranate

Beech-Nut has 40 delicious new flavors with foods like pomegranate, avocado, papaya and beets.   They select only the highest quality varieties of fruits and vegetables, like Honeycrisp apples, Bartlett pears and Haas avocados.  Here are a just a few of the great flavors available:

  • just honeycrisp apple
  • just sugarsnap peas
  • just mango, kiwi & papaya
  • just mango, apple & avocado
  • beets, pear & pomegranate
  • just pear, raspberry & asparagus
  • just apple & aronia berry
  • spinach, zucchini & quinoa

 Beech-Nut Stage 2 Baby Food, Just Guava/Pear/Strawberry, 4.0 Ounce (Pack of 10) Beech-Nut Stage 2 Baby Food, Just Apple/Kiwi, 4.0 Ounce (Pack of 10) Beech-Nut Stage 3 Baby Food, Carrot/Broccoli/Strawberry, 4.0 Ounce (Pack of 10) Beech-Nut Stage 2 Baby Food, Corn/Pear/Pineapple, 4.0 Ounce (Pack of 10) Beech-Nut Organic Stage 2 Baby Food Variety Pack, 4.25 Ounce (Pack of 10) Beech-Nut Stage 2 Baby Food, Mango/Kiwi/Papaya, 4 Ounce (Pack of 10) Beech-Nut Stage 3 Baby Food, Just Apple/Zucchini, 4.0 Ounce (Pack of 10) Beech-Nut Stage 2 Baby Food, Just Apple/Kale, 4.0 Ounce (Pack of 10)

The new Beech-Nut line will be available in stores, including Wal-Mart, Kroger, Meijer and Publix, in spring 2014.

Will you make the switch to Beech-Nut’s 100% Natural Baby Food?

  22 Responses to “Introducing Beech-Nut’s ALL NEW 100% Natural Baby Food”

  1. holy wow!! great job beechnut!! the jars alone are beautiful and i love the flavor combos. man, baby food has changed since my oldest was an infant. and i did make baby food but when we were at my moms in NH? bought it.

  2. Oh wow, these sound amazing and I just love the look of the jars too! I am going to have to share this with my cousin!

  3. It is so nice to see them branching into the types of products people want. I made a lot of my own ‘baby food’ when my older boys were little as there were not many options beyond the classics.

  4. YUM! I love that they have JUST the basics! =)

  5. I am seriously loving that they are using real and natural baby food…Finally! I always said, “if it tastes so horrible; why am I feeding it to my baby?” I couldn’t understand a lot of regular baby food products. I love Beech nuts and if I had a baby; I’d totally be all over this new natural baby food.

  6. Wow, that looks delicious. It’s so colorful and clearly full of nutrients! I love the box it comes in, too!

  7. I love this! I will remember this when I have a child that age again!

  8. WOW! Too bad they arent for grown up! The flavors really sound delicious :) I am going to tell my sister about this because she has a baby and although she did homemade foods with the first two kids, having a third with a 4 year old and toddler just does not leave enough time for everything.

  9. My kids are out of this stage, but I would have used this variety if they were still small babies! I love all natural products.

  10. Wow! I love their new look! I would totally make the switch if I had a little one on baby food.

  11. You are right, the colors are so vibrant! And it seems so fresh!

  12. I fed my kids Beechnut when they were younger. I love their new look!

  13. These sound great. I love the new look and all the different flavor combos. I would eat the honeycrisp apple. We don’t have a need for baby food, but I will be passing this information on to my good friend who recently had a baby.

  14. 100% NATURAL! yeah! I so need to get my baby some of this! I love the jars!

  15. Oh my goodness, this is so cool. I wish this was around when my little ones were babies… I would have been all over these. Thanks for sharing, I will be sure to let my sister know about these for her little ones.

  16. These look amazing, like gourmet food for the bebes. The presentation is beautiful, and I am LOVING the shape of the jars.

  17. I really like that these are 100% natural. So much better for baby.

  18. Definitely an option from home-made baby food. Glad that they’ve switched to natural!

  19. Just wondering if these are made with any harmful pesticides. I love the taste, and great variety. But I’m feeding my son earths best, and the tastes are horrible, but they are organic. any idea?

    • Hi Barbara, You should direct all questions about the food making process to Beechnut customer service, but I can tell you that the food tastes A LOT better than the Earths Best brand. I was buying that for Kayleigh prior to trying this, and I agree it tasted horrible! The Beechnut food tastes very fresh, and exactly like what it would taste like if you simply mashed up cooked fresh fruits or vegetables at home.

  20. I have been looking for these so I know when to find them when my baby is ready for them and I can’t find them anywhere. I’ve looked at Wal-Mart and Publix but they do not seem to be in stores here in Florida yet. Am I missing them or are they not here yet?

    • Hi Angel! I would ask your store manager if they can order them for you if you are unable to locate them at your local stores. I’m sure there are others who would like to buy them as well!

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