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I participated in a campaign on behalf of Mom Central Consulting (#MC) for Mom Corps YOU. I received a free trial to facilitate my review and a promotional item as a thank you for participating. This post contains affiliate links, and I will receive compensation if you make a purchase after clicking on my links.

Last month, I introduced you to Mom Corps YOU, an online community to help professionals better integrate their professional and personal lives.  In case you missed it, you can read that post here.

I love Mom Corps YOU so much, that I recently partnered with them to share even more of their great innovations and resources with you! This month, I had the pleasure of listening to three of the webinars offered by Mom Corps YOU.  They were all very informative and interesting to listen to.  I became a stay-at-home Mom last year, after working as a Paralegal for more than 10 years.  I’ve already begun to feel “out of touch” with the corporate world, and Mom Corps YOU has helped me to find my way back and stay up to date with the outside world.

Become a Savvy Saver

On Tuesday, March 11th, Jean Chatzky hosted the ‘Become a Savvy Saver’ webinar sharing crucial tools for saving success.  Jean is the financial editor for NBC’s Today Show, an award winning personal finance journalist,  AARP’s personal finance ambassador, and the host of Money Matters with Jean Chatzky, so she really knows her stuff!  These are the type of high quality professional speakers Mom Corp YOU offers to their community.

I actually missed this webinar when it was live because I had a doctor appointment, but the great thing about Mom Corps YOU, is that they keep webinar recordings on their website for 30 days, so you can watch it on your own schedule.  As a stay-at-home Mom, I’m always looking for more ways to save money, so I watched this webinar a few days later.

Jean gave some AMAZING tips for saving money for the future, for vacations, for education, etc.  These are all things that I can easily do, like automating transfers to savings and retirement accounts.  When we don’t have to think about transferring the money into savings and retirement accounts on our own, the temptation to spend it first isn’t there.  Great advice!

Mom Corps YOU - Become a Savvy Saver

Another great tip was to save for a very specific retirement dream.  Instead of having a “retirement fund”, have a “retirement on the beach in Hawaii fund” or whatever your dream retirement may be. That way, it’s not so generic, and you can actually picture that retirement in your mind every time you go to spend money that could be saved towards your retirement instead.

Jean also gave a whole bunch of great tips for saving money on groceries.  I found these tips extremely helpful, because John and I always spend way too much money at the grocery store.  Some of her tips include going grocery shopping by yourself, using coupons, planning your meals for the entire week, only going to the grocery store once per week, instead of several times throughout the week, and shopping around for the lowest price instead of being brand loyal.

Mom Corps YOU - Become a Savvy Saver

She also gave 5 great questions to ask yourself while you are standing in line at checkout during an “impulse buy”.  I think we are all guilty of those at one time or another.  Next time you find yourself in that situation, ask yourself these questions:

  • 1.  Do I Need This?
  • 2.  What Happens To My Budget If I Buy This?
  • 3.  What Happens To My Budget If I Don’t Buy This?
  • 4.  How Long Will It Take Me To Pay For This?  How Much Will It Cost Me To Pay For This (Interest on Credit Cards, Etc.)?
  • 5.  Will I Actually Want This After I Have Time To Think It Over?

She said that the best money saving tool is a good night’s sleep.  Before going out and buying something on impulse, sleep on it. You might just wake up the next day, and realize that you actually don’t NEED that item you so desperately wanted the day before. Often times we shop simply because it makes us feel better (temporarily), and then we end up regretting it later.

I can’t wait to put all of Jean’s great tips to use in my household, and get my budget under control!  We are getting VERY close to owning our own home (currently going through the loan process, which is almost done), and we need to save as much money as we can.  

In addition to Chatzky’s webinar, Mom Corps YOU offers exclusive advice from Chatzky on how to cut fixed expenses, hire a financial adviser, and choose a credit card.  I especially love the tips on how to cut fixed expenses.  We often think that because it is a fixed expense, that there is no way to lower it, but there are ways, such as bundling cell phone, cable and internet plans into a lower priced package. 

Being Prepared for Life’s Unexpected Challenges

On March 13th, Lee Woodruff hosted the ‘In An Instant – Being Prepared for Life’s Unexpected Challenges’ webinar on Mom Corps YOU.  I was lucky enough to be able to attend this webinar while it was live.  It was very inspiring listening to Lee tell the story of her husband being injured by a roadside bomb in Iraq, and how she dealt with the aftermath of that.  She gave tips on how to be prepared for unexpected challenges, how to make a Plan B, and how priorities can sometimes get rearranged.  I am very set in my ways, so I have a hard time deviating from a plan that has been put in place.  I think we all need to learn to let go and just go with it sometimes though.

Social Media Strategies for Your Next Career

On March 18th, Mom Corps YOU hosted a ‘Social Media Strategies for Your Next Career’ webinar to help Moms learn why social media is a must-have tool for today’s job search and how to create an effective job search strategy for social media.  Because I am a blogger, social media is a HUGE tool for me, so I would definitely love to learn more about how to use it to search for jobs.  I missed this webinar, but it will be live for a few more weeks, and I will watch it at a time that is convenient for me.

Next month’s line up of events and webinars looks awesome as well.  I am most interested in “The True Secret to Time Management for Working Moms”.  I have been having a lot of difficulty with time management lately.  There never seems to be enough hours in the day to do everything I want.  I find myself staying up until 2:00am some days just to get a blog post done. There’s got to be an easier way!

April, 2014 Events at Mom Corps YOU

4/1A Game Plan for Relaunching Your Career| Gail ParsonsMom Corps Expert
4/3Live Your Legacy Now: Find your Passion – Change the World| Barbara ShaimanBarbara Shaiman
4/8How to Build Your Personal Brand| Gail ParsonsMom Corps Expert
4/10Your Network Equals Your Net Worth| Genevieve BosIdeaString
4/15The Inside Track – Top Tips from Recruiters| Laura WildmanMom Corps Expert
4/17Panel Interview OYB| Jennifer Owens with TBD panel guestsWorking Mother
4/22Returning to Work Later? What to Do Now| Maria GoldshollMom Corps Expert
4/24The True Secret to Time Management for Working Moms| Jamee TenzerCMQ Coaching, LLC
4/29Fireside Chat| Allison O’KellyMom Corps Expert

Don’t forget!  Mom Corps YOU has a live chat feature, where members can talk in real time to get career coaching on starting their job searches, structuring their resumes, following up on interviews, etc.

Mom Corps YOU is available via an online subscription for an introductory annual price of $99.99 (regularly $149.99) or $19.99 a month.

Which of the webinars offered by Mom Corps YOU are you most interested in listening to?

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  25 Responses to “Have You Discovered All of the Great Resources at Mom Corps YOU?”

  1. I could use that savers advice, I spent way too much a week on groceries and need the tips!! Looking into this now, thanks!!

  2. I love that they keep the webinars up so you can watch them on your own time. So important to busy women!

  3. These are great tips. I always double the price on anything I’m buying because that’s how much I’d have to earn to buy that item. It usually turns out not to be worth it :)

  4. This is so neat! I hadn’t heard of Moms Corp You before now. It sounds like they are chock full of helpfful-ness. I’d love to watch “How to Build Your Personal Brand”!

  5. I think I would love to do the Personal Brand one.

  6. What a great resource! And a lot of great advice! Those are great questions to curb an impulse purchase. My mom used to always make us carry something around the store for 10-15 minutes before purchasing. 9 times out of time; we usually talk ourselves out of wanting it before we finish the 10 minutes. It works great.

  7. I also made the transition from corporate America to working for myself at home, a few years ago. This sounds like a great resource and community. Thanks for sharing!

  8. I had no idea there were so many resources. I love the money saving tips. I can always use those.

  9. I signed up with Mom Corps YOU a while ago, it’s such a useful website! My favorite feature was the webinars!

  10. I am glad to hear that they keep webinar recordings on their website for 30 days. As a busy mother of 3, my schedule can get interrupted by temper tantrums, illness, or etc, so I need a flexible viewing schedule.

  11. Great tips.. I had never heard of Mom Corps .. totally interested now and want to learn more… great resource..thanks for sharing

  12. This looks like a great resource! I could use the help with time management!

  13. Wow, I had not heard of this… Seems like they offer many great opportunities for Moms. I love the idea and will definitely have to check them out. Thanks so much

  14. Any type of resource that helps moms is fantastic. It looks like this is a great way to get organized and on a good track.

  15. What a great resource for moms! Money saving tips are always fantastic!

  16. “Do I need this?” — someone needs to follow me around and make myself ask that question!!! LOL I will definitely look more into this. Seems so valuable.

  17. I think I would like the Build Your Personal Brand webinar. I really want to work on my website this year.

  18. Time management and money management sound amazing. I love the idea of setting specific financial goals instead of generic goals.

  19. I’ve never heard of Mom Corps YOU, but it sounds great. I need that time management course!

  20. I love the shopping solo tip..that is something I need to start doing!

  21. This really got me thinking about making goals more concrete and outlined so that they seem real. It sounds like MomCorps is a great resource for helpful tips!

  22. I think I’d enjoy listening to the Time Management. I mean, it seems like it never ends. When do we shut it off?

  23. You know this site is such a great resource. I wish they would have had it when I was entering the work force after having kids.

  24. I’ve never heard of Mom Corps. I’d totally be interested in the Building your Personal Brand seminar

  25. I agree with your 1st tip, too many times I have done this and have gotten burned!

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