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Before I became a stay-at-home Mom, I worked as a Paralegal for a law office.  I had a half-hour commute to work, and had to be there by 8am, so that didn’t leave much time for me to make myself a hearty and healthy breakfast.  

Breakfast is Important

Breakfast is the most important meal of the day.  If I don’t get something wholesome and nutritious in my belly first thing in the morning, I just feel “blah” for the rest of the day – tired, no energy, even dizzy some times. I always kept a stash of Nutri-Grain® cereal bars in my desk at work for those busy mornings when I didn’t have time to eat breakfast.  Not only were they super delicious, but they filled my belly up until lunch time came around.  They were also a great pick-me-up when that 3:00 afternoon slump hit. 

Now, my mornings are filled with feedings, diaper changes, watching cartoons and cuddling with my baby girl.  My baby girl always comes first, and I often times forget to take care of myself.  I now keep a stash of Nutri-Grain® bars at home, for a quick and easy breakfast option when I just don’t have time to make breakfast.  They are easy to eat with one hand too, which is a plus!

Wholesome Breakfast Option - Nutri-Grain Fruit & Oat Harvest Bars

Nutri-Grain® recently came out with a brand new product – Fruit & Oat Harvest Cereal Bars – in Country Strawberry and Blueberry Bliss.  Nutri-Grain® Fruit & Oat Harvest Cereal Bars contain 4 grams of protein and a hearty combination of real fruit and whole grains.

Nutri-Grain Fruit & Oat Harvest Bars

Nutri-Grain® Fruit & Oat Harvest Bars are wholesome, hearty and delicious!  Now, the only hard part about breakfast is deciding which flavor to choose!  Just look at those crunchy oats and tasty fruit.  YUM!

Nutri-Grain Oat & Harvest

In addition to eating a healthy breakfast each morning, I take daily vitamins and drink plenty of water.  It’s also important to take breaks throughout the day.  I like to take a short walk to clear my head and get some fresh air.  Busy Moms need to take care of themselves too!

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What other tips do you have to ensure an active and productive day?



  20 Responses to “A Wholesome Breakfast is Easy with Nutri-Grain® Fruit & Oat Harvest Cereal Bars”

  1. These look really good. Love having bars like this to toss in my purse and office drawer!

  2. We love the Nutrigrain breakfast bars – I had no idea they had a new product out! They look delicious!

  3. Sometimes you just need breakfast on the go. Love these bars!

  4. These look very good. I love reading the American blog sites, it’s a like a glimpse of what will be coming to Canada soon!

  5. these look delicious. I feel like nutri-grain was one of the first bars in the market. i always keep some in my purse for my toddler.

  6. We have been trying to eat healthy breakfasts in the mornings. Easy stuff to grab like these Nutrigrain bars work out really good for us since we are usually in a hurry. I’ll have to try these new ones.

  7. We definitely eat Nutri-Gain and keep active. We set a timer and try to keep on the move at least 5 minutes of every hour.

  8. Making sure to get a good night sleep is key to starting the day off right for me. If I am tired when I wake up no amount of great breakfast options will combat the problem though something like these bars do help to keep me energized. I used these bars my Freshman year of college to keep my energy up while I studied.

  9. wow there are so many blueberries in the bar, It looks delicious!

  10. It is so important to start with a healthy breakfast. It always helps me start off the day on the right foot.

  11. I just got two boxes of these, I can’t wait to try them. They sure make for a productive day because you can grab and go.

  12. these look so good. my kids and I bring Nutri-Grain bars for snacks a lot of places!

  13. I love these bars! They make the best snack for when you are running out the door; or when the kids need a quick snack for recess time at school. We love these.

  14. I haven’t tried these yet, but I do love eating bars like this with my morning coffee! Can’t wait to try them!

  15. I haven’t tried these yet! I am excited to! I always have a snack bar or two in my purse for moments when i need a quick pick me up! I am the most active and productive when I exercise in the morning! It makes for a great day!

  16. I find that if I don’t eat breakfast, the rest of the day is sluggish. Excuses? not enough time, too busy. These would fit in there great!

  17. Yummy! I currently have a pack of granola bars in my car…just in case ya know?!

  18. I like nutrigrain a lot. I need to try these!

  19. I make sure to eat breakfast every morning! This would be perfect with a banana and some fresh pressed juice!

  20. I love how great these travel. I can throw them in my purse and I don’t ahve to worry that i am going to have crumbs and pieces all over the place.

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