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Disclosure:  I received free product samples in exchange for my honest review and opinion.

Dragonfyre Apothecary recently introduced a new boutique baby line of amazing skincare products for babies, and I could not be more impressed with them.  

The DragonBaby product line includes Blazin’ Bottoms Fanny Crème, Body Crème, Dragon Scales Tea Tree Salve and Head-to-Tail Baby Wash.  

DragonBaby Natural and Organic Skincare for Babies

Not only do these products smell absolutely heavenly, and leave baby’s skin soft and smooth, but they are also made with 100% natural ingredients!  You really could not ask for anything better than these products.  They are extremely high quality, and I am just in love with them.

The product packaging itself is just so beautiful and feminine.  It’s very inviting, and looks great on display in Kayleigh’s nursery.  

Prior to receiving these products, I never really put lotion on Kayleigh’s skin.  Ever since I became pregnant with her, I have been very sensitive to scents.  I normally buy scent-free hand soaps, detergents, etc., because most scented products are just too overpowering for me, and actually make me feel ill.  I can’t get enough of these DragonBaby products, though.  

They are delicately fragranced with jasmine, lavender, chamomile, and other natural oils.  Each whiff is intoxicating, and has a very soothing effect.   

My favorite product in this line is the Head-to-Tail Baby Wash.  It’s very gentle on Kayleigh’s sensitive skin, and smells amazing!  I accidentally got a bit of the soap in her eye during her last bath, and after the initial shock of it, she was just fine.  The soap did not irritate her eye at all.  This baby wash leaves her hair and skin feeling so soft and smooth, and I just love snuggling up with her after her bath, and breathing in the soothing scent of the baby wash in her hair. 

Head-to-Tail Baby Wash is made with ultra-emollient and super gentle organic aloe vera; soothing calendula and chamomile; and anti-oxidant olive oil.

DragonBaby Head-To-Tail Baby Wash

After Kayleigh’s bath, I give her a little massage, and rub the Body Creme into her skin.  There are many benefits to baby massage, including boosting muscle development and easing tummy troubles and teething pains, and is also a great way to bond with your baby.

This body creme also smells great, and makes her skin even softer.  I love that it doesn’t feel heavy or greasy.  It soaks into her skin very well. It is made with ultra-emollient and super gentle organic aloe vera, organic coconut oil and grapeseed oil as well as soothing Roman chamomile.

DragonBaby Body Creme

The Blazin’ Bottoms Fanny Crème is a unique diaper cream in that it comes in a metered, airless pump as opposed to a jar or a tube. This virtually eliminates contamination issues and over-dispensing, and makes application simple and one-handed.  It is made with soothing aloe vera, organic shea butter, kaolin clay and organic coconut oil as well as the herbal goodness of chamomile, lavender and tea tree essential oils. 

This fanny creme is very gentle on Kayleigh’s sensitive skin, and has a light, delicate fragrance.

DragonBaby Blazin' Bottoms Fanny Creme

Dragon Scales is a natural, soothing, ultra-emollient, shea butter-based skin balm enhanced by the age-old, herbal benefits of tea tree, chamomile, peru balsam, carrot seed, sandalwood and other herbs an oils, which are believed to heal inflammatory skin conditions.  

DragonScales Tea Tree Salve

Again, I love how light and delicate this skin balm is.

DragonScales Tea Tree Salve

In addition to the DragonBaby products, I received DragonMama Baby Bump Balm, which my pregnant sister, Angela excitedly swiped from me.  She actually giggled with delight when she opened it and rubbed it on her belly. I wish I had this when I was pregnant with Kayleigh!

DragonMama Baby Bump Balm

DragonBaby and DragonMama products are a great gift idea for new and expectant Moms.  Dragonfyre Apothecary recently participated in the Style Lounge at the Sundance Film Festival and gave their natural and organic baby products to several celebrities who were expecting, including Kendra Wilkinson!  

Kendra Wilkinson

Want to pamper your baby with these natural and organic BABY skincare products?  Get them here!

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  3. We’re expecting twin grandchildren in the fall

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  5. I have twin daughters- this would be perfect for them!!!!

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  7. I love that these products offer herbal benefits and are safe to use on babies.

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  10. I would absolutely love to get these, my best friend who is expecting would love them as well.

  11. My sister-in-law or my step-sister, both are having babies in a few months! I think I might have to split up the products between them if I won! :)

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  18. I would love this products to use as i am mother and expecting second child

  19. My friend is a completely “Natural Organic” person and is having her first baby this summer. I know she would love them.

  20. I would love the Dragon Baby products!!! I I am an avid shopper of all things organic and I am looking for truly good organic skincare for my face and body. I hope I win!!!

  21. My friend Jessie who is having her first baby this June :)

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  35. i have received some of your baby product from a friend for baby. I would like to pass it on to another friend whom is about to have a baby but no expiration date is on the label, or the bottle just code cci 4027 on the body wash and cream

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