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When you think of Girl Scouts, it’s likely that cookies are the first thing to pop into your head.  It is, after all, what they are most known for.  

Every year around this time, people get excited because they know that soon they will be able to sink their teeth into those delicious little morsels.  I know people that actually seek out Girl Scouts for this very reason.  Just to buy the cookies!

There is a lot more to Girl Scouts than just handing over a box of cookies, however.  I know from personal experience.  I was in the Girl Scouts from age 5 to about age 11.  I started as a Daisy, then became a Brownie, and then a Girl Scout Junior. 

Girl Scout BrowniesMarching in a parade. 

My very first memory is from when I was a Daisy.  I lived in a very small town, so there were only 4 of us in our troop.  Each of us crafted a boat out of clay, and the goal was to get it to float in the bathtub.  Now, this may seem like a silly little task, but at the age of 5, there I was, trying to figure out how to get a clay boat to float in a bathtub full of water.  I recall making several boats, until finally I made one that DID float in the water!  This task allowed me to use my imagination, to accept a challenge, and to figure out a solution to my problem.  It taught me very valuable skills at a very young age. 

Girl Scout Day CampProudly wearing my Day Camp t-shirt.

I have many other memories from my days in the Girl Scouts.  Day camp, where I was able to bond with girls in other troops, go hiking, plant trees to better the environment, was so much fun.  I recall learning how to make butter, how to start a fire, how to cook over a campfire, survival tips, making crafts, doing community service, marching in parades, and so much more. 

Girl ScoutsMy troop on one of our camping adventures.

When Girl Scouts sell those cookies, they are learning many valuable lessons as well.  They are building their confidence, learning sales skills, how to manage money, set goals, and more.  

National Girl Scout Cookie Weekend starts on February 7th this year, with a green carpet premier in New York City!  To find out where cookies are being sold near you, the cookie varieties available this year, and more, visit the GSUSA Cookie Program Page.  I can’t wait to get my hands on some Thin Mints and Samoas!! 

Girl Scouts Cookie Championship Sweepstakes 


As part of National Girl Scout Cookie Weekend you can join a virtual Cookie Party and win a year’s supply of your favorite cookie! Wowza!  You can get more information about that here.

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What is your favorite Girl Scout cookie variety? 


  26 Responses to “National Girl Scout Cookie Weekend is Almost Here! #CookieBoss”

  1. Yum, Girl Scout Cookies. I was a Brownie myself when I was little. :)

  2. We love them all! So difficult to choose a favorite!

  3. Ooooh… Peanut Butter Sandwich cookies are my favorite!!!! My hubs loves Samoas so it totally works out. Need to hit up my little cousins!

  4. thin mints. we’re a divided family though. hubby likes samoas.

    i’m brownie leader :)

  5. I am all about the peanut butter cookies

  6. It’s been a long time since I sold Girl Scout cookies but I totally remember going door to door and begging for people to buy cookies from me. Torture. Oh but I LOVED the chocolate peanut butter cookies and those ones with coconut, oh and thin mints. YUM! – Katy

  7. I was never in the girl scouts but I do love girl scout cookies! We have had them for a few weeks in Miami already :)

  8. I LOVE Girl Scout cookies! I was a brownie, and I remember all the fun times we had. But mostly I loved the cookies. lol. Samoas are my favorites.

  9. I love the Samoas! The Thin Mints are good too…and the Peanut Butter ones…pretty much any Girl Scout cookie is fine with me. :)

  10. My absolute favorite is Samoas. I have been eating them since I was a brownie!

  11. I was a Girl Scout and I make sure to stock up on my Samoas every year, you can’t beat the 5/$20 special!

  12. I was a brownie and a girl scout. I remember selling cookies back in the day when you could go door to door.
    I love Samoas. Mmmmm

  13. There are no Girl Scouts were I am from. I first learned about them when I first moved to the US (8 yrs ago) and I love what they do and I love their cookies (samoas and thin mints for me!)

  14. I love them and I can’t get enough of them. They’re so darn good! My faves are Trefoils and Thin Mints! nom nom

  15. I just cannot imagine a year without Girl Scout cookies. Love them all!

  16. I LOVE when the girl scouts are selling!! My favorites are thin mints and samoas

  17. Does that ever sound good! I love girl scout cookies.

  18. LOVE the retro photos! I seldom post pictures of myself when I was young but when I do, it always cracks me up.

  19. Love their cookies! I was a brownie when I was younger!

  20. I am so ready to have a box of Thin Mints in the house. I love them. I was a girl scout and always think about how much fun we had selling them.

  21. I love Thin Mint Girl Scout Cookies!

  22. My favorites are Samoas, without a doubt. Last year, I ordered cookies and they never got delivered!! I was soooo sad. I ordered from a different kid this year.

  23. Thin mints are my kryptonite! I could eat them everyday!

  24. I love the throwback pictures! Thin Mints are my weakness!

  25. Thanks for a great post.. I grew up in Germany and never had the opportunity to be part of the Girls Scouts.. Ohhh I soo envied the girls that did, BUT… I loved the cookies..hahah..thanks for sharing

  26. How coll that you were a girl scout. It’s a great organization that does so much besides sell cookies. But the cookie are yummy. I can just pick one as my fav.

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