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Disclosure:  I received a free book to facilitate my review.  All opinions are 100% my own.


I fell in love with Owl Always Love You, a personalized book from, a couple of months ago.  The illustrations were just absolutely breathtaking, and the book was such a wonderful keepsake for my daughter, Kayleigh.

Flattenme recently added a new personalized book, called “Blessings”, to their product line, and I didn’t hesitate to accept a copy for review.  I anticipated that this book would be just as wonderful as Owl Always Love You, and it did not disappoint me at all! 


I am once again so amazed with the gorgeous illustrations in this book.  They are very bright and colorful.  Each page is so inviting, and will surely hold a child’s attention.


The little animals are so delightful, and bring a smile to my face.  Isn’t this squirrel holding a strawberry heart so cute and whimsical?!


The beautiful words directed to your little one are sweet and soothing.  Phrases like “May your life be like a rainbow with a colorful glow.  Go brighten the world, Kayleigh, everywhere that you go” are truly inspiring.  Your little one will love hearing their name repeated throughout the book.


We are going to wrap this book and put it under the tree for Kayleigh for Christmas.  This book would not only make an excellent Christmas gift, but it would be great for a birthday, first communion, baptism, christening, baby shower, etc.

You can purchase this book at – $29.95 for paperback. $34.95 for hardcover. 

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