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I am one of those people that absolutely dreads shopping on Black Friday.  I live near a big city, not too far from the Canadian border, so when Black Friday arrives, our city is bursting with locals and Canadians looking for a great deal.  I don’t do very well with crowds, so I like to make a game plan ahead of time that allows me to get in and out of the stores I need to shop at quickly. 

Shopping on Black Friday can be super stressful.  There are so many different sales going on, that it’s often times hard to keep track of them all.  If you don’t get to the store selling that item you want right when they open, you end up missing out because someone else snatched it up before you could get there.  Talk about frustrating.

I usually bring all of the sales flyers with me, but that turns into a hassle most of the time.  They end up being strewn all over my car, and I can’t find what I was looking for.  I know I end up missing out on a lot of great sales because of this.   

This year, I plan to use Find&Save to help me keep track of all of the sales I want to hit on Black Friday.  Find&Save is really cool because it has all of the Black Friday sales ads in one place

Find&Save for Black Friday Sales


You can browse all of the sales right from your tablet, mobile and web browsers, as well as on Find&Save® for iPad.  They will be coming out with an app for the iPhone shortly, and that is what I plan to use.

It will be so great to be able to pull up the Find&Save app, and quickly look through the sales flyer I want.  There will be no more digging around through my car to find what I’m looking for.  This will save me so much time and energy! 

Find&Save for Black Friday sales

With Find&Save you can even map store locations, create shopping lists and receive deal alerts.  Count me in!

Find&Save isn’t just for Black Friday either.  They continuously update their database with the latest sales, so you can easily keep track of local sales all year long!

How far do you go to get Black Friday sales?  Are you a Black Friday Night Owl or a Black Friday Early Bird??

Black Friday Sales Infographic

Disclosure:  This is a sponsored post on behalf of Find&Save.







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