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Disclosure:  I received a free sample to facilitate this review, and a gift card in exchange for this post.  All opinions are 100% my own.

I tend to drink mostly water throughout the day, but there are many times when I really crave something with more flavor.  I don’t really like the idea of drinking soda, and a lot of juices can be overly sweet for my taste buds. 

I recently had the opportunity to try out V8 V-Fusion® Refreshers, a new beverage option from V8, and I was pleasantly surprised at how delicious and refreshing they are.  They are definitely a great drink option for me throughout my day. 

V8 V-Fusion Refreshers

I was sent two flavors, Peach Strawberry and Cranberry Grape.  I tried the Cranberry Grape first, and was wowed at the wonderful flavor.  Then I tried the Peach Strawberry, and was even more impressed. 

I really enjoy how light and refreshing these drinks are.  A lot of juices can be really heavy on the tummy, and leave me feeling bloated, but these did not.  They quenched my thirst and were really so tasty!

V8 V-Fusion Refreshers are a juice drink with a 20-25% blend of fruit and vegetable juices.  If you’re not a fan of vegetables in your juice, don’t worry – you can’t even taste them! 

One night John and I were sitting down to dinner, and he asked me if we had anything to drink other than water.  I excitedly pulled out the V8 V-Fusion Refreshers, and he kind of gave me this look like “You really expect me to drink V8 juice??”  I told him to trust me, and to just try it.  I knew that he would love it as much as I did, and he did!

V8 V-Fusion Refreshers are available in four delicious flavors, Black Cherry Berry, Cranberry Grape, Tangerine Passionfruit and Peach Strawberry.  They are also are naturally sweetened, contain no high-fructose corn syrup, artificial colors, flavors or preservatives and are an excellent source of Vitamin C! 

If you’re looking for a great beverage option for your family, look no further than V8 V-Fusion Refreshers!  I am excited to try out the oither two flavors.  I bet they are amazing!

V8 V-Fusion Refreshers

What V8 V-Fusion Refreshers flavor are you most excited to try?

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