Soothe a Crying Baby {10 Great Tips!}

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Learn how to soothe a crying baby with these great tips!

When your baby is crying, and just won’t calm down, it can be very stressful.  I know, I’ve been there many times myself.  Sometimes you feel like a failure as a parent.  Sometimes you feel guilty because you just want peace and quiet, and you’d give anything to get them to stop screaming.  It’s rough.

Having almost 5 months of parenting under my belt, I’m pretty much an expert at knowing how to soothe a crying baby now.  Well, not really.  But, I do have a list of things I do to try to calm Kayleigh down when she’s crying, and most of the time I will eventually find something that works!

10 Tips to Soothe a Crying Baby

1.  Change Her Diaper – The very first thing I do when Kayleigh’s having a crying fit, is change her diaper.  Even if it’s not dirty, if she’s been wearing it for a little while, I’ll change it, just to freshen her up a bit.

2.  Feed Her – After changing Kayleigh’s diaper, I will try feeding her to see if that will settle her down.  Sometimes she’ll eat and pass out, and other times she’ll just refuse the bottle and continue to cry.

3.  Burp Her – Next, I’ll try burping her.  She doesn’t always burp immediately after feedings, and sometimes it takes a while for that gas to come out.

4.  Walk Around With Her – For some reason, Kayleigh absolutely loves it when I walk around with her in my arms.  This will usually calm her down, but some times it doesn’t work.

5.  Play Soothing Music – Babies love listening to soothing music.  I usually get my iPhone out, and put Pandora on.  I love the Children’s Lullaby, Laid Back Beach Music, and Classical stations.

6.  Sing To Her – If playing music doesn’t help, I will try singing to her myself.  I think most Moms have one song they love to sing over and over to their children.  I sing Three Little Birds by Bob Marley to her.  It’s such a relaxing, peaceful song, and she really loves it.

7.  Rock Her – I usually rock Kayleigh while I sing to her.  She finds this to be very soothing.

8.  Swaddle Her – If Kayleigh still hasn’t calmed down, I will try swaddling her.  I think this makes her feel very safe and secure.  She usually sleeps better anyway when she’s swaddled.

9.  Teething Gel – If Kayleigh has her hands in her mouth and is screaming bloody murder, I usually know that her teeth are really bothering her.  I use Hylands Teething Gel (it’s all natural), and it works wonders!

10.  Gas Drops – If Kayleigh hasn’t had a bowel movement in a while, her belly feels hard, or she’s pulling her legs up to her chest, that usually means she has gas.  I give her either Gripe Water or Little Remedies Gas Relief Drops to help move things along.

Usually, something on the list above will calm Kayleigh down when she’s having a crying fit.  If I’ve exhausted all options, I will check her temperature just to be sure she’s not sick, then I will just hold her in my arms and talk to her in a soothing voice.  She will eventually pass out and sleep for a while.

***If you ever find yourself getting to a point where your baby has been crying nonstop, and you are to your breaking point, remember, it is okay to put them in their crib and walk away for a few minutes to regain your own sanity.  Read about the Period of PURPLE Crying here.

What tips do you have to soothe a crying baby?


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