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Halloween is always a fun and exciting time for kids, but there are many potential hazards to look out for. Keep your little monsters safe this year with these Halloween Safety TipsThis post contains affiliate links. If you click on an affiliate link in this post and make a purchase, I may receive a small commission.

15 Halloween Safety Tips

1.  Wear bright colored, easy to see costumes.  If your child must wear a dark costume, fasten reflective tape to it to make it easier for them to be seen by drivers.

What will you be, this Halloween?

2.  Avoid trick-or-treating alone.  Children should walk in groups of other children they know well, or with a trusted adult. Make sure all children know that they should wait for everyone to regroup before visiting the next home, so that no one gets separated from the group.

3.  Do not accept home-baked goods, open beverages or unwrapped candy. Candy apples and other baked goods can be enticing for children, but you just never know what might be in them. Carry a few bottles of water in case your children get thirsty while trick-or-treating.

4.  Examine all candy for evidence of tampering. Children should not eat any candy until they are home, and an adult has checked all candy. Things to check for include loose or ripped wrappers, candy that is not in its original packaging, holes or punctures in wrappers or boxes, lumps or bulges under wrappers, candy that has passed its expiration date, candy brands that you have never heard of, candy that has a strange smell.

5.  Check all candy for choking hazards. Only let your children eat candy that is appropriate for their age.

6.  Do not enter the homes of strangers.

7.  Choose costumes that fit your child well to avoid tripping and falling.

8.  If your child is wearing a mask, make sure they are able to see and breathe well through it.

9.  Always look both ways before crossing the street.

10.  Never get into a vehicle with a stranger.

11.  Only visit well-lit houses.

12.  Carry a flashlight to help you see, and to help others see you.

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13. Make your children even more visible by having them wear glow bracelets or glow bracelets.

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14.  Have your child wear a whistle around their neck, to be used in the event of an emergency.

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15.  Make sure your children know all the ground rules before going out for the night.

What are some Halloween Safety Tips you and your family use?

  7 Responses to “15 Halloween Safety Tips to Keep Your Kids Safe”

  1. These are great tips. We always check the kids’ candy before they get to eat any of them.

  2. The kids can’t go unless they can say trick or treat and not just because it is cute but in case they need to call for help

  3. Great tips! We try to go before dark, but sometimes it’s hard because some folks don’t “open for business” until after dark. We definitely have to avoid the haunted house-ish yards after dark, with two little ones!

  4. Trick or Treat in places you know like our Zoo or Mall

  5. Great tips! We only go to homes of people we know – that puts my mind at ease of the candy my son is getting. Still, we inspect candy once we are back home, removing anything opened or things that my 3 year old should not eat (gum, jawbreakers, etc).

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