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I participated in a campaign on behalf of Mom Central Consulting for Starburst. I received product samples to facilitate my review and promotional item as a thank you for participating.

So, I have a confession to make… I sort of have a girl-crush on Tori Spelling.  I have seen every episode of Beverly Hills, 90210 about a million times (I still watch re-runs on a weekly basis), I’ve seen every episode of Tori & Dean, and I follow her blog, ediTORIal.  I really admire Tori Spelling as an actress, a woman, and a Mom.  Would you have ever imagined that she would have FOUR children??  I certainly didn’t, but when I watch her with them, she is just wonderful!

In addition to being an amazing Mom, Tori Spelling is an excellent entertainer, and has some really great crafting ideas!  Tori recently teamed up with Starburst Candy Corn to make some super cute Halloween decorations.

Tori Spelling for Starburst

WARNING:  If you decide to make any of these cute Halloween decorations using Starburst Candy Corn, buy a few extra bags because you will want to eat them ALL!  They are soooo delicious, and highly addictive!!

Starburst Candy Corn

I absolutely adore all of Tori’s Halloween craft ideas.  Gosh, she is just so clever!  I decided to make a Festive Favor, similar to the ones Tori made, but I used materials I had on hand.  In all honesty, I really wanted to make a more elaborate craft, like the Delightful Door Hanger, but I could not stop eating the Starburst Candy Corn!  I intend to go buy some more so that I can make some of Tori’s other crafts to decorate my home for Halloween.

I took a small mason jar with lid and filled it with Starburst Candy Corn.  Then, I took a piece of cardstock, cut out a circle and put that on top of the lid.  Finally, I took a piece of cheesecloth, and tied it around the jar.  I think it came out really cute!  You could also add a tag to this favor, with a nice little saying on it if you wanted. 

Festive Favors with Starburst Candy Corn

Here are Tori Spelling’s crafty ideas using Starburst Candy Corn.  You can find the directions for each of these projects here.

1. Candied Cupcakes

Starburst Candy Corn Cupcakes

2.  Crispy Candy Corn Treats

Crispy Candy Corn Treats

 3.  Festive Favors

Festive Favors

4.  Magnificent Mum Ball

Magnificent Mum Ball

5.  Picture Perfect Place Cards

Picture Perfect Place Cards

 6.  Noteworthy Napkin Rings

Noteworthy Napkin Rings

7.  Bewitching Bangle and 8. Sweet Statement Necklace

Bewitching Bangle and Sweet Statement Necklace

9.  Perfectly-Pleasing Picture Frame

Perfectly-Pleasing Picture Frame

 10.  Delightful Door Hanger

Delightful Door Hanger

11.  Creative Candy Corn Cobweb

Creative Candy Corn Cobweb

Aren’t these Halloween crafts just gorgeous??  There are really so many things you can create with Starburst Candy Corn.  I’m thinking about making a cute Halloween wreath for my front door!

Which one of Tori’s Starburst Candy Corn crafts is your favorite? 


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