Why I Could Never Be a Military Wife

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As I sit here, typing this post, I’m holding back tears.  I miss John.  I really really miss him.  He left for Boston (about a 5 hour drive from here) earlier today, and won’t return home until late Tuesday evening.   He’s there for a 2-day work conference that we’ve known about for a few months now, but that still wasn’t enough time for me to prepare myself for the absence I feel when I am not with him.  This is the first night we have been apart in a couple of years, I think.  This is also the first time he has ever spent a night away from Kayleigh. 

John and Kayleigh

John spending some quality time with Kayleigh last night.

I know a lot of women whose husbands are in the military, and spend months, or even years apart from them.  I just can’t even imagine the pain they go through every single time they have to say good-bye.  Not to mention the fact that most of the time they don’t know where their husbands are, what they’re doing, or even if they will ever see them again.

I know exactly where John is, what he’s doing, and when I will see him again, yet I still worry about him being out there on his own, and I still miss him like crazy. 

John & I
Our last outing together before Kayleigh’s arrival.  Bar Harbor, Maine.

I am so incredibly lucky to be able to spend so much time with John.  I don’t think I would ever make it as a military wife.  Military wives are my heroes.  Seriously.  I think that’s why I love the show Army Wives so much.  It kind of gives me a peek into their lives, without actually having to go through it myself.

John, Kayleigh and I

John, Kayleigh & I at a family reunion this summer.

Military wives are so incredibly strong and brave, and I don’t think they get nearly enough credit.  They take care of their families while their husbands are off fighting wars.  They somehow keep it all together, when I’m sure all they want to do is fall apart inside.  I wish I could find the strength.  I haven’t seen John in 12 hours, and I’m already coming undone.  Kayleigh and I are spending these two nights at my parents’ house, just so I don’t have to be alone in our apartment.  I’d go crazy. 

A lot of military wives even give birth to their kids without their husbands by their side.  John was right by my side during my entire 24 hour labor with Kayleigh.  He was my rock.  He kept me going when I didn’t think I had anything left in me.  I can’t even fathom going through that without him.

John and I
John sitting next to me in between contractions while I was in labor.                    

When John and I brought Kayleigh home from the hospital together, that was a very special moment that we got to share, and will always remember.  I can’t imagine bringing her home to an empty house.  I would feel so heartbroken and lonely, and I’m sure these women do, but they somehow find the strength to carry on.  They just amaze me.

John, Kayleigh and I
John, Kayleigh and I at Fort Point State Park this summer.

So, military wives…my hats off to you ladies.  I respect and admire you for all you do for your children, your husbands and your country.  And I thank you for your sacrifice.  It does not go unnoticed. 

Are you a military wife?  How do you get through the long periods without your husband?


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