My Life as an Introvert

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I recently read a post titled “31 Unmistakeable Signs That You’re an Introvert” on Buzzfeed, and it was like they were living inside my brain or something.  Every single one of their “unmistakeable signs” described me to a tee.   John is a bit of an introvert too, but not nearly as much as I am.

I often times find myself uttering those three little words, “I hate people!”


I hate meeting new people.  Like seriously.  I can’t stand it.

I just want to be left alone. 

We live in an apartment complex, and I can’t even bring myself to step outside for 30 seconds to grab the mail, because I’m afraid that I might run into one of the neighbors and have to make “small talk”.

If I’m about to pull into our parking lot and I see one of the neighbors out in the yard, I’ll continue driving around for a few minutes, then swing back around to see if they’ve left yet.  If they have left, I will pull into the parking lot.  If they are still there, I’ll keep on driving until they are gone. 

If I absolutely have to leave my apartment for some reason, I will look outside to make sure no one is out there before opening the door and running to my car.  If there is someone out there, I will stalk them through the window until they are gone, then make a mad dash for my car. 

When someone knocks on my door, my heart jumps up into my throat.  I turn everything off, and RUN over to the window to try to catch a glimpse of whoever is standing at the door.  If it’s someone I don’t know, or someone I don’t want to talk to, I’ll run and hide in a room where they can’t see me through any of the windows.


I leave all the shades pulled down in my apartment, pretty much all day, every day.

I love the fact that I work from home now.

I will always find excuses not to go to social gatherings.

I cancel plans, often.

I will probably never attend a blogging conference, although I would love to, simply because I think it would be way too overwhelming for me.

I hate spending the night at other peoples’ homes. 

I stay inside on the weekends whenever I can. 

If John and I decide to go out to eat somewhere, and the parking lot is crowded when we get there, we’ll drive around the entire city looking for a parking lot that doesn’t look too busy, instead of going to the place we really had our hearts set on.  We don’t do well with crowds.  At all.

I HATE talking on the telephone, even to my best friend.  That’s ok though, because she’s an introvert too.  We introverts tend to stick together.


I hate being the center of attention. 

When I’m sitting around with a group of people, I don’t speak unless I absolutely have to.  I just listen and take it all in. 

If for some reason I absolutely can’t get out of going to a party, I will be hidden away in the bathroom, by the snack table, or sitting in a corner petting the family cat or dog. 


I pretend to be talking to someone on my cell phone sometimes to get out of “small talk” with people passing by.

I love wearing sunglasses so that I can avoid eye contact.

I walk very fast, so people think I’m in too much of a hurry to stop and chat. 

When I have an appointment out of the house coming up, I will stress out about it for the entire week leading up to it.

In order to go to said appointment, I have to bring someone with me – John, my Mom, my sister…

I cannot be spontaneous or impulsive.  I have to plan everything out ahead of time, or I will not have a good time.


When I was in high school, I used to give my younger sisters money to run into the store for me, and I would tell them they could get whatever they wanted too.  I didn’t care, as long as I didn’t have to go in. 

Most of my college classes were taken online or by ITV correspondence, so that I wouldn’t have to sit in a room full of people, or deal with being called upon during class.  I even somehow managed to take Public Speaking 101 via ITV!

I’m secretly hoping that John will agree with my desire to home school Kayleigh, so we don’t have to deal with teachers and other parents on a regular basis.

Loud, overbearing people bug the hell outta me.  My ex-boss was one of these people.  I used to sit in my office all day with the door closed, and avoid him as much as possible.

I absolutely hate talking about my personal life.  When someone asks me a personal question, I feel like I’m being kicked in the gut.


I get really irritated when people try to get me out of the house “for my own good”.  I don’t want to get out of the house.  I’m perfectly happy staying inside as much as I possibly can.

I need time alone as much as I need air to breathe. 


My life as an introvert holds me back quite a lot, but in some weird way, I’m ok with that.  I’m happy being an introvert, and I don’t ever see myself changing. 

Are you an introvert or an extrovert?  What impact has it had on your life?













  4 Responses to “My Life as an Introvert”

  1. I used to think I was an introvert, but I think I am average with introvert tendencies. Meeting new people or doing new things stresses me on occasion etc.

  2. I’m a introvert, but within the last couple of years I’ve really come out of my shell. I’ve forced myself to go to conferences and to meet new people. It’s fun and exciting, but I still really enjoy my alone time.

  3. I’m also an introvert. It’s been a struggle for several years and I’m trying to learn how to deal with it. I really enjoyed your post!

  4. I completely agree with nearly all of your points! Upon taking the Myers-Briggs personality test, I was 88% introvert. I’m betting you would be similar. I need to find a job and work from home. The office small talk is excruciating at times! Even listening to the other conversations is painful sometimes. Thanks for the blog! I really enjoyed it!

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