Cheesy Jalapeno Fries

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Add some pizzazz to ordinary fries with this Cheesy Jalapeno Fries recipe!

I love fries.  I order them quite often when we go out to eat.  There are so many different cuts and flavors.  They make a great side dish, an awesome snack, or even a hearty meal all by themselves.

You can really do so much with fries. I like to experiment with different toppings and dress them up a bit.  Sometimes I make “nachos” with them by adding ground beef, sharp cheddar cheese, sour cream and salsa.

Other times I like to make “poutine” with them by adding cheese curds and lots of gravy. I have also made “pizza fries” by adding pizza sauce, pepperoni and mozzarella cheese.

It’s so easy to add a ton of flavor to your fries. They are the perfect base to experiment with! Try loading them up with sharp cheddar, bacon and scallions for an amazing “loaded baked potato” flavor, or make “chili cheese fries” by adding your favorite chili, cheese and sour cream! Sounds great right?

Today, I made some Cheesy Jalapeno Fries for lunch.  They were so delicious, and super easy to make because I just used frozen fries.

These Cheesy Jalapeno Fries can be served as a side dish, or can be the main star of the meal! I bet they would taste great along side a grilled burger or hot dog.

Your friends and family will go crazy over these delicious Cheesy Jalapeno Fries!

Cheesy Jalapeno Fries


Thick cut, seasoned fries (frozen)
Sliced jalapenos
Shredded cheddar jack cheese


1.  Bake fries in oven according to package instructions.  Turn oven off when done.
2.  Top fries with sliced jalapenos.
3.  Sprinkle shredded cheddar jack cheese on top.
4.  Immediately return fries to warm oven (not turned on!) for 2-3 minutes, or until cheese has melted.
5.  Serve with ranch dressing or sour cream.

TIP: Add even more flavor to your Cheesy Jalapeno Fries by adding some crumbled bacon!

Will you try these Cheesy Jalapeno Fries?









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  1. Those look fantastic!

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