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Baby’s first Halloween is always so fun! I just love dressing them up in cute little costumes. They look so adorable! There are so many great Halloween costume ideas for babies. If you’re looking for a Halloween costume for your baby this year, here are some of my top choices:

15 Halloween Costume Ideas for Babies

15 Halloween Costume Ideas for Babies

 1.  Ladybug – How adorable is this little ladybug costume?!  I just love that little ruffled skirt.

Ladybug Halloween Costume

2.  Lobster – We live in Maine, so a lobster Halloween costume would definitely be a huge hit around here!  This costume has a lined zippered jumpsuit with snap leg closures to make for an easy diaper change.  Gotta love that!

Lobster Halloween Costume

3.  Lion Cub – I just can’t get over how adorable this lion cub costume is!  Halloweens in Maine are usually on the chilly side, and this costume looks like it would definitely keep a baby pretty warm.

lion cub costume

 4.  Pumpkin – What’s Halloween without a pumpkin??  This pumpkin costume is too cute!

Pumpkin Halloween Costume

5.  Flower – This flower costume is so sweet.  I just love the little bumblebee on the petal.

Flower Halloween Costume6. Owl – Owls are all the rage right now, and this owl Halloween costume is too cute! I love how fun and colorful it is.

Baby owl halloween costume

7.  Princess Leia – My husband, John, is a huge Star Wars fan, so he really loves this Princess Leia Halloween costume.

Princess Leia Halloween costume8Tinkerbell – This Tinkerbell costume is so precious.  It would be fun to dress baby up and take some pretty pictures.

Tinkerbell halloween Costume

9. Peas in a Pod – This peas in a pod Halloween costume is so charming!  This is a great costume for a baby that’s not able to move around on their own yet, and it looks really warm and comfortable.

Pease in a Pod Halloween Costume

10. Belle – How sweet is this Belle Halloween costume? This would be perfect for warmer weather climates!

Belle Halloween Costume

11.  Puppy – Who can resist this adorably sweet puppy Halloween costume?  It’s just too cute for words!

Puppy Halloween Costume

12. Wonder Woman – This Wonder Woman Halloween costume is great!

Wonder Woman Halloween Costume

13.  Monkey – There’s a lot of monkey Halloween costumes out there, but I think this one is super adorable!

Monkey Halloween Costume

14.  Turkey – Oh my goodness, how sweet is this turkey Halloween costume??  It’s just perfect for fall!

Turkey Halloween Costume

15. Giraffe – We love giraffes in this house!  My daughter’s nursery was jungle themed and centered mostly around giraffes, so I have a really soft spot for this giraffe Halloween costume!

Baby Giraffe Halloween Costume

What are your little ones going to be for Halloween this year?

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