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Even though I’ve been out of school for 14 years now (where does the time go?!), I still remember what those first few days of school each year were like.  Amongst all of the excitement of seeing friends again, there was always that sense of dread at having to get up early, sit in a classroom all day, study, do homework, and deal with new teachers. 

One thing that I looked forward to each school year, was covering my school books.  Mom would bring a bunch of paper bags home from the grocery store, and we’d devote a whole night to covering my books.  After they were covered in brown paper, I’d get out my markers and draw all over them.  This was always really fun, and a great way for me to express myself.

Now, kids have even more ways to express themselves, thanks to Duck Tape®!  Duck Tape® is super awesome because it comes in a ton of different colors and designs, and is really easy to work with.

My sister, Angela, and I, recently went to Walmart to check out their selection of Duck Tape®. 

We first looked in the office supply section, and found only a few rolls.  There were pink zebra striped, Minnie Mouse, and Hello Kitty designs.  While these were super cute, I wanted to see more of a selection.

Duck Tape

We headed over to the Back to School section at the front of the store, and hit the motherload!  There was a huge display of Duck Tape®, with lots of really great colors and designs!  Don’t forget to grab a couple of rolls while you’re there doing back to school shopping!

Duck Tape

Angela and I must have stood there for 15 minutes just trying to decide which designs we wanted to get.  She ended up getting the pink zebra striped one, and I got a dark grey roll with hearts and skulls on it.  We picked up a couple of notebooks while we were there, and were on our way!

Duck Tape

When we got home, we sat down at the kitchen table, and had a lot of fun with our Duck Tape®.  Angela wrapped a pen in her Duck Tape®, and made this super cute flower on the end of it.

Duck Tape Pen

You can find instructions for making a Duck Tape® pen here.

I covered my notebook in the Duck Tape® I had selected.  I bet kids would have a lot of fun doing this, and it really makes the notebook unique.  It was really quick and easy to do too. 

Duck Tape Notebook

Next, I made a bookmark, simply by taping 2 pieces of Duck Tape® together. 

Duck Tape Bookmark

Finally, I made a hair bow with my Duck Tape®. 

Duck Tape Hair Bow

This was really quite easy to make.  First, I just cut out four strips of Duck Tape®.  How long you cut it depends on how big you want your bow.  Then, I cut a strip of Duck Tape® that was about half the size of the other four strips.  Then, I cut that shorter strip lengthwise down the middle, into two pieces.

Overlap two of the four strips of Duck Tape®, so that the sticky side is facing the same way.  Then, take the other two strips of Duck Tape® and lay them sticky side down over the overlapped Duck Tape® pieces, making sure they they all line up evenly.

Then, take your strip of Duck Tape® “fabric” and pinch it together in the middle, creating a bow shape.  Then, take one of your smaller pieces of Duck Tape® and wrap it around the middle where you have it pinched together. 

Then, lay a barette down on the back of it, and use the remaining piece of Duck Tape® to secure the barrette to the bow. 

I can’t wait to experiment more with bows.  I think I’ll make them a bit smaller next time, and add a few different colors.

Overall, we had a lot of fun with Duck Tape®!

Duck Tape Crafts

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